New Year Lighthouse from West Quoddy, Maine


West Quoddy Head Lighthouse is the Easternmost Point of land in the continental United States.

As with most Lighthouses, this Light Station was named for a geographic location. The “west” in West Quoddy Head Light refers to the Lighthouse located west of East Quoddy Lighthouse on Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada. There are 12 Lighthouses in the Quoddy Loop from New Brunswick, Canada to Lubec, Maine. Quoddy is a Mi’kmaq (1) Indian word meaning “a piece of favorable land.”

Therefore, West Quoddy Head was a favorable headland for a Lighthouse aiding shipping approaching the entrance to the Quoddy Narrows(2) between the U.S. mainland and the Canadian Campobello Island.

Interestingly, the original name of West Quoddy Head Light was Passamaquoddy Light as noted by Winslow Lewis in his 1817 Description of the Lighthouses. Passamaquoddy is the name of a northern Maine Indian tribe and means “plenty of pollock.” During the American Revolution, the Passamaquoddy Indians were allies of the American Colonists against the British.

In 1977, a Passamaquoddy Lighthouse was built for the Disney movie, Pete’s Dragon as the home of Lampie (Mickey Rooney) and his daughter, Nora (Helen Reddy).

Remember, Helen Reddy singing Candle on the Water in front of the gleaming Fresnel lens of the Lighthouse? For a video clip of this scene, please visit the link .

Please note the timing of this post coincides with our sunrise on New Years Day at noon time!

(1) Mi’kmaq is commonly spelled “Micmac” incorrectly.
According to Waye Mason, the name of the People is and always has been Mi’kmaq (with the apostrophe). Waye Mason also claims Mi’kmaq “is the correct spelling and there is nothing wrong with it and no reason to “fix” it.”

Unfortunately, Chris Johnson, a “journalist,” decided he had every right to use his uncivil comment crusade to prove his “Micmac” spelling version is definitive.

For the record of online facts,
40,000 people use the name, Mi’kmaq including the
1,000 members in Maine who call their community, The Aroostook Band of Micmacs.

After carefully reviewing and considering the apparent conflicting sources by Debbie Dolphin, it seems one band of the same people prefer to spell the name of their group a different way. And, all 40,000 people, including the Aroostook Band of Micmacs, are members of the Mi’kmaq First Nation according to Wikipedia.

Mi’kmaq – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedeia
Mi’kmaq – Waye Mason
The Aroostook Band of Micmacs

(2) According to the historical evidence, West Quoddy Head Lighthouse was built to warn mariners of the dangerous rock outcroppings offshore of the headland as they approached the narrowing entrance to Passamaquoddy Bay. The narrow entrance was called Quoddy Roads and is currently called the Quoddy Narrows, a constricted waterway with strong racing tidal currents and a 18-feet average tidal range between the changing tides.

In 1806, President Thomas Jefferson also authorized the Lighthouse to establish a U.S. presence during a time when the boundary between our nation and Canada was poorly defined. West Quoddy Head Lighthouse was built and First Lit on April 21, 1808.

Currently, the Lighthouse exhibits 2 White flashes every 15-seconds illuminated by a Third-order Fresnel lens 83-feet above sea level visible to a range of 18 nautical miles. For more information about the distinctive candy striped Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

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Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Your welcome and Happy New Year, Kathy!

    Sounds like we could use another Passamaquoddy Bay and West Quoddy Head Lighthouse vacation or trip!

  2. Happy New Year, Debbie!

    Been to this lighthouse and Campobello Island several times while growing up. Thanks for bringing back the good memories!

  3. Hi Kim Barker OMG,

    Your unexpected* humor has brighten my day! 🙂

    Thank you, Kim for enjoying the bright shot of the Lighthouse for the dawn of this New Year and the information about the Lighthouse!

    *We hope you are feeling better and your shoulder has healed. We look forward to your helping us on Karaoke night to sing Miss Feedburner’s number 1 hit, “We Don’t Need Another Professional Media Hero – because we all live in the Technorati Thunderdome!”

