Canadian Lighthouse Heritage Protection Act

ptatkinson.jpg On May 7th, 2008, the Canadian Senate passed Bill S-215, an Act to Protect Heritage Lighthouses after 8 long years of debate in both the Senate and the House of Commons (the Parliament of Canada). The act now requires the Governor general’s signature to become law which will allow neglected automated Lighthouses and surplus Lighthouses to be protected.

Since the automation of Lighthouses and cuts to the Canadian Coast Guard, many historically significant active Lighthouses have been falling apart and surplus Lighthouses that were downgraded have been demolished, burned down, vandalized, or sold.

The Surplus Lighthouses are currently subject to the Real Properties Act which practically guarantees the sale of excess Lighthouses to private owners making it difficult for local coastal communities to acquire and maintain the historical Lighthouses.

The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society noted that only 4 percent of Canadian Lighthouses were protected from demolition under he Federal Heritage Building Review Office management program whereas 70 percent of American Lighthouses have the heritage protection under the National Register of Historic Places!

Both the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society and the Heritage Canada Foundation have strongly supported Bill S-215 due to the lack of federal protection for any federal buildings.

After the Lighthouse Heritage Protection Act goes in effect in two years, all heritage Lighthouses will be federally protected and local communities will be allowed to restore and maintain the Light Stations as trustees.

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  1. Lighthouse Takes Flight “Saving the Stokes Bay Lighthouse in Ontario”


    My name is Jason Webb and I work for Bruce County Tourism in Ontario Canada. Please help spread the word to help promote our cause of saving our lighthouse through your exposure online. Please have a look at our PDF through our website. Thanks so much for any help you all can offer!
    Stokes Bay, ON. Another significant part of Bruce County’s Marine history is scheduled for demolition. The Stokes Bay Lighttower, located along the Lake Huron shoreline within Blacks Creek Provincial Park has been identified by the Canadian Coast Guard to be replaced beginning October 12th, 2009. Read full story by downloading PDF at:

    • Hi Jason,

      Thank you for updating the preservation efforts to save Canadian Lighthouse Treasures.

      Hopefully, the Helicopter will save Stokes Bay Range Lighthouse.

  2. Hi Christine,

    You caught me, dolphins love to swim under the guiding light of Lighthouses and sail by the Lighthouses during the day!

    A sunset Lighthouse cruise is the best time to view the distinctive coastal castles and living in a Lighthouse would be a dream come true!

  3. Love light houses! I always thought it would be kind of cool to live in one. I think they’re beautiful and to hear the ocean… soothing.

    And dolphins like ’em too I bet!

    Christine Bean

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