Execution Rocks Lighthouse Deadline Deal

blogexec Surprisingly(1), a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Preservation Society was the only nonprofit organization to express interest in the New York Long Island Sound Lighthouse. Historically Significant Structures was the only nonprofit group to submit a letter of interest before the July 29th deadline according to Newsday.com.

The real estate agent for the government has extended their application deadline from November 20th to January 4, 2008 to allow Historically Significant Structures more time to plan and find local partners. On August 20th, the group visited the Lighthouse and they were surprised to find the structure in good shape.

The Philadelphia Preservation group was established in 2003 to restore Lighthouses. Currently, an architectural restoration firm is developing a restoration plan for Execution Rocks Lighthouse which is the second New York Long Island Sound Lighthouse offered in the government give away deal of the century in accordance with the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000.

In 1850, the 55-foot high granite Lighthouse was First Lit exhibiting a Fixed Red Light 58-feet above sea level to mark the treacherous Execution Rocks located one mile north of Sands Point at the west end of Long Island Sound. Sands Point Lighthouse, built in 1809 to mark Execution Rocks, was a ineffective warning to mariners sailing in a fog or a storm.

Currently, Execution Rocks Lighthouse exhibits a Flashing White Light every 10-seconds illuminated by a solar-powered APRB-251 rotating beacon 62-feet above sea level to a visible range of 15 nautical miles.

According to two opposing legends, the name of the rocks was deadly. The British sea captains named the rocky reef, Execution Rocks for executing ships and souls shipwrecked by the low-lying rocks. During the revolutionary war, the Patriots named the rocky reef, Execution Rocks for the secret British executions of patriotic prisoners who were chained to the rocks until the incoming rising tide carried out their death sentence. Some historians claim Thomas Jefferson penned “For protecting them (British redcoats), by a mock Trial from punishment for any murders which they commit on the Inhabitants of these States:” in the Declaration of Independence as a memorial to the Patriots who met their British deadline at Execution Rocks.

Fortunately, the Pennsylvania Preservation Society will not be executed on the rocks by the new American deadline!

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map location, please visit the Google Map of Execution Rocks Lighthouse

(1) Surprising that no local New York Lighthouse Preservation Society like the Long Island Chapter of the U.S. Lighthouse Society expressed interest in their Execution Rocks Lighthouse!

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Nonprofit to take over Execution Rocks lighthouse

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  1. Hi Craig,

    I hope you know your site was linked to in the post?

    I know the process is closed to the public, but can you release a general public statement like

    a.) smooth sailing to Execution Rocks Lighthouse
    b.) two if by sea when you spot the Somerset, British man-of-war closing in?

  2. I run the non profit that is applying for Execution Rocks Lighthouse under the Lighthouse Act of 2000!

    go to http://www.lighthouserestorations.org


    Craig Morrison

  3. No misunderstandings, Sue!

    I noticed some unusual statements and couldn’t resist commenting on them!

    Maybe, SPAMmy Yahoo Lighthouse Lovers??? would have been clearer?

  4. Just so you didn’t misunderstand, the Yahoo group is NOT run by Craig Morrison. He’s just a recent poster there. The group is run by a gentleman named Lorne and was started in 1998. Thanks.

  5. Interesting, Sue!

    Wonder what happened to PETA, PETA the fake fish eater?
    Did PETA visit Peter, Peter, the pumpkin eater only to discover they couldn’t keep her (the Lighthouse, not Peter’s wife)?

    Seems like you and Linell Lukesh are best buddies!
    Should be interesting to see how saving this historical Lighthouse treasure plays out!

    Yahoo Lighthouse Lovers??? and SPAM??? Looks like you have been DIGGing It!
    Who wants to visit and photograph all standing North American lighthouses???
    Key in on their use of “standing” as if they believe sitting North American lighthouses existed! Hilarious!!

  6. Please see my take on this group, posted yesterday. It’s very eye-opening.
    What happened to PETA?
    Also, although I didn’t mention it in the post, Linell left a comment on a previous post about Execution Rocks.

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