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To the Lighthouse Excellent Award

Photo credit: Steven Turner

Colin has set sail for Godrevy Island Lighthouse, the famous inaccessible and illuminating Lighthouse of Virginia Woolf’s novel (1). From the Lantern Room, Colin has beamed his Excellent Blog Award over the seven digitally seas to 20 excellent Bloggers.

The light of Colin’s Beacon has reached my humble harbor to honor my Blog with his Excellent Blog Award. Thank you Colin, I deeply appreciate your unexpected thoughtful recognition!

excellentblog.jpg According to Cyberspace rules in the eUniverse of eAwards, acceptance of this Excellent Blog Award requires me to tag nominate 10 virtual victims excellent Bloggers to receive this award.

~ Linda sailing aboard the USS Cruise liner “Are we there yet?

~ Captain Kim sailing aboard the HMS Gold Galleon “Laketress Portraits

~ Johnny Ancich sailing aboard the HMS Schooner “Past Expiry Cartoon

~ Mike sailing aboard the DMS Clipper “See Mike Draw” ship

~ Senator smurffidy Speedy at the helm of the ESH “Presidential atomic Submarine
Will Speedy dive six feet, six degrees down bubble to navigate the Potomac River to win his secret race to the White House?

~ Hawkincrat Hawk at the helm of the USS Frigate “POTUS
Will Hawk’s secret slogan soar over Senator smurffidy Speedy’s secret Submarine race to the White House?

~ Angie sailing aboard the HWC Comedy Clipper “Humor Writer Cartoonist: Angie Brennan” ship

~ Mimi sailing aboard the HMM Bottle Cruise Ship “Mimi Writes

~ Brent D. sailing aboard the OCC Comedy Clipper “The Ominous Comma

~ Don sailing aboard the HFT Windjammer “It’s a Funny Thing


(1) “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf, published in 1927, was considered her greatest literary achievement. After the death of Mrs. Ramsay, the family finally lands at the Lighthouse which symbolizes the lens of time and death of the characters in her novel.

Godrevy Lighthouse was the inspiration of her novel based on her childhood memories of summer living at St. Ives in Cornwall. Godrevy Island is located 3½ miles offshore from the St. Ives Bay.

Lighthouse Background:

After the shipwreck of the steamer Nile and loss of all passengers on Nov 30, 1854, Godrevy Lighthouse was built on Godrevy Island in 1859 to mark hazardous “The Stones” offshore. On March 1, 1859, the 86-feet (26 m) high white octagonal rubble-stone Lighthouse exhibited a Flashing White Light evey 10-seconds with a Fixed Red Light below the main light visible over a 45-degree arc to mark the dangerous rock reef.

The Lighthouse was automated in 1939 and converted to a solar powered Second-order 700 mm optic with a red sector in 1995.

As in America, historic British Lighthouses are still vital to the safety of local mariners!
In 2005, Trinity House, the UK Lighthouse Authority, announced plans to extinguish the Light of Godrevy Lighthouse in 2010. After public pressure and numerous meetings with fisherman’s associations and harbour authorities, Trinity House was convinced that Godrevy Lighthouse is needed for the safety of mariners.

For small craft fisherman who cannot afford GPS navigational equipment, the Lighthouse is “securing the future of fishing in Hayle,” according to Mayor Terry Lello.

Currently, Godrevy Lighthouse exhibits 1 White and Red Flash every 10-seconds 122-feet (37 m) above sea level to a visible range of 10.4 nautical miles.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Godrevy Lighthouse

For nearby romantic lodging, the Porthminster hotel, located above the beach of St. Ives Bay overlooking Godrevy Lighthouse, is perfect for your Holiday Pleasures!

Vacation tip: Book a Sea View Room at The Porthminster!

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The Blue Beacon illuminates Papa Smurf Paul Karason

blubeacon.jpg In a true blue story, Paul Karason permanently tattooed himself using colloidal silver, a home remedy he used to treat a facial skin condition ten years ago. Paul turned Papa Smurf blue at the age of 47!

To Smurf your whole day long, watch Paul’s smurftastic video!

With a Papa Smurf colloidal silver facial mask, you too can look blue when you feel blue! Paul will show you how to bake a Silver Smurfberry cake and squeeze some silver into your sasparilla juice!


Who says cartoon characters cannot come to life?????
Paul is a Beacon of Blue Light brightening the colorful culture of California!

With web sites offering manuals showing people how to make colloidal silver, Papa Smurf Paul Karason may have started a new Californian fad for people who are sad!

Kim gallery.gif, don’t be gobsmacked… Be on the lookout devwatch.gif for Speedy the Smurfinator vmgp2.gif in your silicon dreams content.gif!

On a serious note (there is a serious side to this story?), Colloidal silver was used as an antibiotic by Doctors before the invention of penicillin in the 1930s.

