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Navigational Aids in the Frozen Kennebec River


Photo Credit: USCG Photo

While I am on shore leave to recover from the change of weather bug that is going around, Bob Trapani, a New England Lighthouse Preservationist, has written a excellent story about the Coast Guard Cutters breaking the ice on the Kennebec River.

During the spring thaw, heavy rains, rapid snow-melt and dangerous river ice jams can cause flooding and destroy bridges. Navigational Aids can be destroyed by the massive Ice floes. To read Bob’s complete story, please visit “U.S. Coast Guard Crushes Ice on the Kennebec to Safeguard River Communities.”

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Secret New York Lighthouse For Sale


Can’t afford to restore a government rundown Lighthouse?
Have enough dough to buy this private Lighthouse owned by Charles and Nancy Entenmann (1)?

Listed at $3.295 million, this secret New York Lighthouse has been on the market since October 2007. Their dream house was built in 2005 on 1.15 acres with an attached Lighthouse that overlooks Lake Montauk which is located about 2.5-miles from Montauk Point Lighthouse as the crow flies.

The two story Lighthouse includes two attached mahogany decks for viewing Lake Montauk and Gardiners Bay. The five-bedroom, 6 ½-bath 4,500-square-foot home includes a breakfast nook and inlaid Brazilian cherry hardwood floors.

The Entenmann home could be the ideal dream Lighthouse of any retired Lighthouse Keeper who enjoys the view of yachts sailing into Lake Montauk! Please note that a Beacon is not included and the new owner who wishes to light up his Lighthouse needs to purchase and install a Beacon.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of the Entenmann Lighthouse
(1) Charles Entenmann is a former baking magnate of Entenmann’s baked goods company, founded with his brothers, Robert and William.


Property Listing, 93 Prospect Hill Lane
Photo Credit: The Corcoran Group, Inc.

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Five Mile Point Light at Lighthouse Point Park

fivemile.jpgSpring into Connecticut to visit beautiful Lighthouse Point Park and Five Mile Point Lighthouse, named for its distance from downtown New Haven. During the roaring 20’s, the park was the field of dreams for Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb. Roger Dodger may find his dream haven here to dodge the Fraternity Boys Investigators (FBI)!

bluebird.gif For Bluebird Portrait Painters who missed their digital solar circle cake, the park is popular for bird watching song birds flying in their migratory flocks every spring and fall.
In September, the annual Hawkfest celebrates the Atlantic flyway of hawks and other birds flying south for the winter.

The current 70-foot high brownstone Lighthouse was built in 1847 to improve marking the entrance to New Haven Harbor. The Lighthouse exhibited a Fixed White Light illuminated by 12 oil lamps and 21-inch reflectors 97-feet above sea level. In 1855, the Lighthouse was refitted with a Fourth-order Fresnel lens.

On Jan 1, 1877, Five Mile Point Lighthouse was deactivated and replaced by Southwest Ledge Light to improve marking the dangerous ledge and shoal at the entrance to the harbor.

The City of New Haven purchased the Lighthouse and property for 11,180 clams from the State of Connecticut in 1924. New Haven opened Lighthouse Point Park as a public beach.

Since 2002, the Lighthouse has been open for limited reservation Park Ranger guided tours. Before visiting the park, call the Park Rangers at 203-946-8790 to check for scheduled Lighthouse tours. After your Lighthouse tour, you can ride on the restored 1916 Lighthouse Park Carousel or splash through the water fountains of the Lighthouse Park Splashpad.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map of the Lighthouse Location, please visit the Google Map of Five Mile Point Lighthouse

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Boston Beacon exposes a Meme Mystery

In the Under-the-Cover business of Bondgate 0007, Debbie Dolphin was mysteriously retagged with the Make-a-Wish Meme….


Since my secret fins have been exposed by Speedy Bondcat 0007, comical comment posts and Memes are now appearing on the desk of my secret sister, Miss Moneypenny unless Debbie Dolphin can weave some Meme Magic within a Lighthouse post!

Hopefully, in the world of MemeGate 2008 no Under-the-Cover rules of Meme etiquette were broken!

Secret Message for Naillever Ybbob, you never know where my Memes will appear… Lighthouse humor here
and Under-the-Cover humor there!

