Penfield Reef Lighthouse Sand Sculpture

Photo credit: Ned Gerard
Sean Fitzpatrick, Fairfield Beach Sand Sculpting Festival, June 26-29, 2008.

To celebrate summer fun and nourish Fairfield Beach, Sean Fitzpatrick of Fitzy Snowman Sculpting in Massachusetts sculpted a 9-foot high sand replica of Penfield Reef Lighthouse using 9 tons of pure masonry sand.

Sean completed the sand sculpture of Penfield Reef Lighthouse in 23 hours and he claims the rain “really won’t bother it. The sand is porous and will absorb a lot of moisture.” Sean stated, “Also, I built rooflines and slopes into it, so a lot of the water will run off.” Eventually, the sands of time will slowly wash his Lighthouse Sand Castle into the beach.

The Fairfield Beach Residents Association hired Sean Fitzpatrick to recreate the Lighthouse for their Fairfield Beach Sand Sculpting Festival this past weekend. Proceeds from the event will improve the beauty, ecology, and quality of Penfield Beach.

*Lighthouse Background:

blogpenfield.jpgPenfield Reef Lighthouse is a two-story granite house with a 35-feet high Light tower extending above the roof built at the end of a submerged ledge in Long Island Sound located 1.1 miles offshore from Fairfield Beach, Connecticut.

After last summer’s PETA Principle of serving fake fish in their proposed Lighthouse Fish Empathy Cafe, the town of Fairfield submitted their application for lighthouse ownership in January, 2008. If the National Parks Service accepts the town’s proposal than the town will spend a estimated $352,000 to restore their Lighthouse Treasure.

The town will seek state and federal grants of $435,000 to cover the cost of restoration, maintenance, and insurance. The lighthouse was built in 1874 to mark a dangerous peninsula, now a submerged peninsula, in Long Island Sound. Due to the dangerous location, the town seeks to prevent public access.

The automated beacon is an Active Coast Guard Aid to Navigation exhibiting a Flashing Red Light every 6-seconds illuminated by a solar powered VRB-25 optic 51-feet above sea level to a visible range of 15 nautical miles.

For more information about the Lighthouse and ghostly folklore, please visit these past posts:
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*Map Location:
Google Map of Penfield Reef Lighthouse

Related News Source:
Sculptor creates lighthouse replica in sand and the Connecticut Post has a video of the Lighthouse Sand Sculpture

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