The Beacon Blogosphere Awards and News

blogbeacon Tis the Season of surprises! Recently, I was surprised and honored by Dreaming Dan and Healthy Jess!


With beaming pleasure, Captain Debbie Dolphin is sailing the digital seas on a new course to honor and present these awards


to the following blogs with my complimentary coverage:

Debo for her first class travel humor and sailing on our blog voyages,

Ernie for his sports writing that can’t be beat… for football fans,

Olga for training her bra to travel beside her (my bra is still too attached to me),

Paula for surfing the OBX with her humorous surf reports, and sailing on our twin blog voyages,and

Tom for his cool Polar Photography!

For your reading pleasure, please visit these award winning blogs!Captain Debbie Dolphin is passing on my Blog Birthright to the above five Blog Buffs who have received my blogging blessing to pay these four Blog Awards forward to 10 Bloggers who make you smile!


In late breaking Beacon Blogging News, Google has changed who can comment and who can not comment on Blogspot Blogs. Please join our Blogging Band of Comment Crusaders, Blog Bloke, Ed the Editor, and Kathy to expose comment crime everywhere!

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi Bloke,

    Looks like we need to fix this Blog Blunder at the Academy Awards!

  2. I would like to thank the academny for this award … oops, I mean thanks for the honourable mention 🙂



  3. Thank you, Colin!

    Your “Santa’s New Contract For 2007” was the Hilarious Break I needed to enable this OpenID option!

    And, to check to see if OpenID is Naughty or Nice.
    For me, OpenID is both Naughty and Nice!

    OpenID is Nice because the featured is now enabled for Blog comments.

    And, OpenID is Naughty because a OpenID error occurs every time I try using my OpenID!

    Hopefully, WordPress Bloggers have better luck using OpenID on Blogger!

    Happy Holidays

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Congrats on your awards 🙂
    It’s nice to see how they travel around the blogosphere and the many deserving recipients.

    As for Google….well openID would be a better option than the cock up they have at the moment regarding posting comments!

    I’ll stick with WordPress, although I do use Blogger but it isn’t my main choice lol

    Have a great day

  5. Hi Ernie,

    On Link abuse, there was also a recent legal issue where Google allegedly revealed a IP address in a Israel court for Libelous remarks.

    Perhaps, Google is using a Proactive approach to prevent future misconduct?

    Sorry for the delay, Blogger and Blog*Spot was unavailable for a while. At least, Google apologized for the maintenance interruption in their service.

  6. Hi Linda,

    I am not sure, there seems to be a rumor that Google is switching to a OpenID system which might be a better system? Unfortunately, this new system requires coding to be added to the Blogger template and the order to do the entire procedure safely is not clear to me.

    Phydeaux has a post on “Enabling OpenID support on the blog comments” that explains how he added OpenID to his blog.

  7. Your most welcome, Ernie!

    Excellent post on the Patriots – Ravens game!

  8. Thanks for the award! Very nice of you!!

    I think that google used to be that way for a long time, then they added the ability to leave a link fairly recently. Maybe they took it away again because it was causing a problem some where or being abused? Anyway.. 😛

  9. Blogging Band of Comment Crusaders? What on earth is up with Google these days anyway?

  10. You are most welcome, Tom!

    If I can find a WordPress with a reliable theme and reliable hosting that doesn’t cost an arm and leg than I will jump ship!

  11. Thanks a lot Debbie 🙂

    Photos from Northern Norway

    Hope to see you on WordPress =)

  12. You are most welcome, Debo!

    Web technology never ceases to amaze me, sometimes I think we are living in the computer stone-age, 2007 BC!

    Switching to WordPress is a option but, that blogging platform could be a nightmare to new users, and finding a reliable server, etc. is not my idea of enjoying the holidays!

  13. Thank you ever so much for this outstanding award. I am so honored to receive it.

    Google-blogger comments is most irritating. Until they fix it my comments will not be as frequent.

  14. You are most welcome, Olga!

    Its my pleasure to expose you…er, I mean compliment your uplifting Bra Banter!

  15. WOW!!! Thanks Captain Debbie! I am deeply honored! But just for the record…I travel solo…left my “Ex” behind to write the blog! Finally, it’s MY turn to be out in front, getting all the attention! TA-TA!

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