White Island Lighthouse Guardian

blogwhite Sue Reynolds, a retired North Hampton school teacher, is the inspirational guiding Light of the Lighthouse Kids, whose goal is restoring and preserving White Island Lighthouse! The Lighthouse Kids have raised $300,000 to repair the Light Station and a new marine landing ramp to continue the restoration and to repair the damage caused by the Patriots Day Nor’easter.

Since 1995, Sue has led boat tours from Rye, New Hampshire to the Isles of Shoals as the captain of “Uncle Oscar,” a fishing and touring boat. Saving White Island Lighthouse began after State officials hired her charter to inspect White Island Lighthouse.

After seeing the severe cracks in the Lighthouse tower and hearing the Coast Guard gave the Light Station to New Hampshire, Sue began collecting donations at her boat charter office. At the time, Sue was also teaching service lessons to her seventh-graders. She inspired her students to save the Lighthouse!

In 2000, the Lighthouse Kids raised $400 and earned non-profit status in 2002. By 2005, the Lighthouse Kids earned the respect of state and federal officials when they presented a $110,000 check to Governor John Lynch! As a result, matching federal funds flowed to repair the Tower in 2005.

Unfortunately, the North Hampton School Department canceled the Lighthouse Kids program this year yet, Sue Reynolds is still working with Senator Judd Gregg hoping to acquire Federal Emergency Management Agency funds to complete the repairs.

Hopefully, her ocean loving neighbors will sail by Sue’s office and donate to save one of the important maritime icons which served in the building and expansion of our nation by allowing shipping to safely enter our harbors!

blue_starMap Location:
For a Map location, please visit the Google Map of White Island Lighthouse

For more information about White Island Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post or the links below:

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  1. Thank you, Sue!
    This post was published to acknowledge Sue Reynolds as the guiding Light of the North Hampton School children in saving White Island Lighthouse. Unfortunately, the related news story does not clearly state if Sue is involved with the Lighthouse Kids program at these new schools. And, the assistance of any Lighthouse Preservation Society would also greatly help Sue!

    The inspirational Lighthouse Kids program would not exist without the efforts and hard work of Sue Reynolds! Unfortunately, I could not determine how to connect the new program with the past and present work of Sue Reynolds. Thankfully, your comments are helping to acknowledge the work of New England Lighthouse Preservation organizations!

  2. The lighthouse Kids program hasn’t been cancelled,
    except by North Hampton schools. Dumb move on their part. But it’s been picked up by Rye Junior High and Winnacunnet High School.

  3. Rose,
    It is sad to see Lighthouses vanish into the pages of history when there is no public support especially ending a program that teaches our children service which was exemplified by the hard working men and women Light-keepers who served to keep our Beacons bright and also rescued shipwrecked people.

    Hopefully, a Lighthouse Preservation Society will help Sue acquire the funds needed to complete the repairs and maintain the Lighthouse so our children can see the symbols of service that helped build our nation!

  4. It is such a shame they canceled the Lighthouse Kids program.
    It sounded wonderful.

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