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bloggersoftheworld For the Life of Bloggers, Colin has surprised me with his outstanding recognition.

“The blogosphere has expanded to include all countries and nationalities, where barriers and borders do not exist. We have all come together to create a truly universal family, which I am proud to be a part of. You all know who you are, and I thank you for making me feel so welcome. I wish each and every one a Very Happy New Year, and hope that you enjoy good health, peace and prosperity throughout 2008.” – Happy New Year Bloggers Around the World from Colin of Life

Colin, thank you for making us feel welcome, too!

0-Cotojo 1-Lisa, 2-Kim,
3-Deborah, 4-Pearl, 5-Sandy,
6-Jesse, 7-Chris, 8- Colin
9-Santa, 10-Blog Elf, 11-Jackie,
12-Marzie, 13-Adrian, 14-Jos,
15-NAFA SG, 16-Paula, 17-Sue,
18-Kathy 19-Maartje, 20-Morgan,
21-Greg, 22-MaryAnn, 23-Eric,
24-Hawk, 25-Carol, 26Diane,
27-Ev Nucci, 28-Surjit, 29-Kuanyin,
30-Christy Z, 31-Sandee, 32-Robin,
33-Hanna, 34-Maunie, 35-Kim,
36-Bobby, 37-Billy, 38-David, 39-Jennifer,
40-Aryst, 41-Winston, 42-Christy,
43-LilyRuth, 44-Jess, 45-Rudy,
46-Lynda, 47-Lili, 48-Sandy G,
49-Ange, 50-BlackWyrm, 51-Vincent,
52-Colin & Anne, 53-Blandly Urbane, 54-Marco,
55-Mihaela Lica, 56-John C, 57-Aziz-sm,
58-Ugyen, 59-Lansy, 60-Alex Badalic,
61-Victors, 62-Nostalgia Manila, 63-Franco Yong,
64-Herby, 65-Rubie, 66-Santaram & BVK,
67-Jean-david, 68-Namgay, 69-Catherine,
70-Yunita P, 71-Debbie Dolphin, 72-Lorimer Black,
73-Dream Catcher, 74-Fred Plimley, 75-Anja Merret,
76-Maria Lourdes, 77-Jon B, 78-Aayush,
79-Denise, 80-Dharmendra P\, 81-Brent D,
82-Jerry & Daryl McCoy, 83-Brian B, 84-Calvin Innes,
85-Pieter Marburn, 86-Jessica Field, 87-Taflas,
88-Alex Sysoef, 89-Norie, 90-Justin Stanley,
91-Ashish, 92-David Ledoux, 93-Thanate Tan,
94-Kevin, 95-Etienne, 96-Gerbera,
97-Christina, 98-Abhishek d, 99-Uprai,
100-Texas_Jam, 101-Azmiel, 102-Daniel,
103-Kristin B, 104-Luwis, 105-Adavait,
106-Now Sourcing, 107-Buen Amigo, 108-Kiran Pande,
109-Peterson Wong, 110-Lynn, 111-Chessnoid,
112-Luis Hipolito, 113-Joliveira, 114-Jennifer & Pete,
115- Team Dog, 116-Megan, 117-Mark,
118-Raivyn, 119-Mel, 120-Andrea,
121-Jen / domestika, 122-Mimi, 123-Bobo,
124-Lynda Lehmann, 125-Dread Bob, 126-Blue Ribbon Bloggers,
127-RennyBA, 128-Bobbarama, 129-Becky
130-Magdalena, 131-Michelle, 132-Stacie,
133-Climate of Our Future Team, 134-CashMarble, 135-OilOffShoreMarine,
136-Jos Additional BlogLove, 137-Piper, 138-Barbara,
139-Ann Clemmons, 140-Deb,,, 143-blogginginmypyjamas, 144-StylewithPassion,
145-Chinneeq, 146-Dora-zooropazoo, 147-Babyshern,
148-HiPnCooLMoMMa 149-Rachel’s Soulful Thoughts 150-When Silence Speaks,
151-Dancing in Midlife Tune, 152-Underneath it All, 153- I am Dzoi,
154-Hobbies and Such, 155-moms…..check nyo, 156-Choc Mint Girl,
