Lighthouse Christmas from Nubble Rock, Maine

nubblexmas.jpg Twas the Light shining in the Night,
The guardian Lighthouse was a glowing Sight!

Blinking and winking in the darkness so silent and Still,
Guiding mariners to safe haven in the Christmas Chill.

Beaconing loved ones home from the Bay,
To revel in their family present Play,
On this bright Christmas Day!

~ Poem by Debbie Dolphin ~

And, when we thought the season of surprises was over, Jos from NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection) has honored me with his Cool and Crazy Bloscar!


Jos has some cool insights to explain his Bloscar award:

It is intended to be a sign that says: “this blog is cool & crazy, and the blog owner is not afraid to admit it”.

“It is for those bloggers that I think are really Cool — and I suspect they are a little Crazy too.”

“They are running their blogs to be a true reflection of their own personality and they stick to it. They are providing an atmosphere that makes their visitors feel welcome as members of their blogs’ community. They manage to use the right tone of voice, write about an inspiring choice of subjects and treat their visitors and their fellow bloggers as friends. And they all do that without taking themselves or their blogs too serious, in spite of all the time and the crazy hard work they put into it.” – Jos

And, Captain Debbie Dolphin is pleased to present the golden Bloscar to

Drowsey of Drowsey Monkey
Linda of Are we there yet?
Miss Cellania of Miss Cellania
Olga of Olga, the Tagging Traveling Bra

Même Memoranda:

Tis the season for some même étiquette as I need to apologize to Dan for postponing his Thoughts of Christmas Même.

In this Tagging Target Season, Debbie Dolphin was double tagged by a Traveling Bra and revealed too much information in the même to end all Mêmes
I need a Même-O-Pause to recover!

Please note a Même-O-Pause requires a heavy dose of ERT to cure the Même tagging whereas PMS (Post Même Syndrome) has no cure!

Thank you for your Technorati Holiday Link Love!

Everyone who has shared their Holiday Link Love with my blog over the past 10 days has been copied to my Link-Love Scroll Roll to return my thanks and link love to you!

If your Blog is not on my Link-Love Scroll Roll, please let me know the Link of your Holiday Link Love and blame Technorati for your MIA link!

And, thank you Mr. Blogging Miracle, Jos of NoDirectOn for creating the unique technique of coding Technorati Reactions!

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi Arlene,

    The Annual Lighting of the Nubble Lighthouse occurs on the the first Saturday after Thanksgiving from 5-6pm (Nov 29, 2008 this year).

    For the latest information on Nubble Lighthouse, please visit the “Nubble Lighthouse FEMA Funding” post.

    Debbie Dolphin’s last blog post..Arte y Pico Award Ceremony at Faulkner’s Island Lighthouse

  2. Please let me know when you will be lighting the Nublle for Christmas. I would like to be there for the event.

  3. Hi OS9User!

    I was hoping you would have a few laughs with my punny play on words!

    A Link problem? Sounds like another digital Black Hole has created a temporary space-time collapse in the digital universe of Google 🙂

    Thank you for your Template compliments!

    I am not sure there is a exact Blogger Template that matches this WordPress Template yet, you may find something close and change the color theme in the CSS style section of the HTML Code?

    If you do find a similar Template and need CSS help with the colors, please let me know – I will be happy to help you!

  4. Silly Girl !

    Mac is not the only computer that used OS9. Tandy did as well. I am an expert programmer under OS9. This is were OS9USER came from. To bad the internet does not run this way. GRIN !

    I want to apologies debbie, my news team mixed up your links to your site, pointing some ungodly place on the net. It has all been repaired.

    I noticed your template adjustments right away on my last visit here. Like I said before totally excellent !

    Can you make a news room look like this ?? HA-HA

  5. You are most welcome, Olga!

    embarrassed? Victoria Secrets has the cure for Em-Bare-ass 🙂

    Seriously, tis the Holiday Season and everyone is in the family spirit!

    Happy New Year, my comical traveling Wonder Bra!

  6. Now I am embarrased for not stopping by sooner! Thanks for the lovely award DD! 🙂 And I love your poem! I hope you had a wonderful shining Christmas! Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Kim,

    Isn’t fun how we need to massage Blogger HTML code to make it work in a post?

    Perhaps, the simplest solution is the most elegant solution of them all!

    My odd sleep schedule revolves around taking care of Family needs, a routine that will hopefully end soon!

  8. goodness Debbie..
    I’m not surprised your sleep clock is out….
    I suppose it would be similiar to having nap time and sleep time…
    I know my daughter sleeps odd hours…because she is a reader….and sometimes…she goes to bed when I get up…
    I added the code to my template between the head sections…but it didn’t want to cooperate….just wouldn’t show up even when I put the other code in the post …
    Ive got a scroll code that I use in my links page that worked…….just basic though 🙂

  9. Hi Drowsey Monkey,

    Thank you and your welcome!
    Tis the season of cool surprises!

    We wish you a healthy prosperous peaceful Happy New Year!

  10. I love the poem and the Christmas lighthouse. I just popped over to catch-up and here you have a little somthing for me…why thank you! That’s very cool!

  11. Hi Kim,
    My sleeping schedule is a mess! Generally, I sleep in two shifts – a 2-3 hour sleep shift right after work in the morning followed by a 3 to 5 hours sleep shift from 7 to 10 pm or midnight. I am on vacation this week and can’t find the reset button on my internal clock!

    If you are using Blogger for the Scrollbox code, place the CSS Scrollbox in the Style section of HTML Template (assuming you know how to add elements to your HTML template, if not than please let Jos or me know).

    After the CSS has been added to HTML Template and saved, you can add
    <div class=”scrollbox”>
    …. Place your Technorati Links code here ….

    anywhere inside your post.

  12. goodness…Debbie
    3am graveyard shift !!!
    and midnight is your morning….so when do you sleep?
    thanks for the colour code info …still having problems getting the code to work in my template…

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