The Award Room

The Arte y pico Award

artey.jpg My friend, Linda who is the very creative Blogger and talented writer of Are We There Yet, received the Arte y pico Award of Blogging creativity. Congratulations on receiving this treasured award in recognition of your talented Blogging skills, Linda!

Linda secretly set sail to Faulkner’s Island Lighthouse, the “Eiffel Tower of Long Island Sound” to illuminate my peaceful harbor and award me with her prestigious Arte y Pico Award! Gracias, Linda!

To read more about Linda’s Award and the Lighthouse, please visit Arte y Pico Award Ceremony at Faulkner’s Island Lighthouse.

Excellent Blog Award

Photo credit: Steven Turner

Colin has set sail for Godrevy Island Lighthouse, the famous inaccessible and illuminating Lighthouse of Virginia Woolf’s novel (1). From the Lantern Room, Colin has beamed his Excellent Blog Award over the seven digitally seas to 20 excellent Bloggers.

The light of Colin’s Beacon has reached my humble harbor to honor my Blog with his Excellent Blog Award. Thank you Colin, I deeply appreciate your unexpected thoughtful recognition!

To read more about Colin’s Award and the Lighthouse, please visit To the Lighthouse Excellent Award.

Significant Blogger Award

kangaroomt.gif After digitally sailing to the island of Captain Kangaroo, Kim painting.gif has surprised me again with her special friends award at the Blogging Box Office of laketress! Thank you Kim for your secret significant honor!


To read more about Kim’s Award and the Lighthouse, please visit Under The Lighthouse Dancing at the Blogging Box Office.

Blogging Mentor Award

blogging-mentor-award.jpg Recently, Kim surprised me by presenting me with a Blogging Mentor Award! Thank you, Kim, I deeply appreciate your thoughtful recognition.

To read more about Kim’s Award and the Lighthouse, please visit Lighthouse Lodging and Mentoring Month in Australia.

Great Blog Award, 2007 Inspiring Blog

Angel Andrea and Mauro recently awarded me with a double surprising inspiring blessing! Thank you Andrea and Mauro for your inspiring Angelic Award!


To read more about Andrea and Mauro’s Award and the Lighthouse, please visit Lighthouse Angels Among Us.

Cool and Crazy Award

And, when we thought the season of surprises was over, Jos from NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection) has honored me with his Cool and Crazy Bloscar!

To read more about Jos’s Award and the Lighthouse, please visit Lighthouse Christmas from Nubble Rock, Maine.

Beacon Awards

Over the past two weeks, two of my Blogging Buddies have honored me with a few blog awards. I deeply appreciate the recognition from Dreaming Dan and Healthy Jess!

To read more about Dan and Jess’s Awards, please visit The Beacon Blogosphere Awards.

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