157-Amel’s Realm, 158- My Thoughts, 159-Rusin Roundup,
160-Juliana’s Site, 161-Max, 162-Rooms of My Heart,
163-A Great Pleasure, 164-LadyJava’s Lounge, 165-Jesie,
166-Steven, 167-Trinity, 168-Leena,
169-Nick, 170-Nessa, 171-Debbie Dolphin,
172- Anna t, 173-krrey_boo, 174-Logic,
175-Steve Ho, 176-Virtual Entrepreneur, 177-WalksFarWoman,
178-Anna, Beth & Cory’s Mom, 179-Toon, 180-Belinda
181-EPSpeaks, 182-Teacher Julie 183-jafajfer,
184-pmonchet, 185-Aslan, 186-arouetvoltaire ,
187-Tanny, 188-Il vaso di Pandora, 189-Non Lineare,
190-Omniamundamundis, 191-LineaNeuronica, 192-Semplicemente Lisa
193-la penna che graffia 194-Angelbaby, 195-Divya,
196-Cyn, 197-Donna, 198-Liudmila,
199-djeblog, 200-Gracie Belle, 201-Reverend Ray,
202-Walter Winstuff, 203-Denny, 204-Terry (mee mOe),
205-awannabe, 206-Z.S., 207-Il Gnagnera,
208-Kevin Grieves, 209-DatCurious, 210-DatMoney,
211-Sanni, 212-Rolando’s Quiet Space, 213-SatoNa ,
214-Levian , 215-21Knots, 216-PuTLie,
217-Riciard’s, 218-Darlene, 219-Rantings of a Woman,
220-La Place de Cherie , 221-Enjoying The Ride, 222-A Window To Our World,
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226-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 227-Echoes of Life, 228-My 3 Boys and I,
229-Mammagatta, 230-Juliana’s Lair, 231-Bless Sanctuary,
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235-Denz Techtronics Blog, 236-Wanna Be On Top!, 237-Carpe Diem,
238-My so-called Life, 239-TEEBOB, 240-Kikay,
241-Alaverde33, 242-CC’s Lifestyles and Reviews, 243-Pinay’s Lifestyles,
244-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 245-The Creativity Of Me, 246-OzLife
247-Scattered Thoughts of Mine, 248-Another Journal of Mine, 249-My Drama,
250-By The Way, 251-Paul, Toni and Lance – Bridging the Distance, 252-Live Love Pink,
253-In The Lance’s Mind, 254-My Life, 255-Rants and Ramblings,
256-WorldBlog, 257-Our Journey to Life, 258-Simply the best,
259-Paul and Toni, 260-Alpha’s Blog, 261-because life is fun,
262-The Simple Life of a Baghag, 263-PoeArtica, 264-Sweet Lullaby,
265-AnitoKid, 266- Lisa WAHM, 267-Ben Spark
268-Kesa, 269-Mauro, 270-Sindi
271-Alianorah, 272-Jennie, 273-CTN,
274-Jeremy, 275-Polliwog’s Pond, 276-Yvette,
277-Ali (DorisDay), 278-Rodney, 279-Alice,
280- WBAustin, 281-Max, 282-Rodney
283-Karen, 284-Michelle, 285-Stacy
286-SvenMarin, 287-CoolingStar9, 288-Billy Jack,
289-bbrian, 290-Cris Zimermann, 291-Franx,
292-Ramil, 293-JaniceNW, 294-Cathrina Jones
295-Bels, 296-Raman, 297-Jeques,
298-NPSG, 299-Anndi, 300-Georganna,
301-Jeane Michelle Culp, 302-Sam Chan, 303-Kumowai

badgepeace All Aboard the Peace Train

Carol of My View of “It” has restarted the Peace Train from another unpopular war to call for a end to this war. Considering the Mission goals(1) of this war seem to be complete, perhaps, ending the war and rebuilding Iraq would be a better solution for peace in the Middle East?

