Flathead Lake Lighthouse For Sale

Welcome to Lighthouse Country!


This 7 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom, 3766 Sq. feet Lighthouse Dream Home can be yours for $2.95 million. The Montana Light House is located south of Woods Bay and overlooks Flathead Lake in Bigfork, Montana. The attached Lighthouse provides breathtaking views of the country lake.

The 188 square mile liquid playground provides boating, fishing, sailing, and swimming fun. The exclusive millionaires’ lighthouse playground is near the Eagle Bend Golf Club.

The Montana Light House was placed on the market last year for the first time by Trails West Eagle Bend Realty. For a photo tour of the Light House and property, please click here.

For an approximate map location of the Light House, please visit the Google Map of Flathead Lake Lighthouse

Photo Credit: Trails West Eagle Bend Realty

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi Eric “SpeedyCat” Hollydale,

    Maybe, a can of Digital Raid will terminate the Digital Desperadoes???

    The ideal putter’s paradise with Lighthouse dreams!

    The action of “Old West Action” and “On Any Screen” undercover may also terminate yellow lawn stains.

    P.S. decoding the encryption…
    “Old West Action” is an anagram of Clint Eastwood
    “On Any Screen” is an anagram of Sean Connery

    Debbie Dolphin’s last blog post..National Lighthouse Day 2008 Events

  2. Copy Cat bloggings gone nuts?? I saw a highjack of my own name a while ago too.

    THIS looks like the perfect spot for a golf hound like myself … awesome seanconery (scenery)
    I would not have to worry about my lawn getting pea’d on either 🙂

    Eric “SpeedyCat”‘s last blog post..Old & Mean Kritters from the Hollydale Retirement Community

  3. Hi Linda,

    Sitting on 60,000 barrels of liquid gold would make our Montana Lighthouse dreams come true…. 😉

  4. I never thought of there being lighthouses in Montana but obviously there are and they are quite grand! Oh to have an extra couple million laying around …

    Linda’s last blog post..“When the moon hits your eye …”

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