OpenID, the Oxymoron of Google commenting?

blogbeacon Although the OpenID system seems to be a contradiction, the new Google protocol for commenting and other web access may be a blessing in disguise.

The key benefit of OpenID is one username and password is needed at all websites and blogs using OpenID. If this technology works than the days of registering at each site with a different username and different password will be history!

According to Blogger in Draft, Goggle is testing OpenID based commenting which means any OpenID-enabled service like LiveJournal and WordPress can Sign-in and comment on Blogger Blogs using their OpenID accounts.

Google removing the URL field in the comment tab without a press release to the blogging world is still a mystery. Google changed the commenting structure on Nov 30, 2007 according to which was the first time the problem surfaced.

Many solutions to this problem have been investigated by the Comment Crusaders and are listed as follows:

1. create a Google/Blogger Account to Sign-in and post a comment,

2. create a OpenID Account to Sign-in, or

3. use the Nickname or Anonymous field and add a Link to your Blog in the comment field using this format:<a href=””>Blog Name Text</a>

changing the two fields in the link command to your Blog address and Name.

For some Bloggers, Google has rocked the boat one too many times and they are ready to jump off the Blogger Boat without a life preserver into the unknown waters of WordPress. And, Captain Debbie has considered jumping ship but I am waiting for Lobo to publish his prestigious print of WordPress for Dummies!

On a serious note, WordPress takes time to setup, transfer posts, etc. The immediate goal of this post is to help Bloggers set up a OpenID account to allow WordPress Blogs to use their link in the Blogger comments using the following procedure:

1. Enable OpenID support by logging into Blogger in draft

a. go to Settings
b. go to Comments
c. select Anyone under Who Can Comment?
d. click Save Settings
e. Sign out of Blogger in draft

OpenID is now enabled and live on your Blog.

Optional steps to redirect a Bloggers’ comment link from their Bio page to their Blog page:

2. Create a OpenID Account at MyOpenID.

a. recommended to use the username of your addressFor example, nelighthouse is the username of
b. complete the form and activate your OpenID account after receiving their eMail.

3. Open the HTML template at Blogger and add the following code right after the <head> tag:

<link href=’; rel=’openid.server’/>

<link href=’’ rel=’openid.delegate’/>

<meta content=’’ http-equiv=’X-XRDS-Location’/>

Be sure to change the username to your OpenID Username.

4. Before using your OpenID at Blogger comments, Sign In at your account first.

a. Select “WordPress” from the drop-down menu.
b. Enter the full URL address of your Blog (including the http://)
c. For the first time using Blogger OpenID, you will be redirected to the “Trust this site with your identity?” page. Complete the profile once, entering your name in the “Your Nickname” field. Check-mark the “Send this information to the site” field.

Note: This procedure was verified to work for both WordPress Bloggers and Google Bloggers at 10 pm on Dec 06, 2007. Google Bloggers should select “WordPress” and follow the same procedure outline in (4.)

5. If you have problems than please be sure you are Logged into your OpenID Account and Logged out of your Blogger Account.

Another Bug (first noted by phydeaux3): The Sign-in Radio Button becomes unchecked when you preview your comment.

Once this is done, OpenID defaults back to your Bio page not the Blog page address you entered.Solution: Make sure the Sign-in Radio Button is checked and your Blog Address is present before you publish your comment!

_________ end of procedure __________

Based on a recent comment survey at phydeaux3, his OpenID worked on WordPress and Blogger until yesterday.Currently, Google Blogs are receiving OpenID errors…so please don’t expect overnight miracles as we wait for Google to fix their Blogger Bug!

Blogger OpenID is back online as of 10 pm Dec 06, 2007.

Special thanks to Kim, the Poetic Painter of Laketrees, and phydeaux3 who were very helpful as Comment Crusaders! For more information about OpenID, please click on their links.

In order to verify OpenID does work from a WordPress Blog, a free WordPress account can be set up at which I may do in 2008 for general testing purposes.

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  1. Looks like you OpenID Lift off, Bloke!

    I am not sure why you are having inconsistent results.

    I had problems with the 5 lines of code recommend at OpenID, too!
    Wonder if changing it to the 3 lines of code will solve the problem for you?

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