Huntington Lighthouse Blowing in the Wind

bloghuntington For six days and nights, the Foghorn of Huntington Lighthouse has been Blowing in the Wind! The continuous bellowing blast of the foghorn every 15-seconds has kept waterfront residents of the wealthy enclave awake every night.

For three years, the Foghorn of Huntington Lighthouse was silent due to a underwater electric cable power failure. On October 4, the Coast Guard hot wired the fog detector and horn to the solar panels and left the system in operating mode for testing.

Modern foghorns operate with an optical detector which sends out a beam of light to determine the visibility. If the fog detector malfunctions than the system is designed to moan at high sound levels non-stop to protect boaters until it is repaired.

The Coast Guard delayed repairing the Foghorn because technicians were busy fixing a high priority safety matter at another Lighthouse. At least, the Coast Guard did not break their old record of 41 days when the Foghorn Bellowed in the Wind nonstop in 1994! Wonder if Billy Joel was singing the “Answer, my friend, is Blowin’ in the Wind?”

The current distinctive Beaux arts reinforced concrete castle-style Lighthouse was built in 1912 to mark the entrance to Lloyd Harbor and Huntington Harbor. In 1912, Huntington Lighthouse exhibited a Fixed Red Light illuminated by a Fifth-order Fresnel lens and kerosene lamp 42-feet above sea level to a visible range of 8 nautical miles.

Since 1984, the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society has worked to save and preserve the Lighthouse. Currently, the Lighthouse exhibits a White Isophase 6-seconds (3-second Flash, 3-second eclipse) Light 42-feet above sea level to a visible range of 9 nautical miles. The Foghorn produces a ear piercing 2-second blast every 15-seconds.

For a tour schedule and more information about the Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Huntington Lighthouse.

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