Did I win the Lighthouse Lottery of Crazy 8 Memes?

blogbeaconTo my surprise,
Olga the Traveling Bra has Burned the Bobbarama Meme Memo not her Bra!


While recharging my Blogging Batteries, Olga, the Tagging Traveling Bra has tricked me into revealing my treats:

8 things I’m passionate about:

My husband (just in case he reads this!)
~ keeping the weight I lost from being found
~ Family ~ our Grandchildren
~ Lighthouses ~ Sailing ~ Traveling ~ Blogging
~ I would say Staying Perky but my DDs have fallen and can’t get up (added a ninth one for Olga)

8 things I say often:

Lost at sea (glasses, keys, etc.)
~ Toe the Line (to my adult twin sons) ~ Son of a Gun
~ One Brain Cell Flickering
~ I owe, I owe so off to work I go (who doesn’t say this often during the Credit Card Season?)
~ Fat chance (to my adult children)
~ Yummy, Yummy to my Tummy, exits my Bummy (to my Grandchildren, with some dancing hand signals)
~ open the Booby Hatch (No, it’s not what you’re thinking, Olga)

8 books I’ve read recently:

Books??? They still publish books???
Hey Honey, Look they still sell Books!
Save the Shelf Space and buy a iMac!
And donate all your books to Ed the Editor!

8 things I want to do before I die:

Vacation in Hawaii
~ Swim with the Dolphins again (and again)
~ Vacation in Australia
~ Sail the Pacific from Ah…nold’s California to Hawaii
~ Sail onward to Australia
~ build a stone Lighthouse attached to a Log cabin
~Live to see our Great Grandchildren
~ retire with enough health and money to do the first 7 things

8 songs I can listen to over and over again, and probably have:

~ When You Come Back to Me Again ~ Garth Brooks
~ Forever’s as Far as I’ll Go ~ Alabama
~ I’m Alive ~ Celine Dion
~ I’m in a Hurry (And Don’t Know Why) ~ Alabama
~ I’ll Go On Loving You ~ Alan Jackson
~ Back At One ~ Mark Wills
~ The Rainbow Connection by Kermit (What can I say, It’s not easy being a green Dolphin)
~ How Do You Milk a Cow? ~ Cledus T. Judd (Does his songs count? I can listen to all his songs over and over again and I hear Mark Wills and Olga are writing their first Duet – How Do You Milk the Moody Boobs?)

8 things that attract me to my friends:

Love ~ Humor ~ Laughter ~ Trust ~ Young in heart ~ Loyalty ~ Compassion ~ Honesty

8 things I learned in the last year:

Two more Grandchildren are expected drop anchor in our harbor next May and June.
~ Our eight Grandchildren can go home to keep their parents out of trouble!
~ A Blogging Dolphin requires a lot of humor to weather all these Blogging sea storms.
~ Digital Desperadoes can break your heart but Blogging Buddies can bring you back!
~ To always expect the unexpected in the Blogosphere like this Wild and Crazy Meme!
~ That Blogging Bytes sail all over the digital seven seas to reveal the sights of a traveling bra!
~ That Bra’s have opinions – who knew?
~ And, a Bra can Tag you, wait a minute I was double tagged by Olga the Traveling Bra!

After breezing through Olga’s Blogging Assignment, Onward to the tough part of Olga’s tagging trick: finding the right team of 8 Bosom Bloggers.

Meme rhymes with Beam, Team, and Olga’s Scream… this Meme will Beam a Light on this Blogging Team!

Ed the Editor, his crazy 8’s should be a comic classic!
Dan the Dreamer, your 8 poetic things will be a Blogging Breeze!
Debo Hobo, dip into 8 tagging travel tips
Drowsey Monkey, can’t wait to read your 8 Dear Penis things!
Jess, 8 healthy things for healthy Blogging!
Linda, Are 8 things there, yet?
Texas A&M, your 8 All seeing things should be a eye-opener!
Eurekos, 8 crazy things you learned about MLM of Yuwie should be a spellbinding revelation!

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Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi Retirement Gift Humorous…

    Meme Posts are one way to build Blog community links.
    Memes can be humorous and/or serious answers to the questions in the Meme.

    Debbie Dolphin’s last blog post..Guia Lighthouse Cultural Heritage Saved

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