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New York Lighthouse Dreams Are Made of This?

Old Orchard Shoal Light ——– West Bank Light

You “Travel the world and the seven seas,”
Everybody’s looking for a Lighthouse sea breeze?

On June 5th, the federal real estate agents aka the General Services Administration (GSA) opened another online auction for Lighthouse Dreamers with deep pockets able to bid on and restore one of two New York Lighthouses.

The GSA auction of Old Orchard Shoal Lighthouse, located in the Gedway Channel offshore from Staten Island, and the GSA auction of West Bank Lighthouse, located in the Ambrose Channel offshore from Staten Island, are open for bids starting at $10,000.

Both neglected Lighthouse Treasures offer 360° water views, no utilities, unrestricted Coast Guard access to the optic and fog horn, sold “AS IS” without warranties, require a easement to legally occupy the submerged land, are exposed to flooding by tidal surges, and your neglected property must be maintained in accordance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and in consultation with the New York State Historic Preservation Office.

Last summer, PETA expressed interest in both Lighthouses in their quest to establish a National Headquarters for their Fish Empathy Project where they could promote their fake fish food as an alternative diet to healthy real salt-water fish. Fortunately, a wiser federal decision prevented the PETA Principle Project.

For more information about both Lighthouses, please visit the previous posts, Fishing for a New York Lighthouse, Old Orchard Shoal Lighthouse and Followup to PETA Lighthouse Fishing, West Bank Lighthouse.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Locations, please visit the Google Map of Old Orchard Shoal Lighthouse and Google Map of West Bank Lighthouse.

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Irbensky Lighthouse Cruise Control

irben.jpg On May 4th, the German owned 994-passenger cruise ship, Mona Lisa, ran aground on a sandbar in the Irbe Strait of the Baltic Sea 11-miles off the coast of Latvia after the ship’s navigator plotted a maneuvering mistake and navigated the ship on the wrong side of the Lighthouse!

The cruise ship embarked on a 10-day tour of the Baltic Sea from Kiel, Germany and was en route to Riga, Latvia’s capital, when the navigator Zigged Left of the Lighthouse instead of Zagging Right of Irbensky Lighthouse! Apparently, the GPS “traffic cop” was on his Dunkin’ Donut break? 😀

According to Coast guard spokeswoman Liene Ulbine, “A total 662 passengers have been evacuated from the cruise ship Mona Lisa. There are no signs of distress” after six Latvian coast guard and naval vessels failed to refloat the vessel overnight.

Photo credit: GT Corporation, Irbensky Lighthouse was prefabricated by the GT Corporation. The modern 125-feet high cylindrical steel concrete tower was towed and installed at the site in the Irbensky Strait from 1980 to 1985. Irbensky Light exhibits a Flashing White Light every 10-seconds 115-feet above sea level.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location, please visit the
Google Map of Irbensky Lighthouse

Related News Source:
Was it left or right at the lighthouse?

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Boston Beacon exposes a Meme Mystery

In the Under-the-Cover business of Bondgate 0007, Debbie Dolphin was mysteriously retagged with the Make-a-Wish Meme….


Since my secret fins have been exposed by Speedy Bondcat 0007, comical comment posts and Memes are now appearing on the desk of my secret sister, Miss Moneypenny unless Debbie Dolphin can weave some Meme Magic within a Lighthouse post!

Hopefully, in the world of MemeGate 2008 no Under-the-Cover rules of Meme etiquette were broken!

Secret Message for Naillever Ybbob, you never know where my Memes will appear… Lighthouse humor here
and Under-the-Cover humor there!

P.S. This Wish Meme Mystery began innocently by the Make A Wish Foundation until the Comet Comedy trail tagged two Under-the-Cover Double Blog Agents!

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Beavertail Lighthouse Open to Vandalism Again?

blogbeavertail.jpg In another strange twist of irony for historical Lighthouse preservation, Beavertail Lighthouse, the third colonial Lighthouse built in our nation located on a breathtaking natural scenic point park, has lost the Resident Caretakers due to the phantom poisoning of Lead Paint and a low cost housing dispute between several government organizations.

Robert W. Sutton Jr., a Town Council member, stated his common sense perspective on the Coast Guard’s issue with the danger of Lead Poisoning:
“Ninety percent of the houses in Jamestown have lead paint. Lead paint doesn’t just jump out and get you. You have to eat paint chips.”

If drinking colloidal silver turns men into Papa smurf blue ps32.jpg than what toxic color is produced by eating lead paint chips?
alien_dance.gif Has Luminous bluish-gray Alpha Centaurians invaded Beavertail Lighthouse to eat the Lead Paint chips???

As local officials were concerned in the 1970s after the Coast Guard automated the Lighthouse, removed the Light-keeper and left the Light Station unattended, local Jamestown officials are concerned about vandalism in the buildings of the isolated Light Station. During the 1970s, vandalism threatened to destroy the Lighthouse. Someone shot the Light out in 1975 and the Lighthouse was inactive until the Coast Guard replaced the Light.

The affordable housing dispute was covered in a previous post, “Beavertail Lighthouse Residential Housing Controversy.

