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South Gare Lighthouse Hydrogen Fuel Cell Beams Brightly

bloggare For several months, a British Lighthouse has been shining a Light on alternative energy! South Gare Lighthouse is the world’s first Lighthouse to be powered by a clean environmentally-friendly Hydrogen Fuel Cell (1). The Hydrogen Fuel Cell produces electricity to power a 45-watt high-intensity LED beaming a Light visible to range of 22 nautical miles out to sea.

Other forms of power from solar, wind, or wave generators were unreliable due to the weather and unpredictable forces of the North Sea. Whereas, South Gare Lighthouse, powered by the innovative hi-tech Hydrogen Fuel Cell, has improved the reliability of the Lighthouse and navigational safety in the hostile environment as well as providing alleged economic and environmental benefits (see Note 2).

Over the past few months, the the Centre for Process Industries (CPI) of Wilton, Teesside has proved the Hydrogen Fuel Cell is reliable in the salty air and the harsh coastal environment. CPI also tested its innovative water-based cooling system to ensure the Fuel Cell does not overheat. In addition, the change to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell has eliminated power outages from cables damaged during coastal storms.

South Gare Lighthouse was built in 1884 at the mouth of the Tees River to guide navigation through high winds and rough seas on their approach to Teesport. Currently, the 43-foot high Lighthouse exhibits a Flashing White or Red (depending on direction) Light every 12-seconds 53-feet above sea level to aid navigation. Teesport is one of Britain’s three busiest ports handling 50 million tons of cargo transported by 6,000 ships every year.

blue_starMap Location:
For Google Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of South Gare Lighthouse


(1) A hydrogen fuel cell produces electricity from a external supply of hydrogen fuel flowing into the anode (-) side and a oxygen oxidant on the cathode (+) side reacting in a electrolyte.
Fuel cells are the same but different from batteries: Both use the same electrochemical energy conversion process yet Fuel Cells are also different from batteries because the fuel is consumed in the process producing a byproduct. Water flows out of Hydrogen Fuel Cell after hydrogen ions combine with oxygen!

The Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell or Hydrogen Fuel Cell can produce a minimum of 100-watts of power which is twice the power needed for the 45-watt high-intensity LED installed in the Lighthouse.

(2) A Inconvenient Truth (where is Al Gore when Lord Likely needs him, Ed?) ?
What is the economic and environmental benefit of the alleged environmentally-friendly fuel cell? The hydrogen electrochemical process is clean, quiet and 2 to 3 times more efficient than fuel combustion. This would be great news for the Global Warming Alarmists who want to reduce our carbon footprints EXCEPT hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels like coal or natural gas and costs twice the price of gas at the pump!

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Lighthouse Christmas from Nubble Rock, Maine

nubblexmas.jpg Twas the Light shining in the Night,
The guardian Lighthouse was a glowing Sight!

Blinking and winking in the darkness so silent and Still,
Guiding mariners to safe haven in the Christmas Chill.

Beaconing loved ones home from the Bay,
To revel in their family present Play,
On this bright Christmas Day!

~ Poem by Debbie Dolphin ~

And, when we thought the season of surprises was over, Jos from NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection) has honored me with his Cool and Crazy Bloscar!


Jos has some cool insights to explain his Bloscar award:

It is intended to be a sign that says: “this blog is cool & crazy, and the blog owner is not afraid to admit it”.

“It is for those bloggers that I think are really Cool — and I suspect they are a little Crazy too.”

“They are running their blogs to be a true reflection of their own personality and they stick to it. They are providing an atmosphere that makes their visitors feel welcome as members of their blogs’ community. They manage to use the right tone of voice, write about an inspiring choice of subjects and treat their visitors and their fellow bloggers as friends. And they all do that without taking themselves or their blogs too serious, in spite of all the time and the crazy hard work they put into it.” – Jos

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Alcatraz Island Lighthouse Shines a Beam of Gold

blogalcatraz The prison Lighthouse was inspired by the California Gold Rush of 1848! In five years, the bay was jammed packed and jelly tight with vessels loaded with fortune seekers hoping to land a good fortune! The Lighthouse of the Rock was the first working Lighthouse on the Pacific coast and beamed a Light through the Golden Gate passage for mariners entering the port of San Francisco.

To accommodate the safety of the sailing Gold Diggers, a Lighthouse was built and completed by July 1853 yet, the Light was First Lit almost a year later on June 1, 1854 exhibiting a Fixed White Light. There was confusion about which lighting system should be used – the old Argand lamps and parabolic reflectors or the new Fresnel lens. Eventually, the new Lighthouse Board approved the superior performance of a Third-order Fresnel lens.