To support the Bloggers for Peace: Join the Peace Train Movement, select a peace badge from the scroll box for your Blog, and post a comment at Carol’s blog My View of “It”

Since September 18, 2007, Dariana of CodePink: Women For Peace has been asking for help to Sign the Pledge to End the Occupation of Iraq.

Please consider signing Dariana’s pledge and climb aboard the Peace Train:
My View of “It”Our Hep ChatMy Reviews and Finds Along the WayBeth Allen II Writing 5 to 9 NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)Positive CommunicationBlue Ribbon BloggersOgenDicht/EyesClosedAdditional BlogLOveThe Painted VeilSanta’s Community BlogTwisted SisterlaketreesPoeARTicaNew England Lighthouse TreasuresSuch Simple PleasuresLifePrints – Good News for a More Compassionate WorldObservations From the Back 40?Lynda LehmannBlogging SueblimelyLifeAmori,poesie,arte,chat virtualiAngela’s Art DiaryThe Lavender LoftA To Z BloggingPeripheral Vision – Inner Sights by Lynda LehmannSue’s Views Journey of A Spirited StriderHappy TilerBinding Ink III by Nom de plume The PoetressOzlife BeginsEveryday LifeKikayRants and RamblingsThe Creativity in MePhilip Edson1,000 Faces of Mother HennaA Peace Of…Golden-eBooks BlogShoshana’s Diary Of A DancerAll About HealthMy Undirected Lifeirvine in the sky with diamondsIllustration Friday Kidsoutside the boxtwisted thoughts within my four brick walls…a desert gardenThe ARTisT iN YOU MuseletterLunatic LodgeRenato d’OxaguiãHerb Urban


(1) The following Mission Goals were accomplished in Iraq(?)

* After one year of invading Iraq, the main alleged threat of WMDs was never discovered which was the main reason for the war. Furthermore, our troops couldn’t locate Olga’s WMDs, Weapons of Mammary Distraction in the Middle East! They might have better luck and fun invading California to find her WMDs!

* No evidence has been found to connect Saddam Hussein to the terrorist groups or the al-Qaeda terror network according to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who stated “To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two” on October 5, 2004.

* Almost two years later, the mission of overthrowing the regime of Saddam Hussein was completely accomplished on December 30, 2006.

* On May 20, 2006, Nouri Kamel Mohammed Hassan al-Maliki became Prime Minister of Iraq and his government replaced the Iraqi Transitional Government to establish democracy in Iraq.

* Increased the security of Israel by eliminating the threat of Iraqi Scud missiles.

* Cost of the War in Iraq: $487.9 Billion ~ as of January 22, 2008

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

Posted on January 8, 2008, in Blog News and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 20 Comments.

  1. Hi Kim,

    As long as the Links do not vanish into the deep Black Hole of the Technorati Tunagate, you are welcome to have your helpful PA copy them! 🙂

  2. just popping in to steal some links Debbie…
    I’ve had my daughter Charlotte working overtime…(typing)
    she would make a fantastic PA 🙂

  3. Hi Liza

    Your are welcome, Blogger of the World!

    Hello from New England.

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for the link 😉 I’m so glad to be one of you. Hello from the Philippines.

  5. Good Grief, Kim OMG!

    How in the Blogosphere are you typing new posts and comments?

    I hope you are taking good care of your health and arms, my friend?

  6. that sounds pretty awful Debbie…
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you…and check out your latest post…
    the arm is a little better’s the other one that’s not cooperating…ah well next Tuesday is x ray and ultra sound so hopefully all will be revealed…
    take good care of yourself !!

  7. Hi Kim,

    I seem to be able to hold the bed pan in one hand and type with my other hand to answer my comment conversations and keep the Peace Train up to date.

