Dutch Island Lighthouse Blinking and Winking Again!

(Photo credit: Ruben W. Perez /The Providence Journal)

After 28 years, Dutch Island Light began Blinking Red for 2-seconds and Winking for 4-seconds after Shirley Sheldon announced “Light the light” at 7 pm on Nov 17, 20007. Shirley Sheldon, a 84 year old Artist from Saunderstown, is another Lighthouse Lady who initiated the first effort to save Dutch Island Lighthouse and later became a member of the Dutch Island Lighthouse Society which was established in 2000.

After the cannon fire, the countdown to re-light Dutch Island Light began as Shirley watched and participated in the ceremony via a computer Web-cam installed for her to hear the countdown, to broadcast “Light the light,” and watch the Red Beacon return to active duty. Over 50 people attended the outdoor celebration in the Saunderstown yard of the Rheim family which faces the historic Lighthouse.

After seven years of raising funds and receiving a $120,000 Transportation Enhancement Grant, the Abcore Restoration Company was awarded the restoration contract and they restored the Tower from August to November. The company repaired the interior and exterior of the brick Tower including replacing floors and metalwork, removing graffiti and guano, and changing the Tower’s Daymark to white stucco finish for $255,000.

Dutch Island Lighthouse will pierce the darkness as a Private Active Aid to Navigation in the West Passage of Narragansett Bay exhibiting a Flashing Red Light every 6 seconds 56-feet above sea level.

Thanks to the efforts of the Dutch Island Lighthouse Society, another New England treasure will shine brightly for everyone!

Dutch Island Light is best viewed by boat. A distant view of the Lighthouse can be seen from the Fort Getty Recreation Area in Jamestown.

For more information about the Lighthouse, please visit the previous post “Dutch Island Lighthouse Restoration” and click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For Google Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Dutch Island Lighthouse and the Google Map of Fort Getty

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