  4. hmmmm
    Debbie….that’s a great shot of the lighthouse….and a thoroughly fascinating read……
    not to mention the ensuing tumultuous medley of comments, disjointed criticism and capricious meanderings of a certain character with a propensity to aggravate, foment and nettle to the point of distraction !!

    ps Debbie and Jos
    I rather fancy myself as being named sycophant # 2 hereafter 🙂
    I quite like the ring of it 😉

  5. @ Debbie: Let it go. Points made, harm done. No need having Chris (or you) turn this into another 350k words.

    My attempt to bridge the gap has been answered by total unwillingness to READ, and with indirect, childish, though-highly-impressive-difficult words accusing me of being a/o a servile suck-up.

    This has effectively changed my neutral position into that of an Anti-Chris. His remarks – more or less into my direction – are another example of total lack of civilized debating manners/skills. QED. Writing 350.000 words apparently does not require the skill to read.

  6. Mr. “professional” Chris you never cease to appall me with your critical charade.

    After crapping all over me and my friends by unwarranted juvenile name calling in your comment crusade, you honestly don’t expect us to believe that you are the personification of Civil Debate???

    After defaming us in writing, you honestly don’t expect us to accept your version of the TRUTH as the only truth in this debate???

    For example, you ignore the fact that I said miss-spelled is in common use only and you twisted my words into a bizarre tale of defending the spelling as correct – something never written by me. You created a huge gap here so you can falsely claim your acceptable criticism of another persons word. You defamed my character by twisting my words in order to falsely proclaim yourself as the Lord of Truth.

    As a “professional” writer, be honest for a change and admit that common use words spelled right or wrong can be used for a range of writing reasons — let’s start with the effect of communicating humor which clearly was not the case here until Jos freely joined our discussion and I don’t know about you but, I welcome his wise insights versus your despicable behavior.

    Beside your insulting “apology”, you clearly do not hold spelling critical in your own comments which is Lordly behavior – you do not have to follow the rules you have made for the deceived sheep!

    For someone who renounces deification, you certainly act as a Lord expecting your deceived sheep to role over and obey your every insulting attack before they play dead.

    Furthermore, Chris expects us to obey his rules of criticism in the public as noted by your comment posted at 8:10 p.m. tonight.

    Speaking of your opening funny comment, your lack of ethics appall me as well. As a “professional writer” you should be well aware that your poor and false criticism in the public will not be tolerated by me and I have every right to defend myself from your false criticisms.

    I stated earlier that any errors are corrected by me anytime anyone informs me of a valid error. Some of your corrections about errors were valid and corrected.

    Unfortunately, you attacked me after I civil disagreed with some of your views which can not be 100% verified as true or false according to “Micmac” web-sites as Jos astutely pointed out. I could be wrong Lord but, your hateful name calling and insulting my intelligence really began there.
    You began preaching you are the Lord Of TRUTH for the “Micmac” people by hunting down and crapping on me for quoting the same spelling phrase in this post that was used by Micmac websites. Do you call that a Civil Debate??? Since when did you become the vessel of truth for the Micmac people? Based on your current track record, I would never never ever quote you as reliable source never mind a source of fact and never mind a source of truth.

    Seems we will never know your skill as professional writer since you have not revealed your publications and your professional title used in the article.

    You can SCREAM from the rooftop that you are the personification of Civil Debate yet, everyone who reads your comments here will know how you attacked me and my friends and will know your comment criticisms were neither civil or a civil debate.

    Actually, as a “professional” you (Chris) should be well versed in the code of ethics dictate polite civil conversation in both the public arena and private gatherings. Apparently, you have no problems violating moral as well as professional ethics. Do I need to repeat what kind of individuals use the logic of respect them while they crap on others???

    I know you will never admit this in public yet, you hate other viewpoints and you are not open to correction and/or criticism as you have proven in your comment crusade here.

    There is nothing wrong with civil disagreement, a difference of opinion, etc. Whether we like it or not, personal differences are a fact of life that are shaped by our different experiences and even shared experiences can be viewed differently.

    Your response to my civil behavior was restrained??? So your idea of a Civil Debate is to crap all over others with juvenile name calling insults and we the victims should fall down to worship you with utter respect and devotion???

    And to suggest that your uncivil bad mouth insults are necessary to civil debate than Please Beam me, Jos and every sensible human being UP, Mr. Scott!