    Your welcome to roll into the Peace Train Station anytime to keep your Peace Train Post up to date!

    I am not sure whether Technorati recognizes Technorati, let alone if Technorati can remember to recognize one and only one link from each unique blog! 🙂
    As always, I manually pinged Technorati and they cannot keep my latest post “Saugerties Lighthouse Lawsuit and Police Power” from vanishing into their Black Holes at

    I wonder if Technorati is like the New England weather? (“If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes and it will change.”)

    Since last September, I have not been able to keep up with the changing reaction rules at Technorati and I am not sure if Technorati knows what their changing rules are! 🙂

    I hope your arm is healing well.

  8. oh dear we are a sorry lot !!
    good to hear that you are back on board Almost Disappeared In The Black Hole….
    and I do hope your flu is not the bird flu Debbie… :0
    will steal your Peace Train additions here as you have the Jos dot too 🙂
    hey did you know that Technorati only recognizes one and only one link from each unique blog
    eg….as far as I can work out …eg if I’m in your blogroll or a post where you first linked to laketrees ALL other links are counted as null and void…even though they show up in blog reactions at Technorati….
    caio from the armless wonder 🙂

  9. Hi Joy,

    Welcome aboard the Peace Train!

    May you have health, peace, and joy!

  10. peace be with the bloggers of the world.

  11. Hi Almost Disappeared in the Black Hole!

    I am happy to hear you escaped the Black Hole!

    We (H.M. OMG and me) were ready to send out a Lighthouse Search Team through the Stargate with the help of Col Jonathan “Jack” O’Neill who was promoted to Major General for his Black Hole reconnaissance and rescue missions!

    Perhaps we can name the Great Peace Resolution, “Peace Train Resolution, Uniting For Peace?”

    My new Peace Badge was created to fit my Navigation Sidebar and you are welcome to use the Peace Badge!

    P.S. Speaking of missing tags, the flu tag going around the Blogosphere has found me.
    Hopefully, it is not the H5N1 flu commonly known as “avian influenza” or “350K UCMU bird flu?”

  12. Great Peace Resolution, Ma’am 🙂
    And a creative New Badge too!
    Be The Brain!

    and Hi! to H.M. OMG!

    (I am almost back alive)

  13. Hi Renny BA,

    You are welcome and Happy New Year!

    Hello from New England and hopefully, some day my dream of visiting Norway and seeing the spectacular Northern Lights will come true!

  14. Thanks for your link love. I’ve collected this on my Awards page.

    Since I’m new here, I might as well say: Hello from Norway and while I’m at it: Happy New Year!

  15. Hi Kim Barker OMG!

    Seems like there is no escaping the digital Black Holes of Technorati Tunagate!

    Green Smiley Links… Your welcome!

  16. lol Debbie
    good analysis !!
    very very nice green smiley….thankyou
    I’l fave these two links and call on them at the right time :}

  17. Hi Kim Barker OMG!

    Thank you (Peace Train) and your welcome (PoeARTica) !

    Sounds like you discovered another Technorati Black Hole ripping the space-time continuum apart in Colin’s List! I wonder if Data can reconstruct the digital universe before the spinning Black Hole in the Constellation of Google collapses the Blogosphere? 😉

    Here are two Smiley Links that you might like:
    Excellent Green Smiley Set
    Smiley Sets of different colors

    Here is a Green Smiley (using the first link above) example:

    Can someone find the weatherman who can change cold Winter to Summer warm

  18. very nice Debbie!!!!
    I’ve added you to the peace train 🙂
    and I see that you have put PoeARTica in too…thanks…
    I was telling Colin just yesterday that someone has changed his original list and kindly deleted my name at # 2 …hmmmmm
    I keep dreaming of coloured scroll boxes when I visit your very pretty site….where is the green smiley when you are looking for one ?
    🙂 (that’s green)

  19. You are most welcome, Carol!

    May you have peace and health!

  20. Thanks for joining! I have added you to the list on my site.

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