Llandudno Lighthouse, the Castle Hotel of Lord Lightly

blogorne Recently, Tripadvisor named the favorite resort of Lord Lightly as their the fifth top converted hotel of the world! The medieval Castle Lighthouse has three Victorian guest rooms with lavish furnishings fit for a luminous Lord and his gleaming Lady!

A 19-foot high imported Canadian pitch Pine Keeper Hall warmly welcomes Lighthouse Lovers entering this Lordly Lighthouse mansion. The Lamp Room is ideal for Lighthouse Lovers who will shimmer and enjoy the romantic stunning sea views from their sitting room. After a passionate evening of rekindling your Lover’s Light, Lighthouse Lovers can enjoy a Lordly Welsh breakfast feast in the Victorian Dining Room which overlooks the 300-foot high cliff!

For 110 pounds ($223) a night, you and your special Lighthouse Lover can enjoy the romance of this Lordly Lighthouse! For more information about this distinguished Lighthouse Lodging, please visit the Great Orne’s Head Lighthouse Llandudno web-site.

The 37-foot high Limestone Lighthouse Fortress was built in 1862 to warn mariners navigating the Llandudno Bay of the perilous rocky headland. The Lighthouse was First Lit on December 1st, 1862 exhibiting a White Light illuminated by a Fresnel lens 325-feet above sea level visible to range of 21 miles.

John Callin purchased the Lordly Manor after the Lighthouse was deactivated on March 22, 1985 and converted the Lighthouse Castle into a Bed & Breakfast. The Lamp Room suite of Llandudno Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast is where the Lighthouse Optic used to Beam the Light over the Bay!

Be sure to let your host know Lady Debbie Dolphin and Lord Lightly(1) sent you because the popular Lamp Room may be hard to book!

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Llandudno Lighthouse

(1) A CMA just in case, a recommendation from Lady Debbie Dolphin and Lord Lightly is for Lighthouse Levity only! This memorable romantic Lighthouse Lovers retreat is available for a romantic adventure of a lifetime!

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi All Seeing Eye,

    The scenic coastal views are breathtaking!

    “No Sleep walking allowed” as the last step is a 300-foot free fall into Davy Jones Locker!

  2. Talk about the ultimate sea-side view! Man, I would love a place like this.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    A Castle Lighthouse would be our dreams come true! Wouldn’t it be nice to be the Lady of the Manor to meet Prince Charming who becomes a real life Lighthouse Lover?

  4. Wow – a castle and lighthouse all in one – doesn’t get any better than that!

  5. Hi Olga,

    A Tagging Traveling Bra Trick?
    A Tit for Tat exposure, Can my DDs handle this?

    After the comment crusade, I have a feeling this Meme will be a breeze!
    Finding the right Meme suspects or Meme victims will be the tough challenge.

  6. You have been tagged! By a BRA! Go figure….

  7. Hi Linda,

    Lord Lightly’s Lighthouse Manor would be my dream home!

    If I could only find a Leprechaun with my Lighthouse Pot of Gold!

    The Lordly Lighthouse was on the market selling for $1.7 million in 2001.

  8. Wow – that is just beautiful! Definitely a castle!!

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