Sankaty Head Lighthouse has landed!

(Photo credit: Rob Benchley/
The Nantucket Independent)

The Blazing Star Lighthouse was lowered the final few inches onto the new foundation at 1:13 pm yesterday.

The only original(1) Lighthouse on Nantucket has been relocated 405-feet northwest inland to a safe sanctuary next to the 5th hole of Sankaty Head Golf Club. If you missed Rob Benchley’s excellent photo journal of the move, than please visit the Sconset Trust website. For photos of the move, scroll to the October 1 through October 11 Screens and click on each date.

After the 450-ton symbol of Nantucket was lifted by 16 hydraulic jacks, two hydraulic ram pistons pushed the Blazing Star Lighthouse on 16 rollers along a steel beam track greased with soap and lubricated with whale oil(2) to recall the whaling history of Nantucket. Every 10 minutes, the Lighthouse was pushed 62-inches averaging about 80-feet per day to stable ground about 280 feet from edge of the 90-feet high bluff.

The distinctive red and white band Lighthouse was built 280-feet
from the edge of the bluff in 1850. Sea and Storm erosion carved away 205-feet of the crumbling cliff over the past 157-years placing the Lighthouse in the precarious position of collapsing into the sea. Fortunately, the Lighthouse was pushed away from the eroding bluff by International Chimney and Expert House Movers.
Sconset Trust hopes the Blazing Star Lighthouse will be safe for at least another 100 years.

Currently, International Chimney Corporation is stabilizing the Lighthouse on the new foundation and the Lighthouse is expected to be re-activated soon after the power source has been connected.

According to Golf Digest, the Sankaty Head golf course is the home course of Bill Belichick, the Head Coach of the New England Patriots. Now, the Beacon of the Patriots will have a Lighthouse to guide his golf game!

(1) Both Brant Point Lighthouse and Great Point Lighthouse were rebuilt after both Lighthouses were destroyed by fires and storms.

(2) Please note that No whales were harmed or killed for the move. The spermacetti whale oil was collected from a sperm whale that that beached itself and died on Low Beach in Sconset in 1998.

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Don Costanzo, Editor & Publisher of The Nantucket Independent for granting permission to use Rob Benchley excellent photography in the Sankaty Head Light relocation posts.

For more information about Sankaty Head Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post or the links below:

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    Every now and than, someone has to leave a unusual comment! I am surprised that GolfGuy believes my blog is about commercial advertising.

    Some may say what about your Google AdSense? The Google program was added as a service to Lighthouse readers and I will be shocked to see a red cent from AdSense!

    Well for comic relief, any Golf fans of Bill Belichick are welcome to review GolfGuy’s recommendations above.

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