Lighthouse Lodging and Mentoring Month in Australia


Photo Credit: Matthew Robinson

In the land of New Zealand fur seals and wallabies, the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse Holiday retreat of Kangaroo Island features three renovated spacious Light-keeper cottages with room for 6 people.

The three bedroom Lodges were built using local limestone in 1907. The secluded lodges located on a 270-feet high rocky cliff provide spectacular views of the rocky coastline. You need to pack all your food supplies, pillowcases, sheets, and towels for this Australian adventure.

In addition to bushwalking, you can also hike 5 different trails around the Lighthouse in Flinders Chase National Park. On the Admirals Arch Walk, you can watch the New Zealand fur seals play. The Cape du Couedic Hike provides stunning coastal vistas from the coastal cliff top. Flinders Chase National Park also includes other nature trails like the Platypus Waterholes Walk where you may spot a Platypus in the Rocky River.

kangaroomoney The overnight price is $129 ($144 Australian dollars) with a 2 night minimum stay at the Karatta Lodge, Parndana Lodge or the Troubridge Lodge.

For more information and reservations,
please contact:
Flinders Chase National Park
PMB 246 via Kingscote 5223
Phone (08) 8559 7235
Fax (08) 8559 7364
South Australian National Parks and Reserves
Flinders Chase National Park

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Cape du Couedic Lighthouse

blogging-mentor-award Recently, Kim surprised me by presenting me with a Blogging Mentor Award! Thank you, Kim, I deeply appreciate your thoughtful recognition.

The best time to visit or stay at Cape du Couedic Lighthouse is January or Mentoring Month when the average monthly rainfall is below an inch!

Lighthouse Background:

On March 2, 1802, Captain Matthew Flinders discovered Kangaroo Island while searching for fresh meat and water for four months. American sealers built the first ship on Kangaroo Island in South Australia a year later. From 1806 to 1836, the island was occupied by sealers and whalers for short periods due to the favorable hunting grounds.

Since the official settlement of Kangaroo Island, over 50 shipwrecks were recorded around the island. In 1852, Cape Willoughby Lighthouse was First Lit after the William sank at Hog Bay Reef in 1847.

In 1902, the South Australian Marine Board recommended a Lighthouse was needed on the south side of Kangaroo Island due to the 79 lives lost from nearby shipwrecks caused by the dangerous rocky coastline and treacherous reefs offshore.

Cape du Couedic Lighthouse was First Lit on June 27, 1909 exhibiting a Flashing White Light illuminated by a Second-order Fresnel lens 339-feet (103.4m) above sea level to visible range of 17 nautical miles. The current Light characteristic is Two White flashes every 10 seconds. The historic Lighthouse is an Active Aid to local sea trade.

The 84-feet (25.6m) high Tower and the four room Keeper cottages were built using local natural sand-colored limestone. The three Keeper Cottages have been historically restored and Cape du Couedic Lighthouse is one of the historically authentic Australian Light Stations.

In 1957, Cape du Couedic Lighthouse was automated and the Light-Keeper Cottages were transferred to the South Australian Government. In 1991, the Light-Keeper Cottages were restored and opened for overnight accommodations. The revenue from the lodging rental funds the restoration and maintenance of the historic Light Station.

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  9. Hi Eric โ€œSpeedcat Hollydale,โ€

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    @Mentoring Award, thank you! Did you give da bloggin’ elf a Mentoring Award? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Great price, with super location. Did you ever notice that lighthouses always have a view of the waterfront … ironic.

    Congratulations on the Mentoring Award. I lerned som stuf too from da bloggin elv

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  11. Hi Captain Kim,

    OMG! I never thought my Australian Lighthouse Lodging surprise was an Australian Vacation Secret!

    Sounds like you are ready to hop over to the Kangaroo Island Kingdom!

    Captain Debbie and family would love to vacation in the Lighthouse Kingdom but, unfortunately for Americans, the Airfare is $3,059 per person from Chicago to Adelaide, Australia on Orbitz.

    Maybe, your Dad, Bob Barker (according to Speedy) can find a better price that is right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Well I never Debbie!!
    I wasn’t even aware of this lighthouse !!!
    and I live in Australia…..sounds like it would be a great getaway…and not that expensive either….
    great post !!

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