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Veli Rat Lighthouse Lodging


Holiday Lodging at this Croatian Lighthouse is one way to escape the winter of New England! Veli Rat Lighthouse is one of the most popular vacation destinations of guests from all around the globe. Active holiday Lighthouse lovers or lovers can reserve a 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom apartment at one the most exquisite Lighthouses on the Croatian shoreline of the Adriatic Sea!

Guests also enjoy the hospitality of Lighthouse Keeper Zvonimir Skvorcevic and his family. After receiving permission of the Keeper, visitors can climb the 40-meter (131-feet) high Lighthouse to see breathtaking views of the scenic bays and pebble beaches.

Prices range from $1,603 (1099 EUR) to $1,749 (1199 EUR) per week which is the minimum lodging period. For reservations, please visit Lighthouses – Veli Rat.

Veli Rat Lighthouse was built on Dugi Otok (Long Island) in 1849 to guide mariners entering the port of Zadar. The 118-foot high brown stone Lighthouse exhibits two White Flashes every 20-seconds 134-feet above sea level visible to a range of 22 nautical miles. According to legend, the walls of the Lighthouse are filled with thousands of egg-whites to keep the Lighthouse cool in the summer heat and strengthen the walls to resist the sea and winds.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Veli Rat Lighthouse

3dbainsoleil.gif Interesting vacation tip:

The nearby Sea Organ of Zadar, Croatia is a unique sea experience. Gerard of Presurfer has published a post about the Croatian Sea Organ designed by architect Nikola Basic. Air holes located in the top row of Sea Organ steps whistle the harmonic sounds of wave movement pushing a column of water through 35 immersed musically tuned plastic tubes. For more information and to hear the Sea Organ, please surf over to the Sea Organ Presurfer Post.

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The Evolving Eye of Lighthouse Engineering

Photo by Chris Mills

For over 60-years, the 36-inch diameter Double Drum rotating DCB-36 Aerobeacon replaced most of the Glowing Eyes of American Lighthouses. Since the mid 1940s, the large Fresnel lenses, manufactured using hundreds of handmade polished prisms, were replaced by more efficient and less costly aerobeacons.

With new advances in technology, the DCB-36 Aerobeacon is being phased out by modern acrylic optics and LED Beacons.

Bob Trapani, executive director of the American Lighthouse Foundation, explores the history of the sweeping eye of the DCB-36 Aerobeacon.

To read Bob’s article, please visit DCB-36 Beacon… Fading Away and All but Forgotten by History

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Under The Lighthouse Dancing at the Blogging Box Office


Photo Credit: Ian Dodd

According to the Crocodile Dundee Intelligence Agency (CIA), three couples explore the depths of friendship and romance during a coastal holiday on a island paradise
under Rottnest Island Lighthouse. The movie is a love story based on a true story about a unplanned wedding for a terminally ill friend.

The movie can be rented at Netflix or purchased online.

Rottnest Island is the sand, surf, and sea holiday getaway of Western Australia.
Snorkeling in the clear sparkling azure waters around the island is a ocean paradise of coral reefs and 135 colorful species of tropical fish. You may even see Debbie Dolphin swim by you on your underwater explorations.
3dbainsoleil For sun worshippers, there are 63 white sandy secluded beaches for your tanning pleasure!

kangaroomt1 After digitally sailing to the island of Captain Kangaroo, Kim painting has surprised me again with her special friends award at the Blogging Box Office of laketress! Thank you Kim for your secret significant honor!


Anand Archie Art News Blog Ascender Blog Elf Boyd Catsy Colin Cooper Corrine Debbie Deborah Diane DouDy Drowsey Monkey Durano Ev Fruity Hanna Janette Jeremy John Jos Kimmy Kris Leigh Life cruiser Lisa Lyn Lynda Lindsay Manuel Mary Ann Meg Megan Mel Michelle Netster PALMA Pet Monologues Pearl Renny & Diane Santa She Walks In Beauty Shoshana Should Be Famous Snoskred Speedy Sue Sugar Queen Sully Suzanne The Artist’s Magazine Vin Walter williebaronet

There is a rumor that if we can find Bob Barker’s daughter at the Better Barker Bureau, we (all the awarded Bloggers listed above) will find our tickets to the Paradise Holiday of Rottnest Island! Can this be true, Kim?

3dsouslaneige1 To escape another arctic deep freeze, snorkeling under the Lighthouse is the Pacific Paradise vacation retreat prescribed by Speedy and his Birds of Paradise Airlines.

Lighthouse Background:

On June 1, 1851, a 66-foot high limestone Lighthouse was First Lit exhibiting a Flashing 5-second White Light every 60-seconds to mark Rottnest Island for navigation approaching Fremantle and Perth, Australia.

The current 38.7m (127-feet high) white conical limestone Lighthouse was First Lit in 1896 exhibiting a Flashing White Light every 7.5-seconds illuminated by a First-order Fresnel lens 80.5m (264-feet) above sea level to a visible range of 26 nautical miles.

Since 2005, Rottnest Island (aka Wadjemup) Lighthouse has been opened for public tours.

For a Map location, please visit the Google Map of Rottnest Island Lighthouse.

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