Sandy Neck Lighthouse 150th Celebration

blogsandy On October 13, 2007, Sandy Neck Lighthouse was dedicated on the 150th anniversary of the construction of the Lighthouse and the 75th anniversary of its decommissioning to celebrate the restored Lighthouse.

The Headless Lighthouse became a traditional Lighthouse after the construction of the new cast-iron Lantern Room was completed on June 18 and the glass installation was completed on Aug 25 after the Lantern glass was donated by L&M Glass.

After five years, The Sandy Neck Lighthouse Restoration project has returned the Headless Tower to the original historic appearance of the 1857 Lighthouse. For this Halloween, the Headless Horseman can only haunt the Headless Lighthouse at Stage Harbor in Chatham, Massachusetts.

The Sandy Neck Lighthouse Restoration Committee is currently working with the Coast Guard to be approved as a private aid to navigation in order to re-light the lighthouse.

In 1827, the first Sandy Neck Lighthouse was built on Beach Point at the end of Sandy Neck to mark the entrance of Barnstable Harbor. The current 40-feet high conical brick Tower was built in 1857 exhibiting a Fixed White light illuminated by a Fifth-order Fresnel Lens and Oil Lamp. The Lighthouse was deactivated in 1931 and replaced by a white steel Skeletal Tower due to the changing shoreline caused by the shifting sands. The Coast Guard beheaded the Lighthouse and removed the Fresnel Lens in 1932.

For more information about the Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Sandy Neck Lighthouse.

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  1. Hi Debo!
    I am surprised you missed sailing around Long Island Sound to view the scenic seacoast and visit Connecticut Lighthouses!

    If you are living in Dallas, you may enjoy visiting Port Isabel Lighthouse which is open to the public. During the summer, the Tower is used as a Cinema Screen – bring the bug spray if you decide to watch a outdoor movie!

  2. I was born and raised in New England (CT) and
    never saw a lighthouse up close.

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