Technorati Thunderdome Lighthouse Lift-0ff & Comedy Disc CD Meme

bodic In our last chapter, Miss Feedburner was caught in the web of the Technorati Tunagate.
To escape the clutches of vanishing links and tags in the digital Black Hole of Technorati, Miss Feedburner climbed this French Lighthouse hoping the powerful Light Beam of Rocket ship shape Lighthouse was strong enough to achieve zero gravity in the digital universe of Google’s Present Ration!

During this post, the music band was under contract to the Traveling Bra Band Meme (2) which provided the funds for Miss Feedburner to release her first Comedy Disc CD!


Featuring Miss FeedBurner singing her number one hit, “Out of the Ruins, We Don´t Need Another Digital Hero – because we all live in the Technorati Thunderdome!”

Will Miss Feedburner find the new digital web frontier of her dreams???
Will Denny Crane leave Alan Shore at Boston Legal to explore this new digital web frontier as Captain James T. Kirk using Miss Feedburner as his personal navigator?

To find out, stay tune for another intriguing chapter written by Data and RRS FishBurner , III located somewhere in a Blogosphere galaxy near you.

Meanwhile back on the Third Rock from the Sun, this Lighthouse is an actual working manned French Lighthouse called the Headlight of Bodic (Phare de Bodic) which was built in 1949 to replace the old Lighthouse destroyed in World War II.

The distinctive structure (Daymark) is a 75.5-feet (23 m) high cylindrical stone tower flanked by a huge stone wall daymark which appears as a gigantic arrow to guide approaching mariners entering the mouth of the Le Trieux River. Mariners align the La Croix (Headlight of the Cross) Front Range Light with the Phare de Bodic Rear Range Light to stay on course in the safe channel of the river mouth.

The Lighthouse exhibits a Quick Flashing White Light, the Light Characteristic which in French is called the White fire scintillating(1) Fires, illuminated by a 90 W Halogen Lamp 180-feet high (55 m) above sea level visible to a range of 21 nautical miles.

The Lighthouse is closed to the public and is the private home of the resident Lighthouse Keeper. The stone Keeper’s house is attached to the rear of the Lighthouse. The grounds of the Lighthouse are open to the public which is located on the west bank of the river near Kermouster, Lézardrieux, Côte d’Armor, France.

For Google Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Headlight of Bodic


(1) rate/rhythm: L=0.5-second, O= 0.5-second, T=1-second.
In English, A Quick 0.5-second White Flash every second

(2) The Band Meme Rules:
a. Tag Everyone on your Blogroll – To save time, my Blogroll is officially tagged!

You are about to have your own band and create it’s album cover!
Follow these directions to the letter. (Almost to the letter for me)
It’s fun –
Go to……
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
Note: Thanks to Linda’s Legal interpretation of Meme Rules, Rule 3 was changed because every third picture was Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved and Inspector Clueless was the best Investigator for my album cover and the Blogging mysteries of digital Black Holes!

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together and
make your band’s album cover.
If you do this meme, please leave me a comment
(I wanna see it!)…and of course, pass it along…

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

Posted on January 18, 2008, in Humor, Satire, Travel and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 20 Comments.

  1. Hi Blog Bloke,

    Well said!
    Shh… this post is a chapter for our secret novel being written by several Under-the-Cover authors! 😉

    Would you like to write a chapter?

    Debbie Dolphin’s last blog post..Message in a Bottle at Seguin Island Lighthouse

  2. I can sum it all up for you in one brief sentence:

    Technorati is a croc…

    Blog Bloke’s last blog post..Latest Members of the Blokester Network

  3. Hi Speedy Eric,

    I clicked your Clucker and fell into the Technorati Black Hole of my Lighthouse Coop!

  4. Hi Kim CCDCLK,

    Thank you for your caring concern and prayers, my friend.

    My fins are swimming around the Technorati tunnels to the warm waters of your home port!

