Enoshima Lighthouse Observatory

Photo credit: Tsumabukis

For Lighthouse Globetrotters who are not afraid of heights, Yenoshima (or Eno Shima) island near Mount Fuji could be the Lighthouse vacation of a lifetime.

Climb the 197-foot high round steel skeletal tower to the large circular observation deck for viewing the sunset behind Mount Fuji with 360° panoramic views of the surrounding scenery of Sagami Bay. For a nighttime treat, you can watch the Tower glimmer in Lights of changing colors.

Above the observation deck, the Lantern Room beams a flashing White Light every 10-seconds 351-feet above sea level. The Enoshima Electric Railway manages the Lighthouse and their site has a 1-minute video of the Lighthouse Observation Tower.

For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Enoshima Lighthouse Observatory

At the summit of the tiny triangular island, you will find the Lighthouse Observation Tower and a botanical garden. Please remember to drop by the Enoshima Aquarium and say Aloha to my Japanese Dolphin friends!


Your dream Lighthouse island Holiday comes complete with the ancient legend of the Dragon who lives in the Enoshima Cave beneath the island. The last rumor we overheard: the Enoshima Cave Dragon was slain by Speedy the Dragon Slayer!

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  1. Hi Linda,

    Powerball heaven is scheduled for Monday? $275 million would buy a few Lighthouse Castles!

    Caught your Meme Wish in my Reader Secret Service (RSS) and secretly working on the Meme Mission… will broadcast my Meme Wish from my secret North Tower on Stardate: -315205.6

  2. After I cash in my winning lottery ticket on Monday, I am going to go on a tour of all these wonderful lighthouses that you write about as well as buy that other one you listed before that was up for sale. Come on, Powerball!!

    Oh, and when you get the chance, you’ve been tagged for a new meme over on my blog! Hope you can play!

    Linda’s last blog post..Three Wishes

  3. Hi Dr. Roosterchickens,

    … until the Bungee cord snapped us back to the Lighthouse Lounge.

    Is Dr. Roosterchickens crowing about British Bondcat 0007 secrets? 😉

  4. Jason / Moneypenny combo? Word is that the river jump was a success!

    The lighthouse has the sillouette of a martini shaker ….

    Dr. Roosterchickens’s last blog post..Bongo Bongo! The Diaries of a Musician

  5. Hi Dr. Knowsomethings,

    We’ll be on the lookout for turtle tattooed dolphins eating Cracker Jacks and armbands.

    Jason Bourne (the Under-the-Cover identity of Robert Bourne) and Miss Moneypenny will fly by Interloper HQ on our return flight!

  6. Yes, this skeletonny tower is the perfect lookout. INCOMING PLANES!!!!

    whew …. thank goodness for the nightime treats. I like Cracker Jack. Tattoo anyone? I knew a dolphin once that had a tattoo of a turtle on his fin (dorsel). When he flexed it, the head would disappear into the shell, a might like my last dipped cone adventure in Bogata.


    If you see this armband, proceed to the INTRLOPER HQ

  7. Hi Robert,

    Can you convince Miss Moneypenny to borrow Speedy Bondcat 0007’s RAF Typhoon F2 so we can visit this beautiful Lighthouse?

  8. that is a beautiful structure

    robert bourne’s last blog post..Lester

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