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The Blue Beacon illuminates Papa Smurf Paul Karason

blubeacon.jpg In a true blue story, Paul Karason permanently tattooed himself using colloidal silver, a home remedy he used to treat a facial skin condition ten years ago. Paul turned Papa Smurf blue at the age of 47!

To Smurf your whole day long, watch Paul’s smurftastic video!

With a Papa Smurf colloidal silver facial mask, you too can look blue when you feel blue! Paul will show you how to bake a Silver Smurfberry cake and squeeze some silver into your sasparilla juice!


Who says cartoon characters cannot come to life?????
Paul is a Beacon of Blue Light brightening the colorful culture of California!

With web sites offering manuals showing people how to make colloidal silver, Papa Smurf Paul Karason may have started a new Californian fad for people who are sad!

Kim gallery.gif, don’t be gobsmacked… Be on the lookout devwatch.gif for Speedy the Smurfinator vmgp2.gif in your silicon dreams content.gif!

On a serious note (there is a serious side to this story?), Colloidal silver was used as an antibiotic by Doctors before the invention of penicillin in the 1930s.

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