Old Saybrook’s Outer Lighthouse Available for Preservation

blogoldsay.jpg After a year of controversy and discussion, the General Services Administration (GSA) officially excessed the Outer Lighthouse at the end of Old Saybrook Breakwater on June 27, 2008. Connecticut’s iconic Beacon, displayed on the popular “Save the Sound” license plate, is now available to eligible organizations able to comply with the guidelines of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000.

Brad McCracken, the CEO and co-founder of Oak View Preservation Incorporated (OVPI), has filed a letter of interest in acquiring the Outer Light. In 2007, Oak View Preservation Incorporated was established to raise funds to purchase, preserve, and open a public museum called Oak View mansion, a 21-room historic home located in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Brad hopes his organization will be awarded ownership as caretaker and guardian of the light and he plans to create a Blog for Old Saybrook’s Outer Lighthouse during the application process with the federal real estate agents (GSA).

Since 2007, the town of Old Saybrook has expressed numerous concerns about the Lighthouse ownership as noted in the previous posts,

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Hopefully, a historical Preservation organization will be able to overcome the local concerns and raise the funds to preserve and maintain the quintessential symbol of Connecticut.

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