New York Lighthouse Dreams Are Made of This?

Old Orchard Shoal Light ——– West Bank Light

You “Travel the world and the seven seas,”
Everybody’s looking for a Lighthouse sea breeze?

On June 5th, the federal real estate agents aka the General Services Administration (GSA) opened another online auction for Lighthouse Dreamers with deep pockets able to bid on and restore one of two New York Lighthouses.

The GSA auction of Old Orchard Shoal Lighthouse, located in the Gedway Channel offshore from Staten Island, and the GSA auction of West Bank Lighthouse, located in the Ambrose Channel offshore from Staten Island, are open for bids starting at $10,000.

Both neglected Lighthouse Treasures offer 360° water views, no utilities, unrestricted Coast Guard access to the optic and fog horn, sold “AS IS” without warranties, require a easement to legally occupy the submerged land, are exposed to flooding by tidal surges, and your neglected property must be maintained in accordance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and in consultation with the New York State Historic Preservation Office.

Last summer, PETA expressed interest in both Lighthouses in their quest to establish a National Headquarters for their Fish Empathy Project where they could promote their fake fish food as an alternative diet to healthy real salt-water fish. Fortunately, a wiser federal decision prevented the PETA Principle Project.

For more information about both Lighthouses, please visit the previous posts, Fishing for a New York Lighthouse, Old Orchard Shoal Lighthouse and Followup to PETA Lighthouse Fishing, West Bank Lighthouse.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Locations, please visit the Google Map of Old Orchard Shoal Lighthouse and Google Map of West Bank Lighthouse.

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  1. Hi Kim of Laketrees Art Emporium,

    From the research on PETA’s fake fish, vegan “seafood” (Vegetarian seafood) is fish-free soybean and vegetables shaped to look like fish. The faux fish sticks are most likely bland Tofu “Fish” Sticks.

    Fortunately, PETA’s fishy program was canned!

    Only Balloons were released as the only celebration on my Blogoversary. Working two shifts has reduced my free time needed to write new posts.

  2. hello hello…
    I’d say that sounds pretty fishy !!!
    fake fish….
    goodness I wonder if they intended to snap freeze or can it 🙂
    hey your blogaversary has come and gone ..
    did you have a private bash Debbie???

    laketrees’s last blog,click,click for Breast Cancer !!!

  3. Hi Jason,

    Offshore Lighthouses are great places to sail by, visit, or maybe experience life in the Lighthouse on a weekend get away.

    And, I agree with you – for most of us, owning a offshore Lighthouse is unaffordable due to expensive restoration costs and most likely uninsurable due to the flooding issue.

  4. Sounds like a cool idea, but I don’t think i am up to spending a bunch of money with all the headaches and rules involved. But they certainly are really neat to see.

    Jasons Texas Golf Courses’s last blog post..Texas golf packages

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