Gamma-ray Lighthouse Discovery

blogcrab A Gamma-ray Lighthouse shining from the edge of our Universe has been discovered by Astronomers using the European Space Agency’s orbiting gamma-ray observatory, Integral.

A Gamma-ray Lighthouse generates a thin beam of light which sweeps across the sky, in the same way a lighthouse beam sweeps across the sea! The same beam of light effect is also created by pulsar stars like the Crab Nebula Pulsar of this post.

The Gamma-ray Lighthouse, cataloged as IGR J22517+2218, is a vast powerhouse hurling out massive quantities of energy as gamma rays. This incredible hulk gobbles up entire solar systems every few days as indicated by the high levels of gamma rays.

This enormous Gamma-ray Lighthouse is one that I don’t ever plan to visit! Perhaps, a Cosmic Coconut might be a better way to celebrate the Columbus Day holiday weekend!

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Gamma-ray lighthouse at the edge of our universe, Oct 3, 2007

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