Beavertail Lighthouse Open to Vandalism Again?

blogbeavertail.jpg In another strange twist of irony for historical Lighthouse preservation, Beavertail Lighthouse, the third colonial Lighthouse built in our nation located on a breathtaking natural scenic point park, has lost the Resident Caretakers due to the phantom poisoning of Lead Paint and a low cost housing dispute between several government organizations.

Robert W. Sutton Jr., a Town Council member, stated his common sense perspective on the Coast Guard’s issue with the danger of Lead Poisoning:
“Ninety percent of the houses in Jamestown have lead paint. Lead paint doesn’t just jump out and get you. You have to eat paint chips.”

If drinking colloidal silver turns men into Papa smurf blue ps32.jpg than what toxic color is produced by eating lead paint chips?
alien_dance.gif Has Luminous bluish-gray Alpha Centaurians invaded Beavertail Lighthouse to eat the Lead Paint chips???

As local officials were concerned in the 1970s after the Coast Guard automated the Lighthouse, removed the Light-keeper and left the Light Station unattended, local Jamestown officials are concerned about vandalism in the buildings of the isolated Light Station. During the 1970s, vandalism threatened to destroy the Lighthouse. Someone shot the Light out in 1975 and the Lighthouse was inactive until the Coast Guard replaced the Light.

The affordable housing dispute was covered in a previous post, “Beavertail Lighthouse Residential Housing Controversy.

According to Coast Guard rules, the town’s (Jamestown) proposal of resident caretakers is not acceptable. Yet, the town has had resident caretakers for more than 30 years. Georges Bockstael of the Coast Guard’s civil engineering unit, claims the Coast Guard requested the town to deliver a “innovative” plan to maintain the Lighthouse. The Coast Guard has no problem with a plan that allows for a part-time Caretaker who may stay there at night but he cannot use the Lighthouse as his primary residence.

alienjar.gif Who would apply to sleep at a Lighthouse by night and live somewhere else by day?
moonshaker.jpg Perhaps, Speedy the Under-the-Cover MoonShaker SpeedCat 0007 agent in his Space Suit might benefit from this arrangement?

Politics aside, the immediate common sense solution is to allow Resident Caretakers to live in the Lighthouse full time to maintain the property and provide security against vandalism until an agreeable lease agreement can be approved by all disputing parties.


Lighthouse Background:

Beavertail Lighthouse was the third colonial Lighthouse built in America to guide shipping entering the East Passage of the Narragansett Bay en-route to Newport Harbor. The current 52-foot high square Granite Tower was built in 1856 and currently exhibits a Flashing White Light every 6-seconds illuminated by a Third-order Fresnel lens 64-feet above sea level to a visible range of 15 nautical miles. For more information about Beavertail Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map location, please visit the Google Map of Beavertail Lighthouse

Related News Story:
Newport officials worried about fate of lighthouse, Feb 23, 2008

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  1. Hi 000007,

    Welcome to the shores of Beavertail Lighthouse, Sheriff Speedenclothy 5000!

    The Luminous bluish-gray Alpha Centaurians are ecstatic and electrically charged knowing the new Sheriff will protect them from the Bloggothuanians while they chow down on the lead paint chips! 🙂

  2. Here come beavertail … in my lighthouse
    Here come beavertail … she defends me
    eatin my lead paint chips like i never did see one

    doing doing doing doing

    I say … i i i say you dar dar dar darn kids be be best skidatle!!!! Or I reckon to shoot cha wit my blue ray-o-death! Be gone varmints!! (sounds of gun fire) (more gun fire) (heavy smoke)

    I see my job is done here DDCurrencyQuarters. There’s a new sheriff in the lighthouse….. AND HIS NAME IS SPEEDENCLOTHY! (BANG)

    000007’s last blog post..Meeting with Yoda & Zen

  3. Hi Kim Nanu Nanu,

    Were you and the hippy beatnik, Maynard G. Krebs, best buddies living in a square world? 🙂

    On his resume, Light-keeper Speedy has the best security plans for Beavertail Lighthouse.

    Speedenclothy 5000 would beam his Blue-light death ray on the Bloggothuanian vandals! 😉

  4. well I never… DD
    I don’t think I’ve seen a lighthouse with corners before…that is so hip !!

    those little space critters are just too cute…

    I think Speedy would be the ideal lighthouse keeper… and the suit would protect him from those lethal chips…

    Bloggothuanians…LOL…I like 😀

    Kim Nanu Nanu’s last blog post..Kurri Kurri Murals

  5. Hi Speedenclothy 5000,

    The secret photo was beamed down from your Catship by friendly Lead eating Alpha Centaurians! 🙂

    As a Lighthouse Lead Caretaker you will receive the fringe benefit of protection from nautical nuclear reactor meltdowns! And, Lead Lighthouses protect you from the Bloggothuanians who are tin foiled by the Lead Paint which blocks the transmissions of their Junkyard Jewels! 🙂

    TCinLC needs a Orkan friend to stop the dizziness while he dances. Maybe, Kim Nanu Nanu has few Orkan friends who will help you?

    You are welcome fer da good things! Dolphin like Speedy! Speedy Good and Plenty!

  6. I KNEW YOU WERE A STOWAWAY IN MY SPACE TRAVELING CATSHIP!!!! …. the question is, how did you get my secret photo ???? 😉

    I think I will take the job; a fellow with lead, is a fellow driving a 1967 Buick LaSabre – which I do, when the Aston Martinizztoper is in the shop getting the “oil squirters” fixed. They come in handy when the Bloggothuanians are chasing me across 0007 headquarter countrysides (very slopped and hilly like…)

    TCihLC had to retire. I like to sit down at work … all that dancing made me dizzzzy!

    Thanks fer da good things DD. Speedy like Dolphin. Dolphin Good. Make beans and share with Debbie …..

  7. Hi Olga,

    You didn’t get my change of address from USPS? 😉

    When we moved from Blogger to WordPress at the end of Dec, 2007, the old Blogger address was automatically routed to the new WordPress address using the Blogger Redirect feature (under the Publishing tab of the Settings menu).

    Just checked the Redirect address and the address points to
    Could be a Blogger issue???

    Miss Moneypenny (another Under-the-Cover alias for Debbie Dolphin) caught TarzanCat in his Loin Cloth yesterday! 🙂

  8. Hey – did I have it wrong…or did you change your address? I’ve been getting “address not found” messages whenever I try to come here lately…finally found a different address at Technorati. Yeah!
    Just wondering…

    I have a picture of a dolphin on my blog today! (Oh and one of Speedy “Loin Cloth” Travoltta from yesterday!)

    Olga, the Traveling Bra’s last blog post..A Whale of a Good Time!

  9. Hi Linda!

    Are you reading my thoughts? 😉

    Caretakers can either use simple Common Sense or sign a release stating the Caretaker living in the Lighthouse is fully responsible for all consequences arising from eating Lead Paint Chips unless the Caretaker is an Alien from Alpha Centauri! 🙂

  10. Makes me wonder how many adults are out there snacking on lead paint chips? Do they use a latex or oil dip? And what kind of beverage goes best with that sort of snack? Geez … you would think that adults could work out an adult solution. Just make sure that no one with children takes over the resident caretaker and make them sign a release stating they promise not to eat the chips even if they run out of other snack foods!

    Linda’s last blog post..The Return of Rachel Lutzker

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