Plymouth Lighthouse Lodging

plymouth.jpg Vacationing at Gurnet Light Keeper’s Cottage is the ideal waterfront rental with beautiful scenic views of Plymouth Bay and Cape Cod Bay! The 4-bedroom cottage can sleep up to 14 people who can enjoy sleeping next to the oldest wooden Lighthouse in America!

The former Keeper’s house at the Plymouth Lighthouse was renovated by Project Gurnet and Bug Lights, Inc. and converted into a Vacation Cottage in 2007.

This Lighthouse Vacation can be yours for the special price of $3,700 per week or $10,000 per month during the peak season in July and August to $1,500 per week or $3,000 per month during the winter. All rental profits are used for the restoration, maintenance, and preservation of Plymouth Light Station (aka Gurnet Light and Keeper’s Cottage) and Duxbury Pier Light (Bug Light).

With these prices, a surprise visitation by the Spirit of Hannah Thomas floating near your bed at night might also be included! Hannah Thomas became the first female Lighthouse Keeper in America after husband, John was killed in the Revolutionary War. According to Bob and Sandra Shanklins of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the Gurnet Ghost appeared very sad and they “feel” their apparition sighting was the spirit of Hannah after staying at the keeper’s house in 1994.

Other historical sites nearby include the Plimouth Plantation, Plymouth Rock, and Mayflower II. Plymouth Lighthouse was built in 1768 to mark the entrance to Plymouth Bay and Plymouth Harbor. For more information about Plymouth Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Plymouth Lighthouse

Forthcoming Lighthouse Spring Events:
May 24, 2008 – Opening of the Bay: Open House of Gurnet Point (Plymouth) Lighthouse

June 01, 2008 – Don Muirhead Annual Lighthouse Cruise: Sea views of Gurnet Point (Plymouth) Lighthouse and Bug (Duxbury Pier) Lights, weather permitting. For tickets, please contact Dolly Bicknell at

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  1. Hi Speedy,

    For your sleep over, is bed time the right time to keep a empty coke bottle near the bed? 😉

    Be careful of the Escalator to Heaven «– click the link to see what happens!

    Our shadows taller than our soul?
    There walks a lady we all know?
    Who shines white light and wants to show
    How everything still turns to gold using disco ball Lights
    Woe oh oh oh oh oh
    And, Speedy’s buying a stairway to heaven! 🙂

  2. When the spirit of Hannah Thomas is floating near your bed, it is too scary to get up for a bathroom break, so I stayed for the weekly rate.
    I think they should instal an escalator, and a disco ball type light projector 🙂

    Speedy’s last blog post..Olga The Traveling Bra & A Guy Named Speedcat Hit the Town

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