South Gare Lighthouse Hydrogen Fuel Cell Beams Brightly

bloggare For several months, a British Lighthouse has been shining a Light on alternative energy! South Gare Lighthouse is the world’s first Lighthouse to be powered by a clean environmentally-friendly Hydrogen Fuel Cell (1). The Hydrogen Fuel Cell produces electricity to power a 45-watt high-intensity LED beaming a Light visible to range of 22 nautical miles out to sea.

Other forms of power from solar, wind, or wave generators were unreliable due to the weather and unpredictable forces of the North Sea. Whereas, South Gare Lighthouse, powered by the innovative hi-tech Hydrogen Fuel Cell, has improved the reliability of the Lighthouse and navigational safety in the hostile environment as well as providing alleged economic and environmental benefits (see Note 2).

Over the past few months, the the Centre for Process Industries (CPI) of Wilton, Teesside has proved the Hydrogen Fuel Cell is reliable in the salty air and the harsh coastal environment. CPI also tested its innovative water-based cooling system to ensure the Fuel Cell does not overheat. In addition, the change to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell has eliminated power outages from cables damaged during coastal storms.

South Gare Lighthouse was built in 1884 at the mouth of the Tees River to guide navigation through high winds and rough seas on their approach to Teesport. Currently, the 43-foot high Lighthouse exhibits a Flashing White or Red (depending on direction) Light every 12-seconds 53-feet above sea level to aid navigation. Teesport is one of Britain’s three busiest ports handling 50 million tons of cargo transported by 6,000 ships every year.

blue_starMap Location:
For Google Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of South Gare Lighthouse


(1) A hydrogen fuel cell produces electricity from a external supply of hydrogen fuel flowing into the anode (-) side and a oxygen oxidant on the cathode (+) side reacting in a electrolyte.
Fuel cells are the same but different from batteries: Both use the same electrochemical energy conversion process yet Fuel Cells are also different from batteries because the fuel is consumed in the process producing a byproduct. Water flows out of Hydrogen Fuel Cell after hydrogen ions combine with oxygen!

The Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell or Hydrogen Fuel Cell can produce a minimum of 100-watts of power which is twice the power needed for the 45-watt high-intensity LED installed in the Lighthouse.

(2) A Inconvenient Truth (where is Al Gore when Lord Likely needs him, Ed?) ?
What is the economic and environmental benefit of the alleged environmentally-friendly fuel cell? The hydrogen electrochemical process is clean, quiet and 2 to 3 times more efficient than fuel combustion. This would be great news for the Global Warming Alarmists who want to reduce our carbon footprints EXCEPT hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels like coal or natural gas and costs twice the price of gas at the pump!

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  1. Hi Bobby,

    For New Englanders, we seem to experience a Ice Age every winter and Global Warming every summer 🙂

    If the current estimates are true (alleged global oil crisis in 2012) than let us hope they find a useful discovery soon!

    @ Blogroll link: you are most welcome, my friend!

  2. Global warming is a touchy issue that politics has poisoned. Both sides have their points and ice ages come and go. The Earth is warming up overall, but I’m no expert on such information!

    I do believe that each new technology spawns new understanding and produces new discoveries. Lets hope that new discoveries will occur that actually can replace fossil fuels.

    Thanks for adding me in Debbie! You are such a nice friend!!!!

    Bobby Revell’s last blog post..Have You Seen Bobby’s Sponge?

  3. Hi Bobby,

    I am not convinced that hydrogen fuel cell technology is the answer to Global Pollution since fossil fuels are consumed to produce the hydrogen fuel! I would be surprised if the hydrogen fuel cell technology became widespread due to the high hydrogen production costs.

    Al Gore seems to be profiting from both sides of the Global Warming Issue based on his political record and his Inconvenient Truth movie. As a result, the expression “EnvironMental Messiah” was used to indicate his clever tactic of making money on both sides of the issue.

    No doubt, burning fossil fuels contribute to the pollution of the environment.

    Unfortunately, the causes of the current alleged Global Warming are tough to swallow when New England weather has had peak sub-freezing near zero degree weather over the last few years.

    Thank you for correcting my Blogroll link. Since I have had so many personal issues this year, my move to WordPress is about 95% complete and your Revellian Blog has been added to my Minstrels of the Blog category!

  4. Hi Debbie! I actually bought stock in Hydrogenics (basically the folks who own the patent on hydrogen fuel cell technology). I know a many people who think that global warming and Al Gore are stupid….haha. Al is a bit enigmatic, but he’s right about global warming. If I become a millionaire from hydrogenics stocks…I’ll be feeding millions of starving children and I’ll have a $1000.00 blog contest every Friday on my site…hehe!!!!!!

    I corrected your link in my blogroll also!

    Bobby Revell’s last blog post..Have You Seen Bobby’s Sponge?

  5. Hi Ed,

    Unfortunately, the Inconvenient Truth about Al Gore’s true agenda is another mystery. The political track record of the environMental Messiah favored Big Oil tax breaks to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, permits for toxic waste incinerators, etc. during the Oral Orifice (Oval Office) presidential Zippergate term of Slick Willie!

    While all eyes were trained on the No-sex of Slick Willie and Monica Lewd-insky’s Cigar Sex and Oral Sex, Al Gore brokered the free trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT which gutted the environmental standards across the globe.

    No doubt, the profits of Al Gore’s movie are being wisely spent to curb his consumption?

    And someone is right, the additional mining of precious metals for hybrid car battery cells is also very expensive and requires vast fossil fuel consumption which is very harmful to the environment. Seems like the cure is worse than original environmental fossil fuel disease?

  6. Another enlightening post. As you say, the irony of the hydrogern fuel cell is the source of the hydrogen,

    Someone was telling me that the hybrid car battery cells are causing a monumental environmental headache too at the production points.

    The only solution is to curb consumption. Al Gore, can you solve that next, please.

  7. Hi Kim,

    I believe UPS (Brown delivers) tested Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered delivery vehicles from 2004 to at least the spring of 2007. Outside of the fact that these vehicles are more expensive to manufacture as well as the cost to produce the Hydrogen Fuel, there seems to be no current status of the UPS program.

    For me, the irony is the environmentally clean fuel cell is produced by fossil fuel, the alleged major cause of the Global Warming which has produced a 75% increase in the global level of carbon dioxide.

    I believe we safely can say a clean Hydrogen Fuel Cell is a special case Oxymoron!

  8. very interesting Debbie…
    I wonder if the cost will come down….and I wonder if it could be used in cars…

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