Lighthouse Restoration Initiative Election

blogpemaquid.jpg JELD-WEN windows and doors has selected twelve lighthouses from a field of 49 nominees as the final candidates to be voted for in electing one(?) lighthouse to win new JELD-WEN windows and doors.

Please review the following twelve Lighthouse candidates and vote for one lighthouse on or before September 7, 2008.

  • Baltimore Lighthouse, Maryland ~ 1908 ~ Map
  • Bodie Island Lighthouse, NC ~ October 1, 1872 ~ Map ~ Post
  • Cedar Island Lighthouse, New York ~1868 ~ Map
  • Grand Traverse Lighthouse, Michigan ~ 1858 ~ Map
  • Grays Harbor Lightstation, WA ~ June 30, 1898 ~ Map
  • New Canal Lighthouse, Louisiana ~ June 2, 1890 ~ Map
  • New Dungeness Light, WA ~ Dec 14, 1857 ~ Map ~ Post
  • Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Maine ~ 1835 ~ Map ~ Post
  • Plum Island Station, Wisconsin ~ Map
  • Point Arena Light Station, California ~ May 1, 1870 ~ Map
  • Rose Island Lighthouse, RI ~ Jan 20, 1870 ~ Map ~ Post
  • Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, Ohio ~ May 23, 1904 ~ Map

To view Lighthouse photos and to Vote, click HERE!

After voting for your favorite lighthouse, please click HERE to enjoy the Lighthouse Laughter of Captain Speedcat 😀

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Ahaa~~~~Lighthouse !!Great post! I’ll bookmarked it and will return.

  2. Hi Lady Laketrees,

    You must be psychic! We voted for the same lighthouse 🙂

    Plum Island Station was a U.S. Life Saving Service station which became a Coast Guard Station in 1939 for the crew assigned to Plum Island Range Lights.

    Plum Island is offshore from the northern tip of the Door Peninsula in Wisconsin which is about 482-miles away from the Hollydale Lighthouse in Minnesota! You and the Plum Island Station should be safe from the alien amazon ladies! 😉

  3. hi DD
    I voted !!!!
    for the rose lighthouse 🙂
    but the plum one came under close consideration as the strip of land is identical to where I LIVE and I loved the look of it..
    I hope the giant ladies don’t push it over…

    laketrees’s last blog post..“Insane Art” – Artistic Genius or Insanity?

  4. Hi Captain SpeedyCat,

    Yes, you can vote for the Hollydale Lighthouse as soon as we find an Alien Glass Company willing to donate their Outer Space glass! 😉

    Back on the third rock, Grand Traverse Lighthouse, near the Hollydale Lighthouse?, is looking for new windows and doors and is campaigning for the vote of Senator SpeedyCat!

  5. Can I vote for the Hollydale Lighthouse? It has been under attack by giant-sized alien women and could really use the glass! I bit one on the toe … but to no avail. Ahoy there massive alien girls, how bout a ride on the spacecraft. I’ll take a window seat please. (they are made out of space diamonds) WOW!!!!!!!!
    USA USA ……. SWEDEN!!

    Captain SpeedyCat’s last blog post..Alien Women Attack Greys Bay Point Lighthouse

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