Lighthouse Country Inn For Sale?

valleyview The Lighthouse Valleyview Bed & Breakfast Inn is a unique four season Country Inn with 5 Guest Rooms and a operational Landlocked Lighthouse overlooking the Valley of the Little Maquoketa River. Guests can view the scenic countryside of the Tri-State area (Iowa,Wisconsin and Illinois) to a range of 48-miles from the observation Gallery of the Lantern Room.

William Klauer, a Lighthouse fan, began the construction of his dream Lighthouse in 1995. The operational 61-feet high Lighthouse was completed in 1998 exhibiting a Flashing White Light every 18-seconds illuminated by a 56,000 candlepower High Pressure Multi-Vapor Lamp to a visible range of 27-miles. Since ships are high and dry in their harbor, the Lighthouse was registered with the FAA for the safety of Flight navigation. The Lighthouse and Inn offer Nature Lovers scenic views of the green countryside in the summer and the fiery colors in the fall. Guests can also visit the “Captains Quarters” Giftshop located in the Lighthouse.

After operating their dream home as a Bed & Breakfast Inn for 13 years, William and Jo Ann Klauer placed their 7 bedroom nine level 6,000 square feet home on the market as a “Turn-Key” (everything is included) sale in 2004. The owners are retiring due to health reasons. The “Lighthouse on the Prairie” was on the market for $660,950.
For more information on the Real Estate sale, please visit “Bed & Breakfast Property for Sale.”

For more information about Inn reservations, please visit “Hotel Reservations by InnSeekers.”

The Lighthouse Valleyview Bed & Breakfast Inn is located 3-miles Northwest of Dubuque, Iowa, a busy midwest tourist area near Sundown Mountain Ski Resort and the Meadows Golf course.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the
Google Map of Lighthouse Valleyview Bed & Breakfast Inn

Unfortunately, every effort to contact the owner has been unsuccessful. The Lighthouse Valleyview Bed & Breakfast Inn website is down, the phone numbers are dead, and the eMail was returned with a undeliverable address error. If anyone has information on the current sale and/or operation of this Lighthouse Country Inn, please contact me.

If anyone is interested in this Real Estate deal, please try contacting the Innkeeper at:

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  1. Hi Kim

    Changing their minds is a good possibility and I agree with you – owning the Lighthouse Dream Home would be extremely difficult to sell!

  2. ummm Debbie maybe they changed their minds and decided not to sell….I wouldn’t sell it if I owned it…..very dreamy lighthouse 🙂

  3. Hi J. Urnalist, Esq. !!! (ROFL)

    We need to double check the common spelling for “Maquoketa” with the Spelling Orthodox Specialist (SOS), the Honorable Right Rear Little Bear who is the former Rear Admiral of the Spelling Ship H.M. Urnalist 🙂
    No doubt, he used the right spelling somewhere in his professional thesis of 350K words.

    Hopefully, UCMU, Inc. reporters on a fact- and tag-finding mission can locate the missing tags in a open field?
    The “hiding here” link provides interesting information hidden in the “Link to this page” which lists the 52.469397,5.509644 Lat/Long coordinates to a field nearby Meerkoetenweg which is near Natuurpark Lelystad.

  4. May I ask you if there is any chance of miss-spelled names in this Post? The Little Maquoketa River is commonly spelled as Mak’oqueta, isn’t it?

    This Lighthouse on the Prairie overlooking the Valley of this Little River seems like a perfect hide-out for Missing Tags, by the way. They may also be hiding here. Someone at UCMU, Inc. should better send some reporters on a fact- and tag-finding mission there.

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