OpenID Phishing Pirates Burn Joan of the Blog

blogbeacon Not another unrelated post with no Lighthouses? Please note Blogging is a social community and the actions of Internet Service Providers, Web hosting services, etc. affect everyone including web consumers, web authors, and blog authors. With this new concern, please read the latest OpenID issues and solutions:

After spending a very stressful week searching for answers to the new Google OpenID comment system last week, I may be too late to free Joan of the Blog from her stake in this OpenID Comment Crusade. Joan of the Blog is a metaphor for present day Google Bloggers who could be burned at the Google stake inspired by Joan of Arc who was burned at the stake in 1431. Just like Joan of Arc was burned for heresy, Joan of the Blog could be burned by Google’s OpenID comment system.

How could this happen when OpenID is the salvation of the Internet and Blogging Services? Seems like OpenID is vulnerable to Phishing Pirates, you know the pirates lurking in the seven digital seas to invade our private data and steal our identity, cash, and credit.

So, we now have this cool new OpenID system and every Joan (or John) of the Blog is beaming about their Blog Link appearing in another Blogs’ comment unaware that MyOpenID is another primary source for Phishing expeditions.

One solution is to disable OpenID by logging into “Blogger In Draft” but this is only temporary as no doubt, Google plans to fully implement OpenID on all Blogger Blogs in the near future.

There are other solutions to combat OpenID Phishing also.

The first applies to (but could apply to other OpenID Services as well?) – Enter your Nickname in your Default Registration Personas only. Leave every other field blank. OpenID does not need the extra information to work for Blogs!

The second solution, thanks to Scott Kveton, is to add your Personal Icon (or Avatar) to the title bar of your myOpenID page. According to Scott, the Personal Icon is not tied to the account (directly?) and you should see your Icon every time you sign in. If you don’t see your icon then something Phishy might be going on.

Scott also discusses a SafeSignIn option (found in the Security Settings under Account Settings) which he and I recommend to activate. Doing this restricts your password request to the page only. If any other site asks for your OpenID password then you will know something is Phishy in the OpenID system.

OpenID was verified and works after all three solutions were implemented. Hopefully, these OpenID solutions work so every Joan Blog or John Blog can safely sail the seven digital seas!

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  1. Hi George,

    You are most welcome.

    Debbie Dolphin’s last blog post..Veli Rat Lighthouse Lodging

  2. hi Debbie ..

    Thanks for your valuable informations.

  3. Your welcome MalDen,

    Unfortunately, your right – Phishing sites exist everywhere on the net.
    However, the goal of this post was Phishing protection using OpenID.

    No doubt, you are familiar with general Phishing protection… yet, the following recommendations will help visitors looking for more information

    Firefox 2 or later has built-in Phishing protection enabled by default that warns you of suspected web forgeries.

    Never submit your account information (credit card, identification info expecially Social Security Numbers) anywhere online.

    For more information about Phishing – Wikipedia

    If you absolutely need to purchase any item online than please verify the site’s security certificate.

    To do this, read Cyber Security Tip ST05-010 – Understanding Web Site Certificates, Cyber Security Tip ST04-013 – Protecting Your Privacy,

    Secure Site Check

  4. ups …
    thank’s for the info.

    General speaking, phising pages is everywhere …

  5. Hi Kim,

    Hmmm… why I am not surprised? With any (all?) new computer software, there are always bugs in the Beta version (Blogger In Draft) before the initial release.

    The major reason to enable OpenID now for me (hopefully for all Bloggers) is to end the comment frustration for WordPress Bloggers.

    Seems like both Google and WordPress Bloggers will be riding out the OpenID digital storm for a while. No doubt, Google engineers will Terminix the bugs eventually!

  6. hi Debbie ..
    I see you worked out the wordpress problem …I’m testing my open ID again as I have been trying to comment on another blogspot with open id and it’s not working….eek

  7. Your welcome, Kim (laketrees)!

    I have been tied up between the New England Patriots game and tinkering with creating a WordPress Blog…

    I hope your OpenID security features were enabled without any problems?

    I have a question about WordPress formatting which will be posted at your OpenID post.

  8. Your welcome, All Seeing Eye!

    This new comment system is strange as some Bloggers have no problems using OpenID yet, for others OpenID is a major headache.

    Unfortunately, the Secret Service at Google Central is not easing our concerns or helping the Bloggers who are experiencing OpenID issues.

  9. Thanks for the helpful post, Debbie. I haven’t had a problem w/the new system yet (knock on wood)… But I have noticed I have missed comments from some usual readers to my blog. In fact, I know the new system was driving Debo Hobo up the proverbial wall because she couldn’t comment on blogs. Hopefully, the kinks will all be worked out sooner and not later.

  10. oooohhhh thanks for this Debbie….
    I have an icon at openid….but it wasn’t on my sign in page …eek….will check out the security measures now…eek…
    ps thanks for mentioning my competition too…
    have a great day…
    pps will add this post to my blogger comments post 🙂

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