    Seems like every time you open your writing mouth, you reveal your true character and dig yourself a deeper Black Hole from which you cannot escape!

    You may disagree but your Lordly actions earned you the title and crown which is not a vulgar name calling insult. You began a charade that you believe you are entitled to win which in my reasonable debate confirms your Lordship over me and possibly everyone. You also refused to acknowledge my sincere apology for making a Miss-stake (spelled wrong for humor, your Holiness) early on, instead you are intent on flaming this into a issue it never was so you could look like the Lord Hero that you think you are.

    Since you finally admitted your professional credentials, will you reveal your publications and examples where you openly accepted false criticism by any of your readers as well as correcting any errors in a public forum?

    Censoring is done by the professional media as well whenever anyone violates their rules of conduct as you have done here. You want to comment here but, you do not want to play by the legal rules as noted in my Copyright Legal Notice.

    And, It is very clear that I reserve the right to remove any inappropriate comment made by anyone. I am fairly certain that you violated most of the rules. I agreed to open this blog to all comments provided you follow the legal rules.
    Here is some of your final libelous remarks:

    you called me a fool but I should not defend myself or “shout’ at you.
    “compared me with a stalker” Can you please show me your clever trick?

    “ad hominem attack”
    My defense using substance against your twisted words is an ad hominem attack?

    Since you enjoy Screaming and Shouting your despicable behavior, how is this for increasing the level of your shrillness and vituperance:
    Your written abuse of me and my friends is very clear to the public.

  7. You all are funny. Everything I write — just over 350,000 words for publication in 2007 — is public and in venues with a circulation of from a few thousand to about 7.5 million readers. I have no problem with what I write being public, and open to correction, comment and criticism. On the othe rhand, you seem to be extremely unwilling either to accept criticism or to just say “Thanks for your opinion.”

    When you choose to make your words public, as you did here, and invite responses, and then debate, in a steadily increasing level of shrillness and vituperance, you shouldn’t be surprised when someone responds.

    You have shouted at me, willfully misunderstood what I said, censored my response to you, engaged in ad hominem attacks and compared me with a stalker. My response to your behavior was restained, and if you were honest with yourself, you would see that. If you want delicate, polite conversation, don’t allow comments or make your blog private to your own circle of friends.

    I have to lock, but feel free to email til 10.15; my ra covers my email til we’re out. I’m sure she’ll enjoy your next fulmination.


  8. Hi, Jos

    Sorry – with this unexpected New Year toast (or my secret roast? – NOT), I was not sure if your first comment was a draft and the second comment was the one you wanted published. Considering the comment crusade against us, your first comment was safely stored in the vault until I heard from you!

    Somehow, I managed not to get sucked into the southernmostest point of the digital Black Hole to approve your first comment!
    Note: First comment later deleted per request of author and replaced by comment date stamped Jan 3, 4:44 PM, posted by Jos

    Speaking of media education, the phrase “Mi’kmaq (commonly miss-spelled Micmac)” in this post was used by several Micmac sites a few years ago and if these web-sites authored by Indian people were publicly addressing a incorrect spelling of their word than as one of the little people who I am to say they are wrong, CHRIS????

    I will surf by your blog to read your new script right after I prepare dinner for Mr. Dolphin!

    Oh no, it looks like our toastmaster is still on a roll! I may need to postpone my surfing for a little longer!

  9. One of my comments is ‘awaiting moderation’ yet at the same time already published. Must be the Digital Black Hole (the southernmostest point)

  10. May I suggest “So much for the first dawn of the New Year”?

    I am thankful to Chris for educating us widely on his line of work. Obviously he is very proud of his job and – though he keeps saying he has work to do – I am glad he took the time to tell us little people all his fascinating bits about the True Challenges of being a journalist, a guardian of Language, Logic and Truth. His description of the tenuous mechanism of checking the facts is so exciting, as is his impressive Wiki vocabulary (for parents day).

  11. Hi Jos,

    You are right about his (Chris) use of sycophant!
    Mr. professional Chris has so many false accusations in his uneducated arsenal of arrogant attacks. Apparently, Chris is not aware that his derogatory charade is open to the public and I never requested help from anyone.

