No Man’s Land Fort and Lighthouse For Sale?

Photo Credit: Mike Walker

Calling any 0007Bond agent in need of a secret sea fort with £4 million ($7.88 million) in spare change. Since a Portsmouth County Court judge has refused to evict a 42-year-old Indian businessman, the new owner may need MI6 secret skills to evict the current owner, Harmesh Pooni!

According to the news report, Harmesh Pooni bought the 200-foot diameter fort and three-bedroom Lighthouse with a 360-degree observatory for £3 million ($5.91 million) in 2004. The massive circular granite sea fort was converted to a Luxury Hotel with a central glass atrium courtyard in the 1980s.

Lexi Holdings, the investors backing Pooni, claim they own the fort and need to sell the property after their business sank in a sea of £100 million ($197 million) debt in October 2006. Naturally, Harmesh Pooni who contracted legionnaires’ disease from the contaminated water in the Fort’s natural well, believes he is the rightful owner!

To prevent the sale of the fort, Pooni has barricaded himself in the fort’s lighthouse and he survives on eating rations. Pooni stated, “It is very spooky at night. I just sit up in the lighthouse and look at all the lights on the shoreline and hope that the legal situation is resolved in my favour.” The possession of the Sea Fort is moving from the High Seas to the High Court.

Fort Lighthouse Background:

No Man’s Land Fort and Lighthouse, located in the Solent between the city of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of Britain, was completed in 1880 to defend Portsmouth from the French Navy.

The Fort was abandoned after the French were no longer a threat and briefly used during the two Great Wars. In 1956, the Fort was deactivated and The Ministry of Defence sold the fort in 1963.

In 1971, the Fort was featured in the Dr Who adventure TV movie, “The Sea Devils” starring Jon Pertwee. During the 1980s, the fort was converted into a 21-room Luxury Hotel with two helipads and a heated indoor swimming pool.

In 2004, the fort went on the market for £2-3 million after the corporate events company collapsed. Legionella bacteria was discovered in the hotel’s water system in July, 2004. His hotel was forced to close and the company collapsed.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location, please visit the Google Map of No Man’s Land Fort and Lighthouse

Reference News Source:
Besieged man barricaded in fort

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  1. Hi Kathy,

    Hopefully, this developing news story will be great for my plot of intrigue?

  2. Wow that is quite the structure and quite the story – will be interesting to see who wins!

    kml’s last blog post..The Gull

  3. Hi Agent Laketress,

    We can see you bonding to Agent Supa-Glue! 🙂

    I hope he is not eating Pork Rations! 😉

    P.S. Hopefully, the Bonding Agent Supa-Glue has some magic trix to change the granite fort lighthouse into a buoyant beacon house floating on the ocean!

  4. awwww Debbie I think Speedy should share….
    I can see my name on it !!!
    wonderful post and what a fantastic story…
    I wonder what his “rations” are.. 🙂

    laketrees’s last blog post..Abstract Procrastination

  5. Hi Bonding Agent Supa-Glue,

    Ahoy Captain J!

    The Real Estate Broker told me you would flip over this secret hideout! 🙂

  6. Now this is a water craft that I could really relish. I am immune to Legionella bacteria, so this lighthouse boyant beauty could be my great hide-away from the evil spammer syndicate.

    I gots me a beacon house in the ocean …
    Have to evict me an interloper …
    A pool of watta risen over wattta …

    This is about the coolest property ever listed. I must have it.

    0007 will take it down de Nile! Yhaa Baby!!

    Bonding Agent Supa-Glue’s last blog post..Ultra Latex Paint CHiCkEn RollEr LaDy on Gawigithcoo Island

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  2. Pingback: No Man’s Land Fort and Lighthouse For Sale?

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