The Beacon Blogosphere Awards

blogbeacon Over the past two weeks, two of my Blogging Buddies have honored me with a few blog awards. I deeply appreciate the recognition from Dreaming Dan and Healthy Jess!

This has been a very difficult challenge to pay these awards forward to only 10 Bloggers out of the many excellent Blogs on the digital waterways. After careful consideration, Captain Debbie Dolphin is sailing a new course to honor five blogs with my complimentary coverage this month and next month!

My Beacon Blog Boat is digitally delivering the following awards,



Andrea for her wisdom using inspiration and poetry,

Ed the Editor for his insightful zany view of the news,

Miss Cellania for sharing her comical gifts,

Photography by KML for her variety of phenomenal photos, and

Predator Press for his comical wisdom!

For your reading pleasure, please visit these award winning blogs! Captain Debbie Dolphin is passing on my Blog Birthright to the above five Blog Buffs who have received my blogging blessing to pay these four Blog Awards forward to 10 Bloggers who make you smile!


A related request:

Can we add a new nautical blue flavor option to the flavors of “Be The Blog?” A new blue flavor will recognize Mark as the architect of his cherished Blog Badge Award with a link!

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi Moobefuh,

    Thank you for your compliment and reading New England Lighthouse Treasures!

  2. Is best site!

  3. Thank you, Mark…

    Blueberry Tart is close yet, the navy blue and steel blue border “drums up” my nautical Blog theme. Hopefully, I can use the navy blue badge to drum up some support for you?

  4. There’s a Blueberry Tart waiting for you at MeAndMyDrum. 😉

  5. Hi, Kathy!
    My pleasure as we sail in the Reuters regatta!

    “How did they find it, and how did you hear about it?”

    Media sites like Reuters scan the blog post headlines posted by the RSS feeds of BlogBurst Bloggers. The news was a unexpected surprising discovery found when I sailed into the BlogBurst Harbor last night! My first thought was experiencing a digital dream as I pinched my mouse over and over again to make sure the Reuters link was real!

    A surprising Reuters recognition is the highlight of our blogging voyages as we sail the digital waterways!

    PS. Joining Blogburst is a easy process, but the approval process can be timely. And, you may need to apply twice.

  6. hi Debbie – thanks for stopping by to let me know about the Reuters. How did they find it, and how did you hear about it?

    I am most impressed! Your blog with all it’s great content and photos certainly deserves this recognition!

    Congrats to you and many thanks for including this seafarer in your regatta!


  7. I just dragged myself out the red light district to say thanks.

  8. Miss Cellania, Kathy, Andrea, and Lobo…
    You are all most welcome!
    I love giving surprising gifts honoring your creative entertaining blogs!

    And, your most welcome, Ed when you sail by which may be a while if the rumor is true, that you are on Shore Leave searching for flashing red lights in Dutch windows.

  9. WOW! I’ve never been slammed with like 57 awards simultaneously before!

    LadyTerri will be so jazzed that all my Dale Earnhardt commemorative plates finally have to come down off the fireplace to make room, ya probably went and got me a smooch from her too.

    But this is a lot of awards. Will you guys help me carry all of them to the car? And up to my apartment? On my new piano?

    I always buy a piano when I win awards … Pleeeeease?

    !!!!!Thanks Debbie!!!!!


  10. Dear Debbie,
    I’m so honored. Thank you so much for your kind words. This is a great compliment and means so very much to me. You’ve touched my heart…

  11. Wow, I am very honored, Debbie! Thank you very much!!


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