Sankaty Head Lighthouse Blazing Star Rising

blogblazingstar During a Beaver Full Moon-rise, the Blazing Star of Nantucket rose to burn Bright in the twilight thankful to be glowing again! Sconset Trust and the Coast Guard timed the Relighting Ceremony with the Full Moon rising on November 24, 2007.

Thanksgiving weekend was perfect timing to relight the famous symbol of safety. After 141 years of saving souls, Sankaty Head Lighthouse has received salvation after narrowly escaping the encroaching sea for the past 16 years!

Last month, Sankaty Head Lighthouse was relocated to safe stable ground 280-feet away the edge of the 90-feet high Sconset Bluff and Sconset Trust hopes the Blazing Star Lighthouse will be safe for at least another 100 years.

For complete coverage of the Sankaty Head Lighthouse Locomotion, please visit the previous posts:

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