Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse Endangered by Politics?

blogchantry After years of neglecting Canadian Lighthouses, some of our Canadian cousins have acquired a profound sense of urgency to save the symbols of their maritime heritage.

After 24 years of automation, the Lighthouse was abandoned in 1983. According to the Canadian Coast Guard, Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse is structurally unstable when they deactivated the Lighthouse in 2003. And, about one third of the outer wall on the Northeast face fell on December 1, 2004 according to retired schoolteacher Jim Kilgour.

On Nov 29th, 2007, Kilgour met with the Collingwood Council and the Architechural Conservancy of Ontario to discuss the heritage value of the Lighthouse Landmark and ideas on raising federal funds to cover the estimated $4.5 million restoration cost. Forget the Californian Gold Rush at Pigeon Point Lighthouse, and head north to Lighthouse Gold Rush in Canada!

Seriously, whether a endangered Lighthouse is an American or Canadian Lighthouse, a ounce of prevention would have been far less expensive than the many pounds needed for the cure. There are several solutions that have worked for years like the Caretaker programs, Lighthouse Bed & Breakfasts, or Lighthouse museums. If these solutions can not work for our Canadian cousins than the Canadian Mounties can maintain the Lighthouse as a Lookout Station shining a Light on the eco-terrorists and outlaws!


Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse was First Lit on Nov 30, 1858 as one of the four “Imperial Towers(1)” aiding mariners entering Collingwood Harbor. Collingwood was a key center for shipping goods to western Canada. The 80-foot high limestone Tower exhibited a Revolving White Light illuminated by a Second-order Fresnel lens 86-feet above the bay of Lake Huron.

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map Location of the Lighthouse, please visit the Google Map of Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse

(1) Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse is one of six identical Lighthouses, named the “Imperial Towers,” built by John Brown around the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron. The Imperial Towers at Cove Island, Griffith Island, Christian Island, and Nottawasaga Island guided mariners entering the Georgian Bay and approaching Collingwood Harbor.

Cove Island Light (Google Map) marks the entrance to Georgian Bay,Griffith Island Light (Google Map) marks the the entrance to Colpoy’s Bay and the western approach to Collingwood Harbor, and Christian Island Light (Google Map) marks the approach to Collingwood Harbor from the North shore of the bay.

The other two Imperial Towers were First Lit on April 1, 1859 to aid mariners on Lake Huron:

Chantry Island Light (Google Map) marked the approach to Southampton and Point Clark Light (Google Map) marks a dangerous reef extending out into Lake Huron.

(2) Due to the advanced state of disrepair, the photo of this post is Chantry Island Lighthouse which is identical to Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse.

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