The first Tower rose above the center a two-story Cape Cod style Keeper’s house. The 50-foot high Lighthouse was painted white with a black trim and was similar to the design of old Point Loma Lighthouse.

By the time the first Lighthouse was built, the first guns were mounted in the South Battery of Alcatraz Island in 1853 as part of the plans for the Alcatraz Citadel, a fortified military barrack completed in 1859 just north of the Lighthouse. Although the guns of Alcatraz never fired a shot to defend the city during the Civil War, 39 people were imprisoned in the Alcatraz Citadel for celebrating the news of President Lincoln’s assassination. This event marks the humble beginnings for the renown notoriety of the Rock!

In 1902, the Lighthouse was refitted with a revolving Fourth-order Fresnel lens exhibiting a Flashing White Light every 5-seconds. On April 18, 1906, a San Francisco earthquake cracked the Lighthouse and Light-keeper B.F. Leeds wrote in his Keeper’s Log, “is this the end of the world?”

In 1909, the Lighthouse and Citadel was demolished and replaced by the present prison cell house and a 84-foot high octagonal concrete Lighthouse. The new Lighthouse was First Lit on Dec 1st, 1909 exhibiting a Flashing White Light every 5-seconds illuminated by a Fourth-order Fresnel lens 214-feet above sea level visible to a range of 22 nautical miles.

The new Keeper’s house was next to the quarters of the prison doctor and the warden. At times, Lighthouse Keepers faced the dangerous task of crossing the prison compound to activate the two Fog signals at the other end of the Rock. The Lookout Tower guards would notify the Light-Keepers when they saw a fog bank rolling in and the Keepers passed through each gate on the hand signals of the guards.

The Rock was a military prison until 1933 when the prison became a federal penitentiary. In 1946, the Battle of Alcatraz was recorded by a Lighthouse Keeper
when Bernard Coy attempted his bloody escape. Marines dropped grenades into the cell block to quiet the explosive riot! Of the 6 escapees, three were killed during the “44 hours of hell” as one Light-keeper described the battle of May 2nd. Two men were later executed for killing two guards and the third survivor was given an additional life sentence.

Due to maintainence costs, the Rock was closed in 1963 and the Lighthouse was automated on November 22, 1963. From Nov 9th, 1969 to June 11, 1971, Native Americans occupied the island by claiming the Rock was part of the 1868 Sioux Treaty.
After a mysterious fire destroyed the Keeper’s and Warden’s houses on June 1, 1970, the Indian population began to dwindle due to the lack of water. A pre-dawn raid finally ended the voluntary Indian incarceration!

After surviving burning, prison breakouts, and riots, Alcatraz Lighthouse stands tall as an Active Aid to navigation managed by the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. To close this Lighthouse Christmas story, we need to find the two Lighthouses inspired by Frankincense and Myrrh! Maybe, Linda has these Lights hidden in her blogging manger?

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Alcatraz Island Lighthouse

Interesting coincidence?
Did you notice the connection of two events hidden in the post?

The first major event at the Citadel on the Rock was the incarceration of confederates in 1865 for celebrating the news of President Lincoln’s assassination. Later, Alcatraz Island Lighthouse was automated on the day JFK was assassinated. Perhaps, Ed the Editor can calculate the odds?

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Owls Head Lighthouse License Shines Bright!

blogowl Another renown icon of Maine’s picturesque rocky coastline has a new lease on Lighthouse Life! Due to the efforts of Bob Trapani, executive director of the American Lighthouse Foundation, and the Friends of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, a Preservation License was signed with the Coast Guard this month.

The active Coast Guard aid to navigation, with the original Fourth-order Fresnel lens shining a Fixed White Light 100-feet above sea level, was automated in 1989. After 18 years of neglect, the 30-foot high brick Lighthouse requires an estimated $257,000 restoration project to return the Tower to its original Splendor Of Safety!

On December 1st, Dot Black, also known as “Mrs. Lighthouse,” was appointed president of the American Lighthouse Foundation and as president of the Friends of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, Dot was the Lighthouse Lady who acquired the Preservation lease for the Rockland Breakwater Beacon from the city.

Dot Black is the widow of Ken Black, also known as “Mr. Lighthouse.” Ken Black founded the Shore Village Museum in 1976 after collecting Lighthouse artifacts in 1973. Lighthouse artifacts from the Shore Village Museum were transferred for the opening of the Maine Lighthouse Museum on June 25, 2005. His wife shared his enthusiasm for preserving our Lighthouse heritage and Mrs. Lighthouse continues restoring and preserving Lighthouses like Owls Head Lighthouse.

