Point No Point Lighthouse Bidding has Bombed

blogpnp News Flash: Bombs away on all Online Bidding!
The online auction has been temporarily suspended because the Lighthouse is a boundary marker for the Navy’s Aerial Firing Range and target area.

Furthermore, Naval authorities are not responsible for damage caused by projectiles, bombs, or missiles to any vessels, fishing structures, or fishing equipment located in the Aerial Firing Range between Cedar Point and Point No Point or immediately adjacent to the target area.

Naval regulation 33 CFR 334.200 defines the restricted danger zone yet, the pdf document does not clearly explain what the Navy will do if Point No Point Lighthouse is blown up by a dummy bomb during naval firing practice!

All current registered bidders who are unable to live the dangerous life-style of James Bomb 007 will be allowed to withdraw their bid and request a return of their $10,000 Bid Deposit.

Bidding may continue after the Navy forwards additional deed restrictions for using the Lighthouse. Can we recommend using this warning: Use at your own Risk: your Beacon is not a Bomb Shelter!
No doubt, the potential new owner of Point No Point Lighthouse will get a charge out of life as they battle with living in this explosive environment!

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For information on how to bid for this Lighthouse or to follow the bidding battle, please visit the “Online Auction of Point No Point Lighthouse“,Government Photos of the interior of the Lighthouse, and Government Lighthouse Information and Bidding Instructions

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map location, please visit the Google Map of Point No Point Lighthouse

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi Baltimore Harbor Light,
    This satirical post is about the Government’s recent concern with the naval bombing boundaries spoofing the new explosive development. The author of this post is fully aware that the Navy does not use “live” explosives, by using the phrase dummy bombs.

    Please do not take my humorous insights personally! My husband and I met at Lighthouse over 30-years ago and have enjoyed sailing by Lighthouses and visiting Lighthouses all our lives.

    I am also fully aware of the richly rewarding experience of restoring any home located onshore or offshore and would be honored to share your experiences in a post at Baltimore Harbor Light if you eMail me your experiences, name, etc.!

  2. Baltimore Harbor Light

    Fortunately, the bombs they drop are non-explosive “powder” bombs. And the targets are a couple of miles away. The government just likes to draw a big box around the area and PNP is one of the corners.

    You get to see a lot of neat stuff as a lighthouse keeper, the flyby would prabably just add to the list.

  3. Not me, Ed!

    Hopefully, the new Lighthouse owner will enjoy the explosive entertainment of the Bombs bursting in air around them and pray that no Bombs fall on them!

  4. Who would have thought a light house owner would ever have
    to put up a sign like Don’t bomb in my back yard. Mad world. i love it.

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