Veli Rat Lighthouse Lodging


Holiday Lodging at this Croatian Lighthouse is one way to escape the winter of New England! Veli Rat Lighthouse is one of the most popular vacation destinations of guests from all around the globe. Active holiday Lighthouse lovers or lovers can reserve a 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom apartment at one the most exquisite Lighthouses on the Croatian shoreline of the Adriatic Sea!

Guests also enjoy the hospitality of Lighthouse Keeper Zvonimir Skvorcevic and his family. After receiving permission of the Keeper, visitors can climb the 40-meter (131-feet) high Lighthouse to see breathtaking views of the scenic bays and pebble beaches.

Prices range from $1,603 (1099 EUR) to $1,749 (1199 EUR) per week which is the minimum lodging period. For reservations, please visit Lighthouses – Veli Rat.

Veli Rat Lighthouse was built on Dugi Otok (Long Island) in 1849 to guide mariners entering the port of Zadar. The 118-foot high brown stone Lighthouse exhibits two White Flashes every 20-seconds 134-feet above sea level visible to a range of 22 nautical miles. According to legend, the walls of the Lighthouse are filled with thousands of egg-whites to keep the Lighthouse cool in the summer heat and strengthen the walls to resist the sea and winds.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Veli Rat Lighthouse

3dbainsoleil.gif Interesting vacation tip:

The nearby Sea Organ of Zadar, Croatia is a unique sea experience. Gerard of Presurfer has published a post about the Croatian Sea Organ designed by architect Nikola Basic. Air holes located in the top row of Sea Organ steps whistle the harmonic sounds of wave movement pushing a column of water through 35 immersed musically tuned plastic tubes. For more information and to hear the Sea Organ, please surf over to the Sea Organ Presurfer Post.

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  1. is there a picture of the rats in the lighthouses or they not true

    • Hi Katie Pierpont,

      To the best of my knowledge, the Lighthouse was named after the port of Veli Rat. The lighthouse marks the northwestern end of Dugi Otok (Long Island) at Punta Bianca (White Point or White Headland). The village of Veli Rat is located 2 miles east of the lighthouse.

      Local villagers call the lighthouse, More vratar (the Sea Doorman).

      Since the keeper’s house has two apartments available for vacation rental, Mickey Mouse and his friends are not guests in the house.

      The grounds of Veli Rat Lighthouse are open to the Public and the tower is open to paying guests.

  2. Hello! I will see when I get my digital camera this year. Thanks for asking me.

    mike’s last blog post..Film grain – Behind the bushes

  3. Hi Mike,

    Thank you!

    Interesting Photo Artwork of Montauk Point Lighthouse!

    Would you be interested in contributing natural photos (1024 x 768 or higher) of Montauk Point Lighthouse for my web page at ?

    Your photo credit and copyright would be included on the photo and the web page.
    A Blog post can also be written to introduce your photo wallpaper.

  4. Hello! What a great blog. I have the Montauk Lighthouse pictures on my blog.

    Mike’s last blog post..Film grain – Behind the bushes

  5. Hi Linda,

    Or, we could marry the right man like a Cardiovascular Surgeon or a Legal Eagle 🙂

    On the other hand, playing the lottery may be easier than finding the right man! 😉

    If we could tip the pay scales in our favor funnyscale.gif
    than we can fly to these Lighthouses before a snowstorm arrives!

  6. Whenever I see these lighthouses on your blog I so wish that I was able to afford to vacation in places like that as they just look like such great spots. I really need to win the lottery … hmm, I really need to buy a ticket first!

    Linda’s last blog post..Eureka! I’ve Found a New Song I Like!

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