    Unfortunately, I doubt Chris will believe my last statement yet, we (Jos and Debbie Dolphin) know the truth!

    I am not sure how I (and later, we) became the victims of his (Chris) repeated false accusations.
    For reasons unknown, he prefers to preach his arrogant deceptions by twisting our words into something we never clearly said or implied! When that doesn’t work, Chris reveals his true disrespectful character by calling us names.

    We (Debbie Dolphin and my husband) had the same problem with an abusive Phone Caller and his calls were recorded for the Police. The officer heard the recording and asked the caller how old he was? At the time, the “Gentleman” responded with 52-years old.
    The response by the officer was priceless. The officer told the “Gentleman” either grow up and leave us alone or face criminal charges!

  12. @ Chris

    Since you clearly don’t like my censorship of your uneducated offensive remarks,

    You falsely assume facts never presented in evidence, since I never attended Lowell Schools.

    1. I never claimed to be perfect, You did(3) which is the reason for your perfect Lord title.

    2. And, in evidence by your attacking and crapping all over me.

    3. You are right in one sense that you never personally claimed perfection yet, your actions, attacks, and disrespect are the actions of a perfect being trying to deceive his fools. (By the way, I am not your FOOL), hence the title of Lord was added to your name.

    4. Apparently, you have no respect for anyone by calling me unwarranted names as your fool which clearly proves your utter arrogant Lordship over others.

    5. How can you correct the work of others when clearly you cannot read and understand the written word? Instead, you use words to attack and falsely accuse others of statements they never made.

    6. Beside your insulating “apology”, can you count how many of your words were spelled incorrectly in your comments??? You even spelled Micmac wrong which was one of your major concerns! As a professional journalist, you are aware that all your comments are open to public review in this public forum???

    7. You never fail to insult me by putting words in my mouth I never said or implied. For the record, your statement “…. that you disdain…” is untrue as well as another example of your unwarranted disrespectful attacks.

    8. I have admitted all my unintentional errors in any post and if the error was noted by eMail, the person received a eMail from me thanking them.

    By the way, most of my errors are the result of errors written by professional journalists and the source calls me or eMails me to alert me that the published news was WRONG! Unfortunately, I do not have luxury to call every source and verify every jot and tittle is 100% true.

    Likewise, I acknowledge corrections posted in comments and also thank them for their efforts with one very important exception, as noted in this post…
    so all visitors can discover the unwarranted vicious attacks performed by Lord Chris.

    Speaking of better things to do, this is my last word on this subject to you…
    In the future, I will sweep your disrespectful derogatory comments into the trash where they belong!

    So, please don’t whine about my censorship and misquote my censorship of your repressive attacks to be the same repressive ideology. A civil disagreement in public is one thing but, please don’t expect me the bear the brunt of your anger and hatred.

    To Be EXTREMELY CLEAR, when you called me a FOOL plus your other derogatory statements, you expressed your perfect anger, disdain, and hatred towards me.

  13. Hi Debbie,

    Looks like some people have all the fun 😉

    Servile as I am, and despite my classic education, I went to go look up sycophants (hey, maybe it’s not that difficult to be a journalist after all..):

    “A sycophant is a servile person who, acting in their own self interest, attempts to win favor by flattering one or more influential people, with an undertone that this is at the cost of their own personal pride, principles, and peer respect.”

    Wooah! This is indeed turning into a mikkymakky comedy of errors!

    At least Chris thinks you and one or more people are influential.. That’s a start for showing some respect.

    He seems to be confusing (a/o) ‘common logical sense’ with ‘self interest’, and ‘objective by-stander observations’ with ‘flattery’, but that is not uncommon in modern journalism.

    In my language we call people who can not behave themselves on other people’s blogs something that would translate as ‘Trolls’.

  14. Hi Lord Chris,


    *If you thought that was an apology, you really need better schools in Lowell. That was, and I thought it patently clear, a satire, a humorously ironic riposte to your shouting and whining.

    Who is the Liar, now?

    *Well, either you knew it wasn’t really an apology and lied, or you thought it was. I apologize for the liar comment if you took it to be an apology; I honestly didn’t think any person would think that.