P.S. This Wish Meme Mystery began innocently by the Make A Wish Foundation until the Comet Comedy trail tagged two Under-the-Cover Double Blog Agents!

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Lightship LV-112 Mystery of Oyster Bay


After serving 39 years at Nantucket Shoals, Nantucket Lightship LV-112 has been bounced around New England and New York exchanging ownership seven times like a Yankee privateer ship escaping a British sea hunt (2).

In 1936, the British government paid $300,956 to build the largest American Lightship after their SS Olympic White Star liner sank the Nantucket Lightship LV-117 on May 15, 1934. Four men sank with the ship, three survivors later died of exposure, and four men survived the British ramming.

The current mystery began on December 7, 1975, when “The Dirty Dozen” of Nantucket rescued their Nantucket Lightship from Atlantic City, New Jersey officials who bought the Lightship at a government surplus auction. Atlantic City exchanged the Lightship for a surplus Boston Lightship. For 9 years, the historic Lightship was a floating museum in Nantucket Harbor.

Before we fast forward to the present mystery, Nantucket Lightship LV-112 has a colorful exchange of tours and ports until 2006 when Oyster Bay of Long Island received a notice to terminate the illegal occupancy of the Trespass Vessel, Nantucket 112 from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The National Lighthouse Museum originally planned to use the Lightship as their flagship to be docked next to the museum at Pier One On Staten Island. In 2003, Nantucket Lightship LV-112 sailed to Oyster Bay for the annual Oyster Festival and has been in Lightship Limbo ever since.

Nantucket Lightship LV-112 has been temporarily berthed at the Jakobson Pier in Oyster Bay for the past four and half years. Last year, Jerry Roberts, a National Lighthouse Museum board member, announced the sale of the “First Light of America“(1) for $1 to any nonprofit group able to repair, maintain, and open the Lightship to the public.

Without skipping a beat or pausing to explain how a evicted ship might be adopted, Newsday published mysterious news claiming Oyster Bay is trying to adopt the ship in Lightship Limbo! Somehow, the trespassing vessel has escaped eviction and the long arm of marshal law! At the same time, Oyster Bay must establish a nonprofit corporation before the struggling National Lighthouse Museum will transfer ownership of their beleaguered ship!

No further news online has been published about the Lightship adoption progress since the Newsday article which was published six months ago. In the meantime, the “First Light of America” suffers the indignity of deterioration, rust, and vandalism while overdue restoration continues to be delayed. Maybe, the National Park Service or a government online auction could save this American treasure?



(1) Nantucket Lightship LV-112 was one of many floating Lighthouses that marked the hazardous shallow sea near a busy sea lane. Nantucket Lightship was the only U.S. Lightship stationed in international waters 100 miles out from the mainland and was nicknamed the Statue of Liberty of the Sea because she was the first Light and sign of American civilization seen by European immigrants!

(2) Revolutionary humor for a famous American Lightship (LV-112/WAL 534) built in 1936 with British funds after the British liner, SS Olympic, the sister ship of the Titanic, sank LV-117 on May 15, 1934. LV-112/WAL 534, the Largest Lightship built, 148-feet 10-inches long, was Decommissioned on Mar 28, 1975 and docked at Chelsea, Massachusetts.

List of Ownership Transfers:

1. Atlantic City, N.J. bought the Lightship at a government surplus auction
2. Dec 6-7, 1975 to 1984: floating museum at Nantucket
The Dream Location: Google Map of Nantucket Lightship LV-112

3. 1984 debarked for Maine as a maritime education center
1986: sold Nantucket Lightship Preservation Inc. , Boston
July 3/4, 1986 at Statue of Liberty rededication ceremony

4. 1987-1988: On display at several Maine Ports, docked at Portland, Maine

5. 1988-1997: Intrepid Air-Sea-Space Museum -daily Public Tours in New York City
6. 1997-2002: The HMS Rose Foundation in Bridgeport, Conn and docked at
Captain’s Cove Seaport – not maintained and fell into disrepair

7. 2002 Mar 30: National Lighthouse Museum, Staten Island New York City
The Proposed Location of Nantucket Lightship LV-112: Google Map of Nantucket Lightship LV-112

8. 2003-2008: In Lightship Limbo at Oyster Bay on Long Island, New York
The Present Location of Nantucket Lightship LV-112: Google Map of Nantucket Lightship LV-112

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