Both the American Lighthouse Foundation, and the Friends of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse will develop educational programs, merchandise with a Owls Head Light logo, and creative offers to Lighthouse visitors to raise the needed restoration funds to save another Fresnel lens Beacon from Lighthouse Levitation!

blue_starLighthouse Background:

According to Lighthouse lore, Owl’s Head was named after the sighting of two large indentations in the Headland that resembled the eyes of a owl. In 1825, a brick Lighthouse was built on top of the 70-foot high picturesque promontory to mark the entrance to Rockland Harbor. Owls Head Lighthouse was First Lit on Sep 10, 1825 exhibiting a Fixed White Light illuminated by oil lamps and reflectors 100-feet above sea level to aid the growing coastal trade and the exporting of Rockland lime.

In 1856, the Lighthouse was refitted with the current French gleaming gem, a Fourth-order Fresnel lens.

According to Lighthouse Lore, two frozen lovers were rescued from a schooner shipwreck on December 22, 1850. Richard B. Ingraham and Lydia Dyer were frozen in the surf of the ice covered rocky ledge. At first, the 12 man rescue party thought the engaged couple were dead as they transported the real life ice sculptures back to the Keeper’s house. They chipped the ice block away and slowly raised the couple’s temperature. After three hours, both showed signs of life and fully recovered months later to marry and raise four children!

As we experience another Deep Freeze of Canadian Arctic weather in New England, this chilling Christmas story of frozen salvation is further evidence that Global Warming is on Ice!

In a related Blizzard Blast, Bob Trapani wrote about capturing a chilling Nor’easter approaching Owl’s Head Lighthouse on December 16, 2007. To read his ‘frozen in time’ adventure, please visit Traveling “Back in Time” on the Winds of a Winter Snowstorm.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Owl’s Head Lighthouse

Related News Source:
Owls Head Light under wing of American Lighthouse Foundation

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Lighthouse Santa Cruises to Preserve Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

blogpomham On December 8th, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer beamed his powerful blinking red light to locate the Fixed Red Light of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse for the first appearance of Lighthouse Santa. Instead of flying a sleigh, Rudolph’s team of Reindeers towed the boat of Lighthouse Santa in the Narragansett Bay!

Lighthouse Santa rang a large bell on his voyage to announce his arrival and to raise public awareness of the historic Lighthouse to the residents of East Providence, Rhode Island. A “Santa Sighting” shined a Light on the Lighthouse located 800-feet offshore from the popular Riverside Bike Path to raise public awareness.

The best land location to view Pomham Rocks Lighthouse is along the 14-mile long East Bay Bike Path located in the East Bay Tourism Region. Imagine, a jolly old red clad elf needed to promote awareness of a Lighthouse to a coastal community due to limited access according to Laura McNamara, vice-president of the Friends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse!

The Lighthouse Santa celebration was held to raise public awareness for the preservation of the Lighthouse and awareness for the Friends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse who been raising funds to restore the Pomham Rocks Lighthouse. Don Doucette, president of the Friends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse played the role of “Lighthouse Santa” as Christmas celebrators gathered on the Bike Path, wharfs, boats, and roadways to listen to Christmas music and the clanging of Santa’s bell in the true Lighthouse spirit of Christmas!

blue_starBrief Lighthouse Background:

Pomham Rocks Lighthouse was built in 1871 to mark the dangerous rock at the edge of the shipping channel to the Port of Providence. The Lighthouse was First Lit on December 1, 1871 exhibiting a Fixed Red light illuminated by a Sixth-order Fresnel lens as part of the ongoing program to improve the navigational aids in the Narragansett Bay and the Providence River.

In 1974, the Lighthouse was decommissioned and replaced by an automatic Fixed Red Light on a square skeletal tower located near the south western corner of the deactivated Lighthouse. Mobil Oil Company, purchased the property in 1980 to “preserve the continuity of the waterfront area.”

Since 2005, ExxonMobil has leased the historic Lighthouse at no cost to a new chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation, the Friends of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse, who raised funds to restore the exterior of the Lighthouse and the beacon. During a grand gubernatorial relighting ceremony, Pomham Rocks Lighthouse was relit as an Active Aid to Navigation on July 30, 2006.

For more information about the Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Pomham Rocks Lighthouse

Related News Source:
Pomham Rocks’ “Lighthouse Santa” Makes First-Ever Trip on the Waters of the Narragansett Bay

In keeping with the Spirit of the Season, Ed the Editor has recovered and returned to posting his colorful commentary about current events and blogging broadcasts! Blissful Bloggers are rejoicing over the good news!

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