Navigational Aids in the Frozen Kennebec River


Photo Credit: USCG Photo

While I am on shore leave to recover from the change of weather bug that is going around, Bob Trapani, a New England Lighthouse Preservationist, has written a excellent story about the Coast Guard Cutters breaking the ice on the Kennebec River.

During the spring thaw, heavy rains, rapid snow-melt and dangerous river ice jams can cause flooding and destroy bridges. Navigational Aids can be destroyed by the massive Ice floes. To read Bob’s complete story, please visit “U.S. Coast Guard Crushes Ice on the Kennebec to Safeguard River Communities.”

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  1. Hi Bluebird Portrait Painter,

    Unlike flying penguins, River ice skating is a winter activity in northern New England. There are times when ice skating on a river requires swift skating skills like Ice Breaking or opening the Dam flood-control gates on the Connecticut River! πŸ™‚

    Debbie Dolphin’s last blog post..Split Rock Lighthouse Undercover

  2. ROFL…surely not Debbie!!!
    ice skaters on the river !!
    that’s nearly as hilarious as the flying penguins that I sighted over at a certain SECRET site πŸ˜€

    Bluebird Portrait Painter’s last blog post..Top 101 Artists’ Blogs – Update 31/3/08

  3. Hi Bluebird Portrait Painter,

    Hopefully, my fins will be 100% healthy tomorrow!

    Watching the Ice Breakers breaking the river ice is a spectacular spring time adventure especially if you are caught ice skating on the river! You need a pair of Speedy Skates for that race! πŸ™‚

  4. I do hope you are back on deck 100% Miss Dolphin …..
    there are always so many bugs going around when the seasons change…
    thank goodness for the boats !!!
    it’s hard to imagine so much ice thawing…..especially when you live in a country that hardly sees a good frost every now and then πŸ™‚

    Bluebird Portrait Painter’s last blog post..Top 101 Artists’ Blogs – Update 31/3/08

  5. Hi Speedy,

    Hopefully, it is a 24-hour bug so I can practice rocking my fins for our “Do the Dew” concert special with the Split Rock Mountain Boy Ice Breakers! πŸ™‚

    Another Spring Blizzard in MinneSnowta in the current Global Warming crisis?
    Funny, how Global Warming doesn’t effect our weather in the Northern States!

  6. A bad bug in New England 😦 … oh shoot!
    I might need Bob to bring the ice-breaker over to Hollydale as well. I am getting buried in another blizzard. Minnesnowta Minnesnowta! Where the flowers never grow, April showers and May flowers are lost at sea …
    I’ve always loved ice breakers. There yearly voyage through Duluth is something to behold.

    Mountain Boy concert productions is negotiating an open air musical bonanza for next week πŸ™‚ Ticket sales expected to reach 4-5. Dew the Dew rag!

    Speedy’s last blog post..Doctor Deliriums

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