Owls Head Lighthouse License Shines Bright!

blogowl Another renown icon of Maine’s picturesque rocky coastline has a new lease on Lighthouse Life! Due to the efforts of Bob Trapani, executive director of the American Lighthouse Foundation, and the Friends of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, a Preservation License was signed with the Coast Guard this month.

The active Coast Guard aid to navigation, with the original Fourth-order Fresnel lens shining a Fixed White Light 100-feet above sea level, was automated in 1989. After 18 years of neglect, the 30-foot high brick Lighthouse requires an estimated $257,000 restoration project to return the Tower to its original Splendor Of Safety!

On December 1st, Dot Black, also known as “Mrs. Lighthouse,” was appointed president of the American Lighthouse Foundation and as president of the Friends of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, Dot was the Lighthouse Lady who acquired the Preservation lease for the Rockland Breakwater Beacon from the city.

Dot Black is the widow of Ken Black, also known as “Mr. Lighthouse.” Ken Black founded the Shore Village Museum in 1976 after collecting Lighthouse artifacts in 1973. Lighthouse artifacts from the Shore Village Museum were transferred for the opening of the Maine Lighthouse Museum on June 25, 2005. His wife shared his enthusiasm for preserving our Lighthouse heritage and Mrs. Lighthouse continues restoring and preserving Lighthouses like Owls Head Lighthouse.

Both the American Lighthouse Foundation, and the Friends of the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse will develop educational programs, merchandise with a Owls Head Light logo, and creative offers to Lighthouse visitors to raise the needed restoration funds to save another Fresnel lens Beacon from Lighthouse Levitation!

blue_starLighthouse Background:

According to Lighthouse lore, Owl’s Head was named after the sighting of two large indentations in the Headland that resembled the eyes of a owl. In 1825, a brick Lighthouse was built on top of the 70-foot high picturesque promontory to mark the entrance to Rockland Harbor. Owls Head Lighthouse was First Lit on Sep 10, 1825 exhibiting a Fixed White Light illuminated by oil lamps and reflectors 100-feet above sea level to aid the growing coastal trade and the exporting of Rockland lime.

In 1856, the Lighthouse was refitted with the current French gleaming gem, a Fourth-order Fresnel lens.

According to Lighthouse Lore, two frozen lovers were rescued from a schooner shipwreck on December 22, 1850. Richard B. Ingraham and Lydia Dyer were frozen in the surf of the ice covered rocky ledge. At first, the 12 man rescue party thought the engaged couple were dead as they transported the real life ice sculptures back to the Keeper’s house. They chipped the ice block away and slowly raised the couple’s temperature. After three hours, both showed signs of life and fully recovered months later to marry and raise four children!

As we experience another Deep Freeze of Canadian Arctic weather in New England, this chilling Christmas story of frozen salvation is further evidence that Global Warming is on Ice!

In a related Blizzard Blast, Bob Trapani wrote about capturing a chilling Nor’easter approaching Owl’s Head Lighthouse on December 16, 2007. To read his ‘frozen in time’ adventure, please visit Traveling “Back in Time” on the Winds of a Winter Snowstorm.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Owl’s Head Lighthouse

Related News Source:
Owls Head Light under wing of American Lighthouse Foundation

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  1. frozen lover actors….let me think on that one…Debbie…
    yeah I think my sidebar has too much stuff in it yet again….and I might have a New Year clean out 🙂
    will have a read of your conversation with Jos…

  2. Hi Kim,

    As long as we find the right bloggers to play the frozen lovers for the Rock movie!

    Love your Blog Feng Shui comparison!

    All the widgets were canned because visitors don’t read them and loading certain widgets can delay scrolling through the blog page because the widgets are polling external sites. For more info about widget issues, please read my conversation with Jos at New England Lighthouse Blog has Sailed to the New World of WordPress! .

  3. ah yes Debbie
    I think we could integrate these stories into the rock movie….
    Do you know I didn’t even notice that your sidebar widgets were gone…
    hows that !!!did you put them on another page?
    I’d say you would get 10/10 ….for blog feng shui….
    minimalism….you can’t beat it !!!

  4. Hi Kim,

    A great Holiday story about the arctic Deep Freezes in New England Winter weather!
    This would be another great Holiday movie to watch in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate or a few Hot Toddies to keep warm!

    The couple thawing out is a very unusual story if the Lighthouse legend was true.
    Most of the facts about the story can be verified. Unfortunately, the state of Hypothermia in the frozen couple can not be verified. Did they reach the critical state when the body temperature falls between 77°F and 82°F or did they just enter the state of Hypothermia at 95°F?

    PS. For a fast loading page, all the widgets were removed! Seems to me, the widgets were not used by my visitors.

  5. wow another great movie story Debbie…
    fancy that couple actually thawing out…..so there is life after freezing ..it seems ….
    Bob Trapani’s book sounds interesting …will have to put it on my “to read” list….
    your page loads so fast …unbelievable !!!…

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