According to Coast Guard rules, the town’s (Jamestown) proposal of resident caretakers is not acceptable. Yet, the town has had resident caretakers for more than 30 years. Georges Bockstael of the Coast Guard’s civil engineering unit, claims the Coast Guard requested the town to deliver a “innovative” plan to maintain the Lighthouse. The Coast Guard has no problem with a plan that allows for a part-time Caretaker who may stay there at night but he cannot use the Lighthouse as his primary residence.

alienjar.gif Who would apply to sleep at a Lighthouse by night and live somewhere else by day?
moonshaker.jpg Perhaps, Speedy the Under-the-Cover MoonShaker SpeedCat 0007 agent in his Space Suit might benefit from this arrangement?

Politics aside, the immediate common sense solution is to allow Resident Caretakers to live in the Lighthouse full time to maintain the property and provide security against vandalism until an agreeable lease agreement can be approved by all disputing parties.


Lighthouse Background:

Beavertail Lighthouse was the third colonial Lighthouse built in America to guide shipping entering the East Passage of the Narragansett Bay en-route to Newport Harbor. The current 52-foot high square Granite Tower was built in 1856 and currently exhibits a Flashing White Light every 6-seconds illuminated by a Third-order Fresnel lens 64-feet above sea level to a visible range of 15 nautical miles. For more information about Beavertail Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map location, please visit the Google Map of Beavertail Lighthouse

Related News Story:
Newport officials worried about fate of lighthouse, Feb 23, 2008

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To the Lighthouse Excellent Award

Photo credit: Steven Turner

Colin has set sail for Godrevy Island Lighthouse, the famous inaccessible and illuminating Lighthouse of Virginia Woolf’s novel (1). From the Lantern Room, Colin has beamed his Excellent Blog Award over the seven digitally seas to 20 excellent Bloggers.

The light of Colin’s Beacon has reached my humble harbor to honor my Blog with his Excellent Blog Award. Thank you Colin, I deeply appreciate your unexpected thoughtful recognition!

excellentblog.jpg According to Cyberspace rules in the eUniverse of eAwards, acceptance of this Excellent Blog Award requires me to tag nominate 10 virtual victims excellent Bloggers to receive this award.

~ Linda sailing aboard the USS Cruise liner “Are we there yet?

~ Captain Kim sailing aboard the HMS Gold Galleon “Laketress Portraits

~ Johnny Ancich sailing aboard the HMS Schooner “Past Expiry Cartoon

~ Mike sailing aboard the DMS Clipper “See Mike Draw” ship

~ Senator smurffidy Speedy at the helm of the ESH “Presidential atomic Submarine
Will Speedy dive six feet, six degrees down bubble to navigate the Potomac River to win his secret race to the White House?

~ Hawkincrat Hawk at the helm of the USS Frigate “POTUS
Will Hawk’s secret slogan soar over Senator smurffidy Speedy’s secret Submarine race to the White House?

~ Angie sailing aboard the HWC Comedy Clipper “Humor Writer Cartoonist: Angie Brennan” ship

~ Mimi sailing aboard the HMM Bottle Cruise Ship “Mimi Writes

~ Brent D. sailing aboard the OCC Comedy Clipper “The Ominous Comma

~ Don sailing aboard the HFT Windjammer “It’s a Funny Thing


(1) “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf, published in 1927, was considered her greatest literary achievement. After the death of Mrs. Ramsay, the family finally lands at the Lighthouse which symbolizes the lens of time and death of the characters in her novel.

Godrevy Lighthouse was the inspiration of her novel based on her childhood memories of summer living at St. Ives in Cornwall. Godrevy Island is located 3½ miles offshore from the St. Ives Bay.

Lighthouse Background:

After the shipwreck of the steamer Nile and loss of all passengers on Nov 30, 1854, Godrevy Lighthouse was built on Godrevy Island in 1859 to mark hazardous “The Stones” offshore. On March 1, 1859, the 86-feet (26 m) high white octagonal rubble-stone Lighthouse exhibited a Flashing White Light evey 10-seconds with a Fixed Red Light below the main light visible over a 45-degree arc to mark the dangerous rock reef.

The Lighthouse was automated in 1939 and converted to a solar powered Second-order 700 mm optic with a red sector in 1995.

As in America, historic British Lighthouses are still vital to the safety of local mariners!
In 2005, Trinity House, the UK Lighthouse Authority, announced plans to extinguish the Light of Godrevy Lighthouse in 2010. After public pressure and numerous meetings with fisherman’s associations and harbour authorities, Trinity House was convinced that Godrevy Lighthouse is needed for the safety of mariners.

For small craft fisherman who cannot afford GPS navigational equipment, the Lighthouse is “securing the future of fishing in Hayle,” according to Mayor Terry Lello.

Currently, Godrevy Lighthouse exhibits 1 White and Red Flash every 10-seconds 122-feet (37 m) above sea level to a visible range of 10.4 nautical miles.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Godrevy Lighthouse

For nearby romantic lodging, the Porthminster hotel, located above the beach of St. Ives Bay overlooking Godrevy Lighthouse, is perfect for your Holiday Pleasures!

Vacation tip: Book a Sea View Room at The Porthminster!

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