  5. ohh Debbie
    I’ll be thinking of you and your brother….I pray that everything will be alright ….
    ps I have an award for you when you have time…..

  6. Hi CCDCLK,

    Olga’s BK Cluckers could be the King’s new commercial for Crispy Chicken WMD Breast Therapy 😉

    No “clucky” lucky chicken guesses were used 🙂 Name and word origins can be very interesting!

    It has been a very difficult period as his Doctors were determining what was causing his life-threatening infection. Yesterday, he underwent sinus surgery that will hopefully, remove his infection. Hopefully, we will know soon if his surgery was a success.

  7. I’m still laughing over Olga’s chicken !!!
    oh I didn’t know that you had an interest in names…I just thought you were lucky guessing.. 🙂
    I hope your brother is alright
    ICU is pretty serious isn’t it ….

  8. Hi Chief Chicken Dickens (Chicken Little Kim),

    Between BK Cluckers, Technorati Tutus, and giving Team Technorati your cold shoulder, you will find the right Chicken Coop in no time to contain the Technorati Pigeon Runs to the joy of BK Cluckers everywhere! 🙂

    Back to reality, how are the Doctors going to thaw out your frozen shoulder?

    P.S. Since my brother has been in the ICU all week, a quick note if you stop by here before I get back to laketrees – Knowing your name, Kim means a “ruler” is due to my interest in name and word origins!

  9. LOL Debbie
    Pigeon Runs and Painful Rations are my pick…

    signing out as Kim of the “frozen shoulder” …(and that’s official after 2 x rays and 1 ultra sound…).ha now I can really give technorati black holes the cold shoulder !!

  10. Hi H.M. Kim OMG,

    Here is a growing list of Google PR meanings:

    Predominate Rage
    Perplexing Reputation,
    Painful Reaction,
    Present Ration,
    Popular Resistance,
    Pork Ration,
    Pigeon Runs (commonly known as the backdoor trots),

    Perfect Role (for the comical characters in our secret novel) 🙂

  11. Ciao Hanna!

    Thank you for your compliments and surprise nomination!

    pace and amore

  12. lol pork rations=PR …I gather…
    happy catching up Debbie 🙂 🙂

  13. Ciao Debbie!
    Optimal yours blog!
    I have nominated yours in Santas blog of the day!
    pace, amore ;0)

  14. Hi H.M. Kim OMG,

    After the Technorati Troubles of the Technorati Tunagate vanish into a deep Black Hole, we can explore the mysteries of Google’s Pork Rations with H. Mackerel, Sr. !

    The story behind the music (or the Album cover):

    The plot thickens as the Pink Panther (the Fresnel lens of the Lighthouse) gem vanished into the digital Black Holes and is held hostage by the Technorati Phantom. Police chief Dreyfus is driven insane by Inspector Clouseau who is searching for the vanishing links, the Pink Panther panther, and the missing tags!

    Back to health and playing catchup this weekend!

  15. LOL Debbie
    maybe we can jump in this lighthouse and find a really deep black hole to throw technorati into !!!!
    I love your album cover …very Pink Pantherish 🙂
    I did this meme for Carol …mine was rather aimless….and I don’t know about the copyright as I covered most of the photo with my text boxes ..
    hope you are having a healthy weekend 🙂

  16. Hi Olga, my WMD bra mistress,

    Thank you – the timing of your Meme was perfect timing for the theme of my post!

  17. Hi Linda,

    Thank you – you uncovered me Straight Between the Eyes!

    Only Inspector Clouseau knows if the Lighthouse is real or not!

    Seriously, the Headlight of Bodic is a real French Lighthouse which was used to beam a light on Google PR and Technorati Troubles.

    I love this meme!

  19. Love your first ever comedy CD – very nice!

    That is one fascinating looking lighthouse! I had to wonder if it was real for awhile there just looking at the picture. Fascinating!

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