    By the way Lord Chris, as owner of this site I have every right to censor any offensive comments which is clearly stated right above the comment section.

    *You do. As a journalist, I dislike censors. The United States has a long history of disallowing censorship by the government, and discouraging by private entities. Censorship is the hallmark of repressive regimes and dictators, and a last resort strategy for those who cannot defeat an opponent through open discourse and reason. It is the equivalent of the loser in a basketball game who takes their ball and goes home. If you choose to win an argument by silencing those who disagree, go ahead.

    And, thank you for your remarks… again, your remarks reveal your true character and total disrespect for others.

    *I have no respect for a censorious person, unwilling or unable to admit obvious errors and learn. If my lack of respect for your behavior was revealed, then I am as skillful a writer as I believe myself to be.

    P.S. Lord is a term associated with your Human PERFECTION not a sign of disrespect. And, you earn the title every time you write your offensive remarks that also deface the truth and disrespect us!

    *I’ve never claimed perfection. It is you, in fact, who have loudly and stridently proclaimed how right you are. I assumed that your use of the word indicated I was a member of royalty; I appreciate even more deeply your deification of me and your pronouncement of my perfection.

    And, while this little back and forth has been fun, I actually have work to do, correcting errors that tend to be awkward constructions or unclear analogies rather than simple errors of spelling or fact. But then, I work with those professional journalists that you disdain, who are expected to find the facts, check the facts and, if they get it wrong, publicly accept responsibility and correct the record. They can’t just copy some text off of a marker and pass it off as their own, truthful work. We call that sloppy plagiarism, and we fire people for that. (We fire people for sloppy work that isn’t plagiarist, and for neat and careful plagiarism, too.)

    Chris (just, declining deification as too much to live up to)

  15. Hi Lord Chris,

    You may claim your insult was not an apology which may be true but I viewed your DEROGATORY APOLOGY was intended to crap all over me and that is definitely the True way it made me feel.

    As a result, I posted the “P.S. a offensive apology by Lord Chris was unpublished which revealed his true character.” to my friend and you have NO RIGHT to attack him or me with your disrespect.

  16. Hi Lord Chris,


    Who is the Liar, now?

    By the way Lord Chris, as owner of this site I have every right to censor any offensive comments which is clearly stated right above the comment section.
    And, thank you for your remarks… again, your remarks reveal your true character and total disrespect for others.

    P.S. Lord is a term associated with your Human PERFECTION not a sign of disrespect. And, you earn the title every time you write your offensive remarks that also deface the truth and disrespect us!

  17. P.S. a offensive apology by Lord Chris was unpublished which revealed his true character

    *So, now we see that you’re a liar and a censor, besides a fool. You know there was no apology, nor need for one, from me.

    Go on prattling your inane, ignorant crap to your faithful circle of sycophants, and be happy in the knowledge that, for Debbie at least, ignorance is bliss.

    Lord Chris (promoted from managing editor, thanks to Debbie)

  18. Hi Jos,

    How true! 🙂

    Unfortunately, writing future posts or comments anywhere is extremely difficult thanks to Lord Chris.

    I seem to have lost that inspirational feeling. Maybe, watching Top Gun a few times will help?

    I hope you safely received my secret message at Pork Rations?

    P.S. a offensive apology by Lord Chris was unpublished which revealed his true character.

  19. Hi Zooomabooma,

    I have no problem with you or anyone who sincerely and honestly notices a mistake!

    The original statement “Easternmost Point of the U.S.A.” came from the inscription on a 3,000-pound granite marker placed close to the Lighthouse Tower by the West Quoddy Head Light Keepers Association.

    I assumed the West Quoddy Head Light Keepers Association used the phrase to refer to the Easternmost Point of land in the continental United States without considering any possible confusion.

    Even though I was falsely accused by Lord Chris who cannot read or write (but, Lord Chris can correct Spelling), I knew you were not condescending in any way. And, I thought you penned your comment in a civil friendly manner!

    While I am recovering from the nightmare of Lord Chris, I am reading your recent excellent political commentary. Our nation needs more mainstream or prime time news reports like yours!

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