Lighthouse License

blogbeacon I began blogging to share my interest and information about viewing and visiting our distinctive Lighthouses and meet new friends online with similar interests without adding a ton of legal disclaimers to the footnotes of my blog. A clean Copyright statement should be ample protection, right? Unfortunately, commercial sites can “use” our free speech copyrighted content any way they see fit without our knowledge.

It is shame that certain sites can change our Blogging beliefs and affect our Blogging decisions. Over the past week, I have been trying to make sense of all the Blogging gimmicks, lack of Blogging ethics, etc.

Perhaps, my last post was a emotional solution believing there were no alternatives. Thankfully, your thoughtful comments and eMails inspired me to find other possible solutions. For now, a Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License appears to provide additional legal protection. The link is wisely spotlighted below the title of the blog as the recommended placement to clearly identify the appropriate use of content.

This license is the most restrictive of six licenses of Creative Commons provides. The Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License allows others to download my content and share my content with others as long as they mention me and link back to my blog without changing my content in any way or using my content for their commercial use.

Hopefully, this solution will allow me to return to Blogging Basics without worrying about Digital Desperadoes. Blogging Basics will begin by publishing a post a week to eventually two or three posts a week since Google Juice does not bring home the bacon!

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi Bloke!

    Your welcome!
    Yes, you can borrow “Digital Desperadoes” 😉



  2. “Digital Desperadoes”. Hey I like that. Can I borrow it 😉

    Thanks for the link Deb and for the terrific comments. I live for your comments. That’s my only reward.



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