Scituate Lighthouse Keeper Job Opening

scituate.jpg The Scituate Historical Society is looking for a new Lighthouse Keeper for their Scituate Lighthouse, currently a private aid located at Cedar Point to guide mariners into the entrance of picturesque Scituate Harbor.

The current Lighthouse Keeper is leaving her post this fall after 22-years of service. For an Application or more information, please visit the Little Red Schoolhouse at 43 Cudworth Road between 10 and 4 pm weekdays.

Lighthouse Background:

Scituate Lighthouse is home to one of the most unusual Lighthouse Legends on the east coast. The “Lighthouse Army of Two” legend is a famous children’s story about two sisters who extinguished the Light in the Lighthouse and played Yankee Doodle on their fife and drum to a British landing party from a warship anchored nearby during the War of 1812. The British allegedly assumed the town’s militia was approaching upon hearing the military marching tune and retreated from entering the unprotected town.

The British Navy eventually blockaded the ports on the Atlantic coast in 1814. British forces plundered and burned 10 ships in Scituate Harbor on June 11, 1814. Rebecca and Abigail Bates, daughters of the first Light-keeper, Simeon Bates, were allegedly terrified to see a British warship anchored offshore on September 1, 1814.

Despite the numerous conflicting accounts of their story, many seem to believe the legend is true. Many Scituate residents doubted their story in 1814 and later, Rebecca Bates sold affidavits to claim her story was true.

For more information about their Lighthouse Legend and the history of the Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Scituate Lighthouse

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Historical society seeks lighthouse keeper

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  1. I contacted them a month ago they said the position was open in 2008 this is a year later, if it open again i should would love to know cause this is my husbands life long dream and were looking for a different career.

    • Hi Angela,

      Due to my busy schedule, my Lighthouse Treasures blog is seldom updated and is online for people seeking information about Lighthouses.

      You can check with Scituate news online for the next Lighthouse Keeper Opening at Scituate Lighthouse. Click this Scituate news link.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Maybe, their legendary spirit is helping the Celtics 194 years later? 😉

    Celtics 58 Lakers 35 @ half time… Go Celtics, Go!

  3. Brings new meaning to the phrase “You go, girls!” now doesn’t it??

    Linda’s last blog post..“It hurts your soul.” … Yes, it truly does.

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