Discover Michigan Lighthouses

tawas.jpgRecently, the Detroit News published a news story about visiting the 124 Lighthouses in Michigan as fun, easy, and inexpensive to visit.

According to Terry Pepper, the executive director of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association, many lighthouse visitors “are struck by the beauty, history and sheer isolation of these maritime sentinels. They tend to be magnificent structures, beautiful to look at, and harken back to a time when survival was a little closer, more pressing, than today,” he says. “They also tend to be located in some pretty spectacular places, such as islands, harbor entrances and prominent points along the Michigan shore.”

And, climbing the open towers to the balcony of the Lantern Room offers breathtaking scenic vistas of the shore. In addition, the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association is offering Lighthouse Cruises starting June 9. For more information about the cruise schedules, please visit and click the Events menu tab.

For directions, open towers, and information about all Great Lakes Lighthouses, please visit Terry Pepper’s excellent “Seeing The Light – Lighthouses of the Western Great Lakes” web-site.

The Detroit News also published a excellent interactive slideshow of Michigan Lighthouses with a brief background of each Lighthouse. To view, please visit the “Special interactive: Click around the lighthouses of Michigan.”

In closing, the most intriguing Great Lakes Lighthouse Legend is the haunted tale of the deactivated Old Presque Isle Lighthouse. According to the whale of a tale, the ghost of George Parris, a former museum caretaker, returns every night to light the lamp in the empty Lantern Room. Edna Lenter who has worked at the museum for six years claims the Light is on “just about every night” and people have used the haunted Light to find the harbor at night and during storms. The paranormal phantom of Old Presque Isle has been investigated for years and sensationalized on myth-busting and Sci-fi tv shows.

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Discover the great lighthouses that line the Great Lakes, May 20, 2008

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  1. Hi Kim “Arthouis” Barker of Laketrees Portrait Gallery

    There are many distinctive Lighthouses for Speedy Ghostbuster to visit and investigate around the Great Lakes!

    Happy Nappy Time for them and us! 😉

  2. nice looking lighthouse Debbie ..
    I love the red roof too !!!
    and a ghost…I see that Speedy Ghostbuster is on the case…
    haha hope the little ones are enjoying their nap safari 😉

    laketrees’s last blog post..Winner of laketrees’ Art Competition

  3. Ahoy! Captain Speedy,

    Sgt Pepper is the Band Leader of Great Lakes Lighthouse singing
    sit back and let the evening glow,
    We hope you will enjoy the Lighthouse show!

    My undercover report from Miss Mp informed me you were Great Lakes Lighthouse Ghost Buster working for Dr. Peter Venkman! 😉

    When you are in Arkansas, beware of Sgt Bobby the Revellian’s Jalapeno Pepper Club Sandwich Band unless you love Global Warming on the Bay!

    While the chicken breasts are bathing in the Teriyaki marinade sauce and our little ones are on a nap safari, Happy Memorial Day from the Dock of the Bay!

  4. Ohhh I wish again …. I was in Michigan …. in the lighthouse by the bay ….

    Sgt. Terri Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Site, he really has the lighthouse on.

    I love Myth Busting, and am ingulfed in para normella right now!!

    “Catching up after seeing lighthouse keepers family members from Arkan sas 2 day”. So great …. see you at the bay.

    Ahoy! Captain Speedy’s last blog post..Robert’s Newest Book!

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