WCT Beacon: Chicken Wonton Soup for the Soul

Confucius Chicken say


Political Humor PSA
A word or two for late breaking news: Sandee uncovers a new federal acronym in
Federal Agencies, and
POTUS runs for President!

Back to this Chicken Comedy Caper:
The Martial Arts Training of Young Speedy the Speedcat Hollydale


The Big M.A.C. (Martial Arts Chicken) won the first round! dancingchicken2

Last week’s Poultry Participants:

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Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi DrowseyMonkey,

    Sorry for the delay…. comments on this blog are rare!

    The video is my humorous version of Speedy’s childhood! 😀

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  2. LOL! Was that speedy’s childhood video? And how’d you get that dancing chicken in your comments, LOL

  3. Hi Olga, the Traveling Bra,

    If we do bring back Chicken Tuesdays, DD has a few secret surprises in the Chicken Coop! 🙂

  4. LOL!!!! OMG – I missed this! We gotta bring back Chicken Tuesdays!!!!!

    Olga, the Traveling Bra’s last blog post..A Few Souvenirs…

  5. Hi Kathy,

    Recently, Speedy graduated from teasing chickens in the Martial Arts Chicken Class to Chicken Coaching the WCT ! 🙂

  6. I guess he won’t be teasing those chickens any more! Too funny!!

    kml’s last blog post..Green Thumb Sunday – Beaver Lodge

  7. G’day Chook Egg-citement Officer (CEO) ! Chicken Dance

    Hopefully, everyone will be healthy by the end of February?

    Debbie Dolphin’s last blog post..Corsewall Lighthouse Luxury Hotel For Sale

  8. Lol Debbie…..very funneeeee !!!

    I do hope you are getting over your family health matters :>)

    laketrees’s last blog post..Ranking and Awards

  9. G’day Chook Egg-citement Officer (CEO) ! Chicken Dance

    The Cute Chook is dancing the Chop Suey Chicken Waltz!

    The Kung Fu Chicken is showing Speedy the fine art of Shin Chee Cluck Chook 🙂

  10. confucius chook does look like groucho …
    I love the dancing chook …DD :>) SOOO CUTE !!!

    laketrees’s last blog post..Ranking and Awards

  11. Hi Speeeedy Cat,

    Dr. Phil has a Western Chicken Theory (WCT) called

    ~:> The Chicken Run ~:> Nightmares ~:>

    where he helps Speedy overcome “THE GIANT MAN EATING OSTRICH” dreams! 🙂

  12. I am currently at a “8.5” pace. My karate training has brought the index up 2.7 points. After re-living my childhood, I also understand last nights dream about “THE GIANT MAN EATING OSTRICH”

  13. Hi Kim,

    Did you notice the WCT (Wise Chicken Taster) looks like Groucho Marx? 🙂

    Can Speedy beat the 9 mph average speed of the running WCT (Western Chicken Trainer) ? 😉

  14. ROFL Debbie
    you have a very wise chicken there …
    and that chicken chasing Speedy …would have to be the fastest chicken in the west !!!

    laketrees’s last blog post..Ranking and Awards

  15. Hi Robin,

    The Big M.A.C. (Martial Arts Chicken) was training young Speedy for his 100-yard dash trial heats! 🙂

  16. Ha Debbie ~ Love that chicken chasin’ Speedy!

    Robin Lee Sardini’s last blog post..Super Tuesday Wordless Chicken

  17. Hi ChickenCat Hollichicken,

    Playing the Blind Chicken Card game with the Maytag guy 😉

    You’re welcome and the Lighthouse Magic Show was my whimsical pleasure! 🙂

    We will not be surprised to see another Chicken Comedy Caper airing next season or sooner!

  18. Confucius say, “Large bird with beek on face, have no need for teeth”. I should have went into poulty dentistry and played cards all day with the Maytag guy. I bet he gets a lot of lint in the pocket.
    Hey! … the list looks great over here at the Treasure House Lighting Show. Thanks for posting the magic. it really is magic you know….

    Super entry, super chicken / that’s my motto.
    ChickenCat Hollichicken (Eric for short)

    ps… the video rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”‘s last blog post..Super Tuesday? Wordless Chicken Tuesday … Final Edition

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