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Followup to PETA Lighthouse Fishing

blogwestbank Yesterday, PETA released a statement that they submitted a letter of interest for two New York Lighthouses, West Bank Light and Old Orchard Shoal Light. PETA only published the letter sent for Old Orchard Shoal Lighthouse. Today, West Bank Lighthouse was also verified as being available as of May 29, 2007 to eligible organizations according to the Long Island Chapter of the U.S. Lighthouse Society.

In 1900, a conical cast-iron brown Lighthouse was built on a reef off Staten Island, West Bank, NY and 4.7 miles south of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to improve the navigational aids in New York Harbor. West Bank Lighthouse was First Lit on Jan 01, 1901 exhibiting a Fixed White Light illuminated by a Fourth-order Fresnel lens and kerosene lamp 59-feet above sea level. After the completion of the Ambrose Channel in 1906, West Bank Light was raised to a height of 70-feet to be used also as the Front Range Light aligned with the Staten Island Lighthouse (First Lit in 1912) for navigating the busy channel.

The Fresnel lens was removed when the Light was converted to solar power in 1998. Currently, West Bank Light (Staten Island Front Range Light) exhibits a Fixed Red Light to the East with a visible range of 12 nautical miles, and a White Isophase 6-seconds (3-second Flash, 3-second eclipse) Light to the West with a visible range of 16 nautical miles, with a higher intensity White Light on the Range Line with a visible range of 23 nautical miles, 69-feet above sea level.
The Staten Island Rear Range Light exhibits a narrow Fixed White Light that can only be seen on the Range Line 231-feet above sea level with a visible range of 18 nautical miles.

West Bank Light is also another dangerous location for Public Access. By submitting letters of interest for offshore Lighthouses, it appears that PETA, if successful, will endanger misguided visitors in their quest to promote eating fake fish food and to end what PETA claims to be fish abuse if expensive landing ramps are not constructed.

West Bank Lighthouse is best viewed by boat with distant views from the grounds of Elm Tree Lighthouse at New Dorp Beach on Staten Island, and from the Boardwalk at Coney Island in Brooklyn.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of West Bank Lighthouse.

For Map Directions to the Rear Range Light , please visit the Google Map of Staten Island Lighthouse.

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