Happy Halloween from Fort Pickering Lighthouse

© Debbie Dolphin

Fort Pickering

Fort Pickering Lighthouse is one of five Lighthouses actively guiding navigation through Salem Sound into Salem Harbor. Fort Pickering Light commemorates the lively maritime heritage of Winter Island when a Fort defended the harbor, a Lighthouse guarded shipping interests, and an Air Station protected New England waters. Fort Pickering and the former Air Station are on the grounds of Winter Island Maritime Park, a seasonal RV & Tent Campsite which overlooks Fort Pickering Lighthouse.

The Schooner Fame is sailing past the Lighthouse with her modern band of pirates. The Fame is a full-scale replica of the famous privateer ship which captured the first prize in the War of 1812.

For more information about Fort Pickering Lighthouse and Salem Travel Links, please click on the photo of the Lighthouse above.
Map Location:
Google Map of Fort Pickering Lighthouse

Photos from our Salem Fall Foliage Lighthouse Trip…


© Debbie Dolphin
Statue of Roger Conant (alias “The Puritan”) at dusk,
located in front of the Salem Witch Museum next to Salem Common

© Debbie Dolphin
Speed Foliage,
Fall Colors captured at 45 mph

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  1. Hi Linda,

    Salem is our October treat every year! We visit many cool places in Salem.

    @ Fame photo: Thank you, we were very lucky to be in the right place to watch the Schooner sail pass the Lighthouse on a picture perfect Fall day!

    If you click on the Lighthouse photo, you’ll find travel links to two of our favorite coastal parks and links plus directions and maps to every Lighthouse in Salem.

    P.S. The current Link for Salem Willows Waterfront Park is salemwillows.com/

  2. I was in Salem earlier this month and took a lot of pictures but I missed this lighthouse – darn! Great shot with the Fame in the background.

    I need to get back up to Salem – definitely a cool place!

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