Lighthouse Spiderman

blogleasowe Lighthouse News with comic relief for a good cause:
A Superhero Spiderman spun a 3,5oo-mile long web from Manhatten to Leasowe Common, England and plunged off Leasowe Lighthouse to raise money for the British Stroke Association.

Chris Wignall, a superhero volunteer, was one of 100 people who rappelled down the Lighthouse by a rope not a web to add some American color to the British Charity event. The Stroke Association helps over 250,000 stroke survivors live with their disabilities.

Leasowe Lighthouse, the oldest British brick tower, was built in 1763 as the upper Range Light which was lined up with the lower Range Light by ship masters to safely enter Rock Channel and the port of Liverpool. The 101-foot high tapering Tower has seven floors and 130 cast-iron steps to the top. The Lighthouse was deactivated on July 14, 1908.

About 900 pounds ($1828 ) was raised by this past weekend’s charity abseil event which was the same amount the Wallasey Corporation paid to buy the Lighthouse in 1930. Leasowe Lighthouse was closed to the public until 1989 when the ground floor was opened as a visitors center.

Currently, the Lighthouse is the base for the Coastal Rangers and the focal point for the North Wirral Coastal Park. The Lighthouse is open for climbing to the top on the first Sunday of each month during the winter, and open on the first and third Sundays, 1pm until 4pm during the summer.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Leasowe Lighthouse.

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