Sailing into the Sunset

blogbeacon Between family, work, and other responsibilities, I no longer have the time to write a Lighthouse blog so other people can take credit for posts written by me. Before making this decision, I waited 7 business days for the site to respond which was adequate time to explain their digital disdain. Despite popular belief, Blogging is not a financial rewarding career providing surplus funds to hire digital detectives.

To my readers and subscribers, I apologize for any inconvenience, and I hope you can find another source of entertaining Lighthouse news. For entertaining news, surf over to Ed’s blog for online humor in the news!

This blog will stay online for readers searching for Lighthouse information from past posts.

Meanwhile, we have a few more Lighthouse nautical miles to go before becoming Dusty Lighthouse Keepers!

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. Hi DrowseyMonkey!

    Thank God, I’m on vacation this week instead of working at this hour!

    Good to know you can see today’s post.

  2. I can, but I only read from everyone’s blog –
    so maybe that’s the difference.

  3. Thank you DrowseyMonkey!

    I am not certain whether my Technorati troubles are related to readers finding my new posts from today and yesterday on the Internet but, it is a problem for anyone searching for my posts on Technorati!

    And my news feed reader picked up the new RSS feed today when the new post was published. Hopefully, the All Seeing Eye, you, and everyone can read my new posts?

  4. Yay. Glad to hear you’re back.
    I’ve just joined technorati but it sounds like maybe it wasn’t a good idea.

    Prior to reading your post about it, it wasn’t impressing me too much anyway.

  5. Thank you, All Seeing Eye!

    Hanging up my Blogging Boots was my initial emotional reaction. The good news is, I have reconsidered my decision after receiving encouraging comments and eMails like yours! And, a possible solution was outlined in the recent “Lighthouse License” post that may help you, also?

    The bad news is either the RSS feeds or Technorati is not sending out my new posts again. I know my RSS feed is valid and Technorati has been a headache since day 1.
    Technorati has indexed my posts and tags on one day only to see them disappear on the following day. Blog reactions also disappear and reappear. And, Technorati Support seems to be on permanent vacation!

  6. Please rethink your decision, Debbie Dolphin. I enjoy coming to your site. Being stuck in the middle of Texas, I don’t have access to wonderful Lighthouses. I do hope you reconsider you decision. Please…
    I know what it is like to find your idea a few days later one someone else’s blog that visited your own blog. I try my best to credit the ideas I get for my blog. It’s a good policy for everyone. It biulds traffic the right way. When I find my idea somewhere else, I usually leave a note on that post telling them “thank you for dropping by my blog and reading my post.” I then include a link to my original post. There is no way I can “prevent” the person from deleting my message… But it lets me feel better. It does give someone who made an honest mistake to apologize though.

  7. Thank you, OS9USER!
    It has been a blogger’s nightmare! I deeply appreciate your support and everyone in the blogging community who has helped me through this!

    I have started to post again on a trial basis to see what happens!

    Hopefully, the blogging support and lessons I have learned recently will help other bloggers, too?
    Lighthouse License may have one bright solution for all bloggers to consider?

  8. Quitting, is a victory for the bad guy. I would not give up so easily !

    Everyone needs a break ! Perhaps this is the best thing to do, and come back with a better perspective on how you want to do things on your blog. While you are away, give the blog to a co-author so you can keep fresh content on your site.

    There are a few things to do on your blog to stop copy & paster’s, however they are not fool proof.

    If there is anything I can do , just ask, as we will be monitoring your progress. Personally, I like this site, and do not want to see it go !

    Once again, ” I would not give in ” it only takes one egg …

  9. Thank you, Graham!
    Your Blogging Blood and insightful comments are helping to lift my Blogging Spirits!

  10. It’s in your blood Debbie, and that does not “go away”.
    I am sure you will be back, maybe in another way or another form, but there is no ways you can just “stop”. One can feel the passion.
    Hasta la Vista!!
    If your stuff is good enough to steal means it is good stuff.

  11. Hi Ed,

    “Name and shame” could be one way to solve this problem using a unique site called “B.A.N. – Blogger Alert Network” or some catchy name where every blogger spotlights the “protected by B.A.N.” link. The B.A.N. Hall of Shame site would list any site using feeds and content without the author’s permission or sites changing the name of the author.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to implement and maintain the site or if the blogging community is willing to participate in the program. I am researching other methods that may send a clear message to anyone to think twice before violating our rights.

  12. Hi Ed,

    It is a shame that some people don’t play a fair game!
    A little poetic humor for the way this situation has shocked me!

    Maybe, DrowseyMonkey’s advice for a Blogging Break will help renew my spirit?
    For everyone who publishes content on the internet, Digital Desperadoes should not be the focus of our precious spare time.

    According to , there seems to be a lot of work and time to ensure our Blogs are protected. I would like to return to Blogging Basics without worrying about content crime!

  13. That’s a shame Debbie, cant we “get” the thieves and keep you blogging? Name and shame and all that good stuff?

  14. I had no idea that was happening, that would be very frustrating and
    upsetting for sure.

    I do hope you keep in touch 🙂

  15. Hi DrowseyMonkey,

    I am not sure how long I need to recover from this setback. Writing for free again is a difficult decision to make especially when others can take credit for my content without my knowledge only to discover it after the fact.

    I don’t want to give anyone false hope but a blogging break will be given thoughtful consideration. In the meantime, I will be surfing around the blogosphere.

  16. Oh no, I’m so sad to see you going. Maybe we should just think of it as a break. Hopefully you’ll be back all rested and ready to blog…